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Comic Book / Street Fighter (Malibu Comics)
aka: Malibu Comics Street Fighter

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Created by Malibu Comics, the company behind The Ultraverse, Street Fighter is a 3 issue comic book series that was adapted from the Capcom fighting game series, Street Fighter.

The comic debuted in 1993, when the Street Fighter storyline was nothing more than an Excuse Plot tucked away in the instruction manual of Street Fighter II. Despite this, Malibu chose not to use most of it and instead made their own story only keeping certain details. These changes included making Ryu and Chun-Li training partners and a romantic couple, having Ken retire from fighting, becoming Ryu's manager as well as a TV star and getting killed and scalped in the second issue. Due to these changes, Capcom themselves pulled the plug on the series after three issues.

These comics were also published in Brazil, but after the series ended, the publisher decided to carry on with local artists while continuing the numbering, by adapting Super Street Fighter II instead. Issues 4 and 5, Marcelo Cassaro tried to pick up the slack, with stories alluding to the American comics' events but already straying from the canon they established in Fei Long and Cammy's introductions. From issue 6 onwards, new editor Alexandre Nagado decided to throw everything Malibu had done to the license away and start anew, with Ken being alive and well, characterizations closer to the games and a Tournament Arc based on SSFII in the first three issues. This series then followed through with a few multi-issue stories, going through a Schedule Slip until it stopped publishing with issue 20, with an Aborted Arc centered around Akuma that ended in a cliffhanger. Elements from the anime Street Fighter II V and Street Fighter were also used. In 1998, Marcelo Cassaro obtained the license of Street Fighter, publishing the Brazilian version of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game and a Animesque adaptation of Street Fighter Zero 3 drawining by Erica Awano, who also illustrated Novas Aventurasde Mega Man and Holy Avenger.


Not to be mistaken for the The UDON Comic.

The series provides the following tropes:

  • Adaptation Amalgamation: The Brazilian comic book takes elements from the games, the animated and live-action films and the anime Street Fighter II V.
  • Adaptational Jerkass: Ryu, infamously so. He’s a misogynistic and overall unpleasant guy compared to his Nice Guy counterpart in most other media.
  • Ascended Meme: Sheng Long being the name of Ryu and Ken's master. Sheng Long is actually another way of saying Shoryukennote  or the Dragon Punch.
  • Bar Brawl: Guile gets into one after a dork has the brilliant idea of spilling beer on his hair. Despite being vastly outnumbered, he kicks every single one of their arses. And destroys the bar itself afterwards.
  • Big "NO!": Ryu after opening a box and finding Ken's bloody scalp, hinting he was killed.
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  • Canon Foreigner: Nida.
  • Catchphrase: After a fashion. Some of the characters always find a way to use their in-game win quotes in their dialogue. Within the comic only, Vega says his twice.
  • Comic-Book Adaptation
  • Compressed Hair: Chun-Li, whose hair is waist long wrapped in little hair buns.
  • Continuity Nod: Despite a few inconsistencies with the source material, the comics follow certain parts of the game's canon:
    • Chun-Li being an Interpol agent and wanting revenge on Bison for killing her father.
    • Ryu's full devotion to training.
    • Sagat getting his scar from Ryu's Shoryuken.
  • Crossover: Issue #3 has E. Honda fight one of Malibu's own superheroes, The Ferret. Honda hands his ass to him in a platter, which should say a lot.
  • Cut Short: It was canceled at the third issue, with letters from the writers detailing their plans if it had continued.
  • Death by Adaptation: Ken Masters.
  • Evil Knockoff: According to Word of God, M. Bison's ultimate plan was to replace the world's fighters with these. Furthermore, it was hinted the Balrog, Vega and Sagat we saw were also evil clones.
  • Fireballs: The famous Hadouken and Sagat's Tiger Shot, which now appears to literally be made of fire as opposed to energy, although it is called a fireball in the game community as well.
  • He-Man Woman Hater: Ryu who will take no insults from a mere woman, even if it's the strongest woman in the world.
  • Ice-Cream Koan:
    (Ryu to Chun-Li) "Once you were like this stream... laughing, flowing around life. Now you are like this tree—strong, flexible... but yet rooted in your obsession."
  • Canon Immigrant: Sawada, character from the live-action movie and Rinko, character from the anime series appear in Brazilian comics.
  • Jerkass: Ryu is a misogynistic bastard who treats Chun-Li like crap and looks down on Ken just because he retired from fighting.
  • Killed Off for Real: Ken is killed by Balrog and Sagat. They mail his bloody scalp to Ryu.
  • Last Episode, New Character: More like Last Issue, New Character- the final issue introduces an original character named Nida, but only in the last few pages.
  • Not Quite Dead: Had the series continued, Ken would have been revealed to be alive.
  • Off-Model:
    • Everywhere, especially with the kids who star in Ken's soda commercial, as well as how poor perspective issues make it look like fireballs are being thrown upward at an angle and landing at their intended target.
    • Still in that soda commercial: when Ken has a disgusted look in his face, you'd think they drew him to look just like Robin Williams for that frame. From there you can have an idea of the art level...
  • Shout-Out: Ferret reading a newspaper article about Mike Haggar's wrestling comeback.
  • Spell My Name with an S: The comic spelled Blanka's name Blanca.
  • Token Minority Couple: Ryu and Chun-Li. It's mostly Type A because at the time, Chun-Li was the only prominent female character in the series.

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