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A list of significant characters across Waterloo Road's ten series run.

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    Series One 

Tom Clarkson
Portrayed by: Jason Done
The Everyman. An English teacher, who began the series engaged to a fellow English teacher but fell for her best friend instead, complicating matters. He dies in the final episode of Season Eight, by falling off a roof while preventing troubled student Kyle Stack from committing suicide.

Grantly Budgen
Portrayed by: Philip Martin Brown
The longest running original character. A curmudgeonly English teacher who preferred the way things used to be. Came across as very unlikable early on but his relationship with his wife gave him several Pet the Dog moments. Got a lot of the funnier lines which helped cement his position as an Ensemble Dark Horse, which perhaps contributed to his rise in prominence as the show progressed. Dies in Series 9 after a long battle with kidney failure.

  • Apathetic Teacher: He despises the pupils, puts in only the bare minimum of effort, sometimes falls asleep in his own lessons and has no time for any sort of innovation (or for the headteachers who impose it or colleagues who go along with it). When Gary Vale defies his restraining order and comes to collect his estranged daughter Bianka, Grantly lets him take her without batting an eye.

Jack Rimmer
Portrayed by: Jason Merrells
The first headteacher, thrust into the role after the previous one suffered a nervous breakdown. Became famous for a no-nonsense attitude and his good relationship with the kids. Stuck around through a lot of drama but ultimately resigned when a combination of post traumatic stress disorder from Izzie Redpath's death and financial difficulties midway through the third season.

Andrew Treneman
Portrayed by: Jamie Glover
New deputy head brought in from a private school system, Andrew had a very strict approach to discipline and reforming the school. The conflict between him and Jack/Kim provided a lot of the early conflict in the show as Andrew was rarely willing to make allowances based on circumstance. Mellowed out as the show went on, even developing a romance with Kim before leaving the show at the end of the second season. Returned in season four as part of Kim's daughter's plotline.

Kim Campbell
Portrayed by: Angela Griffin
Head of Pastoral Care, she provided a more sympathetic side of the system compared to Andrew. Left with him at the end of the second season but returned halfway through season four with a supposedly adopted baby. It soon became apparent that Grace was an illegal immigrant, making Kim's position very precarious. Became pregnant by Max in season five. She gave birth early after a blood clot sent her to hospital. She departed again for good at the end of season five.

Lorna Dickey
Portrayed by: Camilla Power
Tom's fiancee at the start of the show, the two soon separated when Tom made his feelings for Izzie clear. Attempted suicide at the end of the first season but survived, only to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the second season, leading to a more successful suicide attempt.

Izzie Redpath
Portrayed by: Jill Halfpenny
Lorna's bestfriend until she came between her and Tom. With Lorna out of the picture, the two began a relationship that went through several ups and downs. Had a good relationship with daughters, Chlo and Mika, although it was initially complicated by their deadbeat father. Died at the end of the second season when she was stabbed by Lewis Seddon's cousin while trying to help Jack.

Steph Haydock
Portrayed by: Denise Welch
Questionable French teacher who, nonetheless, proved her love of the school plenty of times. Replaced Kim Campbell as head of Pastoral Care but struggled with the position at first. A much loved character for her often ridiculous antics, she left the show at the end of the fifth season and returned briefly in the sixth.

  • Depending on the Writer: Her reactions to the Very Special Issue Of The Week range from the utterly bigoted (calling an Asperger's student "Rain Man") to the insanely supportive (keeping Ben's HIV status a secret even when she suspects Matt may have been exposed).

Chlo Grainger
Portrayed by: Katie Griffiths
Began the show as a rebellious teenager, dating bad boy, Donte Charles. As time went on, she matured somewhat but still managed to be both married and a mother by the time she left school at the end of season four.

Mika Grainger
Portrayed by: Lauren Drummond
Chlo's more conventional sister, Mika struggled with bullies in the second series, acquired a smart arse boyfriend who cheated on her with Chlo and became a militant environmentalist. Left the school to attend university at the end of the third season.

Lewis Seddon
Portrayed by: Craig Fitzpatrick
A dangerous thug who tried to rape Kim Campbell and kill Jack Rimmer. Began Heel Face turn as cafeteria staff in the third season after his cousin was responsible for Izzie Redpath's death. Had a relationship with Maxine, that produced a still-born child. Was quickly phased out after first half of season three shortly after with no explanation

Donte Charles
Portrayed by: Adam Thomas
Began the show as the resident bad boy until Lewis took his place. Became a more rounded character when his family life was fleshed out. He and Chlo's relationship lasted most of their run and left them married with a child when he left the show at the end of season four.

Janeece Bryant
Portrayed by: Chelsee Healey
Loudmouthed Janeece proved to be a good friend to Chlo, Maxine and several others. Developed an interest in fossils and archaeology early on but later plots saw her lose her virginity to a sexual predator, date Bolton Smilie and get breast surgery after meeting a former pupil turned glamour model. After leaving the show at the end of season four, she returned in season six as the school secretary.

  • The Ditz: A frequent source of comic relief.


    Series Two 

Roger Aspinall
Portrayed by: Nick Sidi
A rich investor looking that Jack was relying on to fund the construction of an academy. When he adopted a no-second-chances policy regarding exclusion and punishment, the teachers started to turn against him. Jack eventually discovered he earned his fortune as a porn baron. Ultimately, Jack rejected his input after Roger attempted to bring a creationist into his business who pushed his beliefs on the school and offended almost everyone at Lorna's memorial.

Davina Shackleton
Portrayed by: Christine Tremarco
The new school secretary and former employee of Roger, Davina quickly became involved in a love triangle between Jack and Brett, ultimately choosing Jack. Stuck around after he left as a teaching assistant and became close to Karla, a student with Asperger's. Struck up a relationship with Tom but this ended in season four when she suspected him of having an affair, leading to her leaving the show.

Brett Aspinall
Portrayed by: Tom Payne
A cocky and very clever kid who was also Roger's son. Tried to pursue a romance with old acquaintance Davina but when that ended, he became Mika's boyfriend. Cheated on her with Chlo but got back together with her in season three, before leaving with her at the end.

Maxine Barlow
Portrayed by: Ellie Paskell
First showed up as Lewis Seddon's drug addicted girlfriend, Maxine soon revealed hidden depths when Steph got involved in her home life. Eventually, Steph effectively adopted her. Things ended tragically in season four when she broke up with psychotic boyfriend, Earl, and died from a gunshot.

Celine Dixon
Portrayed by: Zeriozha Burt-Skeete
A minor character who was sexually assaulted in season two by Maxine's step-father and became Donte's girlfriend when he and Chloe separated. Left the show at the end of season three.

    Series Three 

Eddie Lawson
Portrayed by: Neil Morrissey
Andrew's replacement as deputy head, Eddie was a maths teacher who was quick to get involved and developed a slow burning romance with Rachel, before winding up with her sister in season four. When that relationship ended, he and Rachel picked things back up and he became a father figure to Rachel's nephew, Philip. Melissa returned at the end of season four and left with Eddie.

Rachel Mason
Portrayed by: Eva Pope
New tough-as-nails head teacher, Rachel came with a dark past where she worked as a prostitute. Trying to keep this from becoming public knowledge was an important plot in season three and her sister joined the staff in season four. Had a slow burning romance with deputy head, Eddie. Left the show at the end of season five.

  • Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Former hooker, anyway. She's a strong believer in the importance of education and its ability to turn any person's life around.
  • Non-Giving-Up School Guy
  • Samaritan Syndrome: Refuses to leave the burning school until she's certain everyone is out, nearly dying as a result. And in the very next episode, when the school is evacuated by a gun scare, she runs back inside, unarmed, to talk the young gunman down rather than risk him being hurt by the Armed Response Unit.
    Eddie: You can't save everyone.
    Rachel: I can try.

Jasmine Koreshi
Portrayed by: Shabana Bakhsh
A brand new English teacher characterised by her naivety and a constant fear of being out of her depth. Came into her own as the show went on before departing at the end of season four.

Matt Wilding
Portrayed by: Chris Geere
Music and theatre teacher who kept his sexuality from the students and staff until it came out late in season three. Headed the school musical and became a foster parent in season four. Left the show at the end of that season but returned midway through season seven.

Stuart Hordley
Portrayed by: Silas Carson
Building contractor who knew about Rachel's past and used it to blackmail her. Died in the fire at the end of series three.

Candice Smilie
Portrayed by: Kay Purcell
Tough mother of new student, Bolton, Candice worked in the cafeteria and got involved in lots of parts of the school. Developed a friendship with Rose Kelly in season four and the two won a catering bid together. Left the show midway through season five.

Bolton Smilie
Portrayed by: Tachia Newall
New bad boy student, Bolton went the way of Donte, becoming more mature and taking up boxing in season four. Had a romance with Janeece which ended after she had breast surgery and he became jealous of her excessive flirting. Left at the end of season five.

Paul Langley
Portrayed by: Thomas Milner
Friend of Bolton's who was initially bullied by him until it transpired that he was asking for the bullying to toughen up against an abusive uncle. Left the show at the end of season five.

Michaela White
Portrayed by: Zaraah Abrahams
Bullying student who made several accusations against teachers, notably Miss Koreshi. She also had a strong rivalry with Janeece. Also failed to get on with any of the John Foster's pupils in season five, especially when they went after her boyfriend at the time, Bolton.

Danielle Harker
Portrayed by: Lucy Dixon
Part of Jack's push to get better performing students to attend the school and increase the grades, Danielle began as a bully and a snob but quickly grew to love the school and fought her father's attempts to get her into home schooling. Got involved in Matt's choir along with best friends Allesha and Karla. Left the show at the end of season five.

Aleesha Dillon
Portrayed by: Lauren Thomas
Danielle's best friend, started in much the same way but tended to push things a lot further, especially regarding the duo's treatment of Karla. Left the show at the end of season five.

Karla Bentham
Portrayed by: Jessica Baglow
Karla was a new student with Aspergers, which the school was woefully ill equipped to deal with. Struggled at first but with Davina's help and her eventual friendship with Aleesha and Danielle, Karla soon found her place. Left the show at the end of season five.

    Series Four 

Melissa Ryan
Portrayed by: Katy Carmichael
Rachel's sister and the new head of Adult Education, Melissa struggled initially but soon found a place as Eddie's girlfriend. Matters were complicated when she accepted his proposal despite already being married. Twice. Left the show for good by the end of season four.

Rob Cleaver
Portrayed by: Elyes Gabel
New, highly competitive PE teacher, Rob developed a romance with Jasmine but was fired when he gave Bolton drugs to improve his performance in a boxing tournament.

Dave Miller
Portrayed by: Tim Healy
A security guard who was brought in when a gun was found on student, Denzil Kelly. Developed an unrequited crush on Steph that caused her to lie and potentially end Grantly's relationship. Left the show mid way through season four.

Ralph Mellor
Portrayed by: Malcolm Scates
Governer and Policeman, as well as father of the Head Girl, Ralph took a mostly antagonistic role, seeking to control his daugher's life. He took particular offence to her relationship with Marley Kelly, going as far as paying him not to see her and assaulting him in broad daylight.

Flick Mellor
Portrayed by: Sadie Pickering
Short for Felicity. Head girl and daughter of a governor and policeman. Flick quickly fell for Marley Kelly, much to her father's distaste. When she tested positive for drugs during an event run by her father, he swapped her tests with Marley prompting Flick to stand up to him for the first time. Their relationship ended when Marely, as a result of his family's difficult position, took a 5000 pound bribe to break up with her but they later got back together. Tasked with writing the school choir song, she struggled and stole lyrics from the internet causing trouble for everyone. Acquired a stalker in Philip before leaving the show after just one season.

Rose Kelly
Portrayed by: Elaine Symons
Single mother of five kids with a drinking problem. Her reform made up a significant plotline, along with her friendship with Candice and her job in the canteen. Has made occasional appearances since leaving at the end of season five.

  • The Alcoholic
  • Domestic Abuse: A victim of it at the hands of Sam's father Reynold.
  • Parents as People: Her failings as a parent are front and centre for much of season four, and without excusing the hell she's put her children through, it's made clear that she genuinely loves them and is willing to give her all to do right by them.

Earl Kelly
Portrayed by: Reece Noi
Dangerous psychopath who bought a gun into school on his first day. Became romantically involved with Maxine but when a secret from his past made her break up with him, he went off the deep end and wound up in prison after killing her.

Marley Kelly
Portrayed by: Luke Bailey
The eldest most mature of the Kelly siblings. Acted as a father when Rose let the family down. Present throughout season four where he fell for Flick and tried to keep his family on the straight and narrow.

Sambuca Kelly
Portrayed by: Holly Kenny
Only daughter of Rose, when the Kelly family were separated by the social, she went to live with Matt and showed a softer side. When her father showed up, matters were complicated. Developed a crush on Bolton but her family's image seemed tog get in the way. Dated Paul in order to make him jealous. Left the show early in season six but returned by the end. Died of a brain tumour in season seven.

  • Abusive Parents: Neglectful at the very least, and though she denies it when questioned, it's also implied her father Reynold has been physically abusive.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Albeit hidden by tough exterior.
  • Pink Is Feminine: Usually wears a pink jacket over her uniform.
  • Unfortunate Names: Named for her alcoholic mother's favourite drink.

Denzil Kelly
Portrayed by: Reece Douglas
Second youngest Kelly, the youngest being baby, Prince, Denzil struggled to read initially but didn't have any chance to overcome this when Earl palmed a gun off on him and he wound up in a detention hall. Returned after the truth came out and has remained with the show since until the start of season eight, where it was revealed he died in the bus crash at the end of season seven.

Philip Ryan
Portrayed by: Dean Smith
Melissa's son and Rachel's aunt. Had an uneasy friendship with Earl at first and proved himself to be quite an unstable character. Worried about being a virgin and developed an unhealthy obsession with Flick. When this led him to be kicked out of the choir, he pulled a prank involving laxatives that backfired when it almost cost Rose and Candice their jobs. In season five, he acquired a new love interest drawn to his attempts at stand up. Left the show at the end of season five.

Lauren Andrews
Portrayed by: Darcy Isa
Initially a very minor character, Lauren became more significant as time went on, remaining a main character in season seven. By season five, she was good friends with Sambuca and Josh. Had a large birth mark on her back that was a cause of great embarrassment.

     Series Five 
Series Five saw Waterloo Road merge with John Fosters, leading to a large number of new faces, both pupils and faculty.

Chris Mead
Portrayed by: William Ash
The new deputy head and science teacher. Proved a hit with the female students but was torn between loyalties to Max and Rachel. Developed feelings for Kim and began a relationship with her after she gave birth. Struggled to deal with Steph dating his dad. Increasingly found it difficult to keep a professional distance from the more troubled students under his charge, which led to his decision to leave the teaching profession midway through series seven.

  • Hot for Teacher: A frequent target of this, which causes him no end of trouble.
  • Mistaken for Pedophile: Rachel warns him to keep his distance in his very first episode precisely to avoid this, but he just can't seem to help blurring the boundaries. His innocent, friendly gestures towards some of the girls are horribly misinterpreted by Lindsay, who generally mistrusts men due to her sexually abusive father, and things come to a head when, with only the best of intentions, he allows neglected pupil Jodi to stay the night at his place.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Lets a neglected schoolgirl stay the night at his place when her mother absconds. How do you suppose that went when his boss Karen found out?
  • Parental Substitute: To Jodi Allen.

Max Tyler
Portrayed by: Tom Chambers
The former head of John Fosters, who became the executive head after the merger. The major antagonist of the first part of season five. Developed a romance with Kim which stuck her in the middle of his and Rachel's rivalry. This romance was further complicated by the discovery that he was married to an LEA investigator. Departed the show halfway through season five when tension between him and Rachel reached breaking point. Even as she was about to resign, his abuse of Philip came into the open.

Helen Hopewell
Portrayed by: Vinette Robinson
New English teacher. Struggled to deal with rowdy pupils and was quick to blame anyone else for her failings. Max's former student, she was quick to try and use him to her advantage by bribing him with a sex tape. The students abuse of her finally became too much, and even they realised their mistake. It proved too little, too late however and she resigned.

Jo Lipsett
Portrayed by: Sarah-Jane Potts
The new head of French and openly lesbian. Had her doubts about Steph's French abilities and Steph seemed incapable of proving her right. Things between them eventually settled down and they became friends. Jo was the first John Fosters teacher to recognise that Rachel was better for Waterloo Road than Max. Accused of inappropriate behaviour by a female student.

Ruby Fry
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Berrington
The new head of Food Technology. Disliked Waterloo Road and had a particular rivalry with the rest of the staff, notably Steph. Came around a little when her husband's company tanked and she said goodbye to her wealthy lifestyle. This led to her stealing from the school, becoming addicted to pills and eventually suffering a full on breakdown. This was exacerbated by her feelings for Adam and his engagement to Rachel. Having got back with her husband, they looked to have a child. When Ruby discovered she was too old to conceive, Janeece suggested they adopt her baby since she did not want it. Left the show at the end of season six.

Adam Fleet
Portrayed by: Steven Waddington
A new chef and healthy eating coordinator hired by Rachel. Knew Rachel when they were younger. Took a very hardline approach to his job that offended the cafeteria staff, noticeably Rose Kelly. He and Rachel quickly struck up a relationship and got engaged. His friendship with Ruby proved to be obstructive.

Finn Sharkey
Portrayed by: Jack McMullen
A new student who joined half way through season five after being kicked out of his previous school. A trouble maker who knew Chris from another previous school. Quickly made friends with Amy and Josh, much to Tom's concern. Proved a disruptive influence at Waterloo Road but it became clear that his parents distant behaviour may have had some impact. In later seasons, he would go out with Jess Fisher, Sambuca Kelley and Trudi Siddiqui. Left the show at the end of season seven.

Emily James
Portrayed by: Shannon Flynn
One of the new John Foster's pupils. Her father was killed on her first day at Waterloo Road and her mother arrested. It later transpired that her sister was the real killer. Developed a close friendship with Denzil but remained confused about what was going on with her sister and mother.

  • Break the Cutie: She does not take the revelations about her father and sister well, and develops a much more cynical attitude in her later seasons.
  • Does Not Like Men: Takes on shades of her sister's attitude after the revelations of her father's abuse.
  • The Ingenue: At first, to contrast with her "bad girl" sister.
  • Poisonous Friend: To Scout, after she is broken.

Lindsay James
Portrayed by: Jenna Coleman (credited as Jenna-Louise Coleman)
One of the new John Foster's pupils. Emily's sister. Established herself as a major bully against the Waterloo Road children. Crossed the line somewhat when she targeted innocent and harmless Karla who had merely been trying to help Emily. This led to a pronounced rivalry between her and Michaela. Left the show midway through season five when it became apparent that she murdered her abusive father.

Siobhan Mailey
Portrayed by: Phoebe Dynevor
One of the new John Foster's pupils. Friends with Lindsay and Amy although she was quick to give in to their peer pressure. Dated Luke Pendle.

Ros McCain
Portrayed by: Sophie McShera
One of the new John Foster's pupils. A former friend of Lindsay's and romantic interest for Philip. She encouraged his attempts at stand up. Was a potential Oxbridge candidate and was tutored by Jo, leading to her developing a crush. When Jo rejected her advances, Ros accused her of inappropriate conduct and put Jo's career at risk.

Luke Pendle
Portrayed by: Richie Jeeves
One of the new John Foster's pupils. Lives in a care home which caused several of the other JF students to victimise him. Disappeared half way through series five.

Amy Porter
Portrayed by: Ayesha Gwilt
One of the new John Foster's pupils. Quickly developed a rivalry with Michaela and set her eyes on Michaela's boyfriend, Bolton, even going as far as to claim rape. As her friends turned against her, especially over her treatment of Miss. Hopewell, she began to reform and became more accepting of the Waterloo Road pupils. Dated Finn who's bad behaviour pushed the school to separate them. Left the show midway through season seven.

Josh Stevenson
Portrayed by: William Rush
One of the new John Foster's pupils. Initially came across as moody but the reason for this soon became apparent when he revealed Tom was his birth father. The two struggled to build a relationship as it became apparent that Josh's mother had stolen Tom's sperm in order to conceive. Had a romance with Lauren but peer pressure made him alienate her when people found out about her birth mark. His friendship with Finn consistently put him at odds with Tom. Developed a crush on Finn in season six, causing him to come out. Tom initially struggled with this but eventually came around. Developed schizophrenia in Season seven and was nearly killed twice in the Season finale, first by The Murray Gang and Kyle Stack who shot him at the prom

    Series Six 

Karen Fisher
Portrayed by: Amanda Burton
The new head following Rachel's departure. Her eldest daughter, Bex's, disappearance a year prior was a prominent plot point. Her tough persona at school was hampered by her difficult family life and she often had trouble separating the two, a fact that Adanna was quick to point out on several occasions. Left the show at the end of season seven after being suspended.

Charlie Fisher
Portrayed by: Ian Puleston-Davies
Karen's husband, and a supply teacher, who was having an affair following Bex's appearance. This caused their marriage to come to an end. Moved in with his partner, Gloria, making things difficult between him and his children. Moved to London when Gloria got a headteacher's post midway through season six.

Marcus Kirby
Portrayed by: Wil Johnson
Father of Jonah and Ruth. Home schooled them both and didn't trust Waterloo Road to meet his standards. Eventually hired as a geography teacher so he could see exactly what the school was doing with his children. Left the show midway through season six after discovering how Karen dealt with Chris and Jess. Returned briefly to deal with the fallout between Jonah and Cesca.

Adanna Lawal
Portrayed by: Sharlene Whyte
The new head of pastoral care. Adanna strongly opposed many of Karen's ideas and became somewhat infamous for a strong, no-nonsense approach to her job. Left the job at the end of season six.

John Fry
Portrayed by: Ralph Ineson
Initially appearing in season five, John and Ruby's marriage was strained. In season six, the two were looking to have a baby but Ruby discovered she was unable to conceive. An unhappily pregnant Janeece decided to let them adopt her baby but later began to have doubts about her decision. He and Ruby left the show at the end of season six.

Cesca Montoya
Portrayed by: Karen David
New head of Spanish who was incorrectly thought to be having an affair with Charlie. Karen doubted her current abilities but was sure she had the makings of a great teacher. Later began an affair with student, Jonah. Eventually arrested for this after marrying Jonah at the end of season six.

Harry Fisher
Portrayed by: Ceallach Spellman
Karen's son and new student. Struggled to make friends at first and suffered from an eating disorder as a result of his parents break up which was eventually revealed after some serious bullying from Finn. Had great difficulty with his parents divorce. Left the show midway through season seven.

Jess Fisher
Portrayed by: Linzey Cocker
Karen's daughter and new student. Hooked up with Chris the night before the first day making things complicated between him and Karen. Took major issues with her mother as a result of Bex's disappearance. Despite an uneasy relationship with Harry, she proved that she really did love him when Finn took his bullying too far. Left the show midway through season seven after becoming pregnant.

Nate Gurney
Portrayed by: Scott Haining
A new gay student with a dead, military brother. Quickly became friends, and later boyfriends, with Josh. His father didn't approve an argument in school led to Nate' father violently beating Tom in a pub, leaving Tom with PTSD. Left at the end of season six.

Jonah Kirby
Portrayed by: Lucien Laviscount
New student who was previously home schooled. Looked forward to starting at Waterloo Road and soon found a girlfriend in Jess. They broke up when he found out about her and Chris. In the latter half of season six, he began a relationship with his Spanish teacher, Cesca. Left at the end of season six after they married and Cesca was arrested.

Ruth Kirby
Portrayed by: Anna Jobarteh
New student who was previously home schooled and fast tracked as a result of her intelligence. Disliked Waterloo Road but began to realise that her dad has been restricting her and slowly came around. Left the show at the end of season six after Jonah and Cesca married.

Vicki MacDonald
Portrayed by: Rebecca Ryan
Initially made a minor appearance in season five where Chris discovered she worked at a strip club. Became a more prominent character from season six onwards after becoming friends with Jess. Her father was in hospital and Vicki became homeless, putting her school work in jeopardy and prompting the staff to investigate. Had a miscarriage in season seven.

Ronan Burley
Portrayed by: Ben-Ryan Davies
A newly appearing student who made money selling food around school. A bit of a wheeler-dealer who was discovered to be selling his own possessions. His father was an infamous criminal who expected Ronan to get involved in the family business. Dated Vicki and briefly broke up with her after discovering her affair with Aidan.

Bex Fisher
Portrayed by: Tina O'Brien
Karen's missing daughter. Returned midway through season six having been involved in a relationship with a man called Hodge who filmed them having sex. He put the underage videos in the internet. Even when Bex returned, Hodge followed and, after filming himself and Jess together, convinces Bex to return to him, forcing her secrets into the open. Left at the end of season six to attend university.

Kyle Stack
Portrayed by: George Sampson
A new student who showed up in the middle of season six, played Britain's Got Talent winner, George Sampson. An uneducated thug, Kyle made few friends and had an extra special rivalry with Finn. Things began to heal between them after a stunt involving Kyle and Denzil led to Finn falling from a bridge. However, relations between him and Finn soured once again in Season seven and he joined the Dale Sken crew along with Tariq Siddiqui. Tried to kill Finn with a crossbow at the prom in the season seven finale but shot Josh instead and was arrested


    Series Seven 

Michael Byrne
Portrayed by: Alec Newman
Karen's replacement following her suspension. His previous job had ended when a pupil stabbed him. Had a previous relationship with Sian before she married Jez. Moved Waterloo Road to Scotland where he faced pressures from a rival headmaster who knew about Michael's violent history with his father.

Daniel Chalk
Portrayed by: Mark Benton
A somewhat comical new Maths teacher who struggled with the students as a result of his fear of them. Eventually overcame them and developed a good rapport with the kids. Began to develop feelings for Janeece as the series went on.

Jez Diamond
Portrayed by: Alex Walkinshaw
New head of P.E. Newly married to Sian and desperate for a child.

Sian Diamond
Portrayed by: Jaye Jacobs
New science teacher. Married to Jez but drawn to old flame, Michael.

Linda Radleigh
Portrayed by: Sarah Hadland
A slightly unstable woman in love with Michael who manipulated him before running him over and going on the run.

Eleanor Chaudry
Portrayed by: Poppy Jhakra
A new English teacher with a conservative background. Very strict, regardless of the circumstances. Didn't get on with the staff or students and fed information to Richard behind Karen's back. Came to regret her actions and rallied behind the school. Left midway through season seven.

Richard Whitman
Portrayed by: Nicholas Gleaves
A director of education who hated Karen Fisher and Waterloo Road. He targeted both in an effort to have the school shut down but was ultimately unsuccessful, although he did manage to get Karen suspended.

Rob Scotcher
Portrayed by: Robson Green
The new, somewhat complacent site manager. Coached Daniel on being a better teacher, became Karen's new love interest and had a strained relationship with his son. Became a qualified teacher before leaving the show midway through season seven.

Jodi "Scout" Allen
Portrayed by: Katie McGlynn
A student with a difficult home life and a quick wit. Surprised everyone by also being very good at school.

  • Parental Neglect: Unwashed, unfed, and expected to provide for her family by her feckless mother. At least, until Chris steps in.
  • Promotion to Parent: Deconstructed. She's been manipulated into the role of provider by her neglectful mother, and it's made very clear that she cannot cope.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Denzil's reaction to seeing her washed and in a uniform.
  • Stepford Smiler: Her wisecracking and good-natured cheek are a facade calculated to hide her very real issues.

Madi Diamond
Portrayed by: Georgia Henshaw
Jez's daughter. A party girl with a bad habit for flirting. Got on well with her stepmum and followed her to Scotland after a falling out with her mother.

Zack Diamond
Portrayed by: Lee Abbate
Jez's son who struggled with his feelings towards his father's multiple affairs.

Rhona and Shona Mansfield
Portrayed by: Millie Katana (Rhona), Hope Katana (Shona)
New twin pupils. Their mother and grandmother were engaged in a custody battle with both twins having a different opinion on their future.

Tariq Siddiqui
Portrayed by: Naveed Choudhry
A new student from Michael's previous school. Brought with him a major gang problem exacerbated by Kyle Stack's return and a history with new Headmaster, Michael Byrne. He alone moved to Scotland with Waterloo Road now in a wheelchair following the bus crash at the end of season seven.

Trudi Siddiqui
Portrayed by: Aryana Ramkhalawon
Tariq's sister. Dated Finn despite pressures from her brother. Left at the end of season seven pregnant with Finn's baby.

Naseem Siddiqui
Portrayed by: Shifaa Arfan
Tariq's other, younger, sister. Almost died in a fire. Left at the end of season seven.

Phoenix Taylor
Portrayed by: Kaya Moore
A new student who looked after his sick grandmother until she died. Feared his abusive dad.

Harley Taylor
Portrayed by: Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
Phoenix's brother. Developed something of a friendship with Grantly.

Aiden Scotcher
Portrayed by: Oliver Lee
Rob's son and a new pupil. A womaniser, he quickly became Jess' boyfriend but cheated on her with Vicki, culminating in getting both of them pregnant. While Vicki had a miscarriage, Aidan decided to stick by Jess. Left the show midway through season seven.

Wayne Johnson
Portrayed by: Robert Haythorne
Michael's stabber who returned to torment him.

Maggie Croft
Portrayed by: Melanie Hill
A new canteen assistant who quickly became rivals and friends with Grantly. When Grantly's wife died, the two developed romantic feelings for each other, leading to them running the school house as a married couple in Scotland.

Nikki Boston
Portrayed by: Heather Peace
A new English teacher with a tough, no nonsense approach, earning her a lot of respect from her colleagues.

    Series Eight 

Lorraine Donnegan
Portrayed by: Daniela Danby-Ashe
First appeared in Season Seven but took a more prominent role this season as the school's investor. Decried Michael's traditional syllabus in favour of getting the kids doing more practical exercises in business management and design.

Gerard Finley
Portrayed by: Alex Norton
Michael's rival headteacher at Haverlock High. Disliked Waterloo Road for 'stealing' his pupils. Set out on a very personal campaign to discredit Michael.

Audrey McFall
Portrayed by: Georgie Glen
A tough and traditional History teacher, fomerly of Haverlock High.

Christine Mulgrew
Portrayed by: Laurie Brett
An English teacher with a son at the school. She and Connor have a difficult relationship owing to her drinking problems.

Jade Fleming
Portrayed by: Paige Meade
A new student who ran away from her children's home with her boyfriend after he stabbed someone. Lived in a squat for some time but appealed to Waterloo Road for help upon discovering her pregnancy. Her boyfriend was arrested but she went to stay at the School House.

Angus Hancock
Portrayed by: Benjamin Gur
A former Haverlock High pupil. Remained loyal to his friends causing trouble for the Waterloo Road kids.

Connor Mulgrew
Portrayed by: Shane O'Meara
Christine's son. Has a difficult relationship with her owing to her alcoholism. Developed a friendship with Imogen.

Rhiannon Salt
Portrayed by: Rebecca Craven
A bully who caused trouble for Scout and Lulu but has a strong sense of loyalty to Waterloo Road.

Imogen Stewart
Portrayed by: Kirstie Steele
A new student and friend of Connor's.

Lula Tsibi
Portrayed by: Marlene Madenge
A new student who's uncle attempted to have her exorcised, believing she was possessed by an evil spirit. Her behavioural problems mellowed out when her mother stepped up to help her.

Barry Barry
Portrayed by: Carl Au
A somehow cunning member of The Barry Family, Barry Barry has a reputation of being manipulative to both his sisters Kacey and Dynasty. In Season 9, he tried to steal Kacey's money for her America trip and effectively disowned by his Mum Carol Barry.
  • Berserk Button: Don't say he's not a man. Don't call him a 'boy'. He is willing to ruin your life over it.
  • Black Sheep: In a family of petty crooks he's the only one willing to become a full-blown criminal.
  • Repetitive Name: As the title mentions

Kacey Barry
Portrayed by: Brogan Ellis
A transgender student who is looked down by others (particularly by Barry Barry and Dynasty's ex-boyfriend convict Steve-O). After Mr Clarkson died at the end of Season 8, Kacey started to do boxing with the support from Nikki Boston. She is best friends with Harley and Lula (who unfortunately got deported in Season 9).

Dynasty Barry
Portrayed by: Abby Mavers
Started off as a sort of gossipy but bad student before making life-changing decisions. In Ep 13 of Season 8, Dynasty decides not to become a stripper because of the difficulties of what she wants to do when she left school. This caused Carol to be furious. She ended up with her boyfriend Steve-O (who has a reputation for crime). However, she later falls in love with Kevin Chalk (to Steve-O's dismay). However, she ended up with her rivalry, the charismatically Rich Bitch Gabriella Wark. In Season 9, she applied and interviewed to become a member of the Police force. The Interviewer was less adamant that she belongs to a crime family by giving her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Despite the past, Dynasty is now a changed person.

Carol Barry
Portrayed by: Zoe Lucker
The Matriarch and Mum of 3 kids, Carol is considered a bad influence om her kids. In Season 8, she demonizes Kevin during a chat show despite that he is trying to help Dynasty to be the better girl she is. When her daughter Dynasty told her that Barry Barry was arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain, Carol is trying to understand what Dynasty is saying. However, she ended up getting fired by Vaughn in the Final Season for fake insurance compensation.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: Though a crook through and through, when she finds out that her son is willing to steal from his own family and Smuggle illegals into the country she disowns him.

    Series Nine 

Sue Spark/Lowsley
Portrayed by: Vanessa Hehir
Waterloo Road's new science teacher. Formerly an air hostess, she is the fiancée (and later the wife) of deputy head Simon Lowsley and the daughter of a prominent member of the Local Education Authority. Initially, she is pretty hopeless as a teacher but grows into the role. Starts an affair with PE teacher Hector Reid in Series 10.

Hector Reid
Portrayed by: Leon Ockenden
A new PE teacher brought in by Simon to reinforce his new 'Resilience Initiative' who has something of a laddish attitude and the arrogance to match. He finds himself being stalked by pupil Gabriella Wark and struggles to cope with the fallout of her actions. Has his sights firmly set on Sue and has an affair with her in Series 10.

George Windsor
Portrayed by: Angus Deayton
A modern languages teacher who returns to the UK after spending a long time in Shanghai. He introduces classes in Mandarin even though he doesn't speak it very well comes up with several schemes to try and keep up the charade. After his wife leaves him, he has short-lived relationships with Christine and Carol. In Series 10 he leaves the school after new headteacher Vaughn Fitzgera;d introduces a series of community initiatives, stating that he has "no interest in being part of this happy clappy new dawn".

Gabriella Wark
Portrayed by: Naomi Battrick
The daughter of rich parents and future heiress to multimillion pound fashion empire "Woven By Wark". Her parents are distant because they blame her for her younger sister's accidental death years previously, which sparks a series of self-destructive delinquency including stalking Hector and stealing his car. At the end of Series 9, her one-sided feud with Kacey hits its peak when she challenges her to a climbing challenge and pushes her off the wall. She returns in Series 10, attempting to atone for her past actions but faces a lot of hostility from staff and pupils alike.

Darren Hughes
Portrayed by: Mark Beswick
A not especially bright pupil with a mother who is both a drug addict and a prostitute. He is shown to have misogynist tendencies and seriously crosses the line in this respect when it emerges that he has been filming the school's female pupils in the changing rooms. In Series 10, he moves into the school house after his mother dies of a drug overdose.

Shaznay Montrose
Portrayed by: Je'Taime Morgan Hanley
Waterloo Road's latest loud-mouthed delinquent. If there's trouble, expect her to be involved somehow. Frequently paired up with Lisa Brown in various schemes or in bullying other pupils.

Archie Wong
Portrayed by: Christopher Chung
A Chinese student whose Mandarin far outstrips George and, along with Kevin, is later recruited by George and eventually Christine to help salvage the Mandarin course when it becomes clear that George has no solid grasp of the language.

    Series Ten 

Vaughan Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Neil Pearson
Waterloo Road's new head after Christine's demotion. Keen to make his mark on the school with several community involvement initiatives and happy to give a clean slate to students who committed misdeeds before he arrived. On his first day, his ex-wife Olga drops his children Justin and Leo on him after she suffers a breakdown. This leads to considerable disharmony as his children move in with him, his new partner Allie, and her children Tiffany and Floyd. Has been shown to be especially hard on Justin because of his violent tendencies and general delinquency following the family's new living arrangements.

Allie Westbrook
Portrayed by: Nicola Stephenson
Vaughn's current partner and Waterloo Road's new art teacher. Tries to keep the newly merged Fitzgerald and Westbrook families happy and has some success with Leo but struggles considerably with Justin. Breaks up with Vaughn at the end of Series 10 Part 1 and is revealed to have left the school along with Floyd and Tiffany at the start of Seres 10 Part 2.

Justin Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Max Bowden
Vaughn's eldest son. Absolutely hates both Vaughn and Allie for the breakup of Vaughn and Olga's marriage and determined to destroy their relationship however he can. Becomes violent and delinquent after starting at Waterloo Road, much to Vaughn's anger, and later enters into a relationship Tiffany after discovering her crush on him.

Leo Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Zebb Dempster
Vaughn's younger son. Quiet and more reserved than his older brother and happy to just go with the flow rather than try and cause trouble like Justin.

Tiffany Westbrook
Portrayed by: Sammy Oliver
Allie's daughter. Keen for the two families to get along and develops a crush on Justin that later develops into a relationship. Eventually breaks up with Justin and leaves the school along with Allie and Floyd at the end of Series 10 Part 1.

Floyd Westbrook
Portrayed by: Leo Flanagan
Allie's son. Reluctant to make peace with Justin and Leo, and shown to have something of a crush on Gabriella. Leaves the school with Allie and Tifany at the end of Series 10 Part 1.

Olga Fitzgerald
Portrayed by: Pooky Quesnel
Vaughn's ex-wife and Leo and Justin's mother. Suffers a breakdown at the start of Series 10 and hands Leo and Justin over to Vaughn while she goes into a care home. Moves to Newcastle after Vaughn stops paying for her psychological care. She returns in the second half of Series 10 as a supply teacher, covering for Allie after her departure.

Lorna Hutchinson
Portrayed by: Laura Aikman
The school's new deputy head after Simon's departure and hired by Vaughn to work closely with him to fight the proposed merger with Havelock High. She is initially disliked by the other teachers for unflattering remarks she makes over them which are broadcast over the school's tannoy system, and also because her of her youth and perceived naiveté. She takes a strong interest in Kenzie and becomes determined to help her through her learning difficulties.

Marco D'Olivera
Portrayed by: Stefano Braschi
Waterloo Road's new science teacher. Because he's entered teaching after a career in industry, he doesn't have the tightest grip on things and struggles to control his pupils. Has a rivalry with Guy rooted in the prediction that the school will only be able to keep one of them on staff once the merger with Havelock High takes place. Also shown to have something of a crush on Lorna.

Guy Braxton
Portrayed by: Regé-Jean Page
The school's new graphics teacher. Fast tracked into teaching after only six weeks of training, he is incredibly naïve and makes mistakes like accepting friend requests from his pupils. His first episode reveals that pupil Carrie Norton is actually his sister who he became estranged from after hospitalising their stepfather, and that he is sleeping rough in the school changing rooms.

Kenzie Calhoun
Portrayed by: Charlotte Beaumont
A student brought in as part of Vaughn's scheme of accepting students that no other school will take. Seemingly has serious behavioural problems; with her file noting she has kleptomaniac tendencies, and her trying to attack Scott with a pair of scissors after he insults her mother. After some digging, Lorna discovers that she has been a carer for her ME-afflicted mother since she was a child and is practically illiterate. She only stole schoolbooks from people in order to learn to read and write.

Scott Fairchild
Portrayed by: Andrew Still
Another student accepted at the school under Vaughn's "Second Chances" scheme. Has a fraught history with Kenzie; she lost her virginity to him and he proceeded to boast about it. On his first day he has sex with Bonnie behind the school stage. He is also implied to be having some kind of relationship with Kenzie's mother.

Bonnie Kincaid
Portrayed by: Holly Jack
Known to students as "Bonnie The Bore", she makes a pretty dramatic return after the school holidays with a brand new look that draws a lot of attention from dubious characters including Lisa and Shaznay, and Scott. Despite her new look, she struggles to have the confidence to match it and ends up having sex with Scott behind the school stage on the first day back.

Dale Jackson
Portrayed by: Finlay MacMillan
A new pupil whose prowess as a cyclist Vaughn hopes will bring the school some good PR.

Carrie Norton
Portrayed by: Tahirah Sharif
An intelligent pupil who Lenny has a crush on. Her first episode reveals that Guy is her brother and that her mother has forbidden her from contacting him because he assaulted their stepfather. Constantly caught in the middle of arguments between her mother and brother, and struggles to cope with it.


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