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Characters / The Passage Year Zero

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Year Zero

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    Sister Lacey 

Sister Lacey Antoinette Kudoto

Originally from Sierra Leone, Lacey Antoinette Kudoto is a nun in the United States who finds herself suddenly having to take care of the freshly abandoned Amy. They form a strong bond which pulls Lacey into extraordinary circumstances.

  • Action Survivor: At first, before taking a level in it.
  • Broken Bird: Due to the death of her family in Sierra Leone, and the subsequent all-day gang-rape.
  • Mama Bear: Towards Amy. She distracts the Twelve to let Amy escape.
  • Rape as Backstory: Lacey's entire family were killed by militia soldiers in Sierra Leone, and for the rest of the day she was gang-raped in a field by her house.


Bernard Kittridge

A man posting youtube videos of himself killing Virals, becoming known as 'Last Stand in Denver'.


April Donadio

A teenage girl who survives the outbreak with her younger brother.


Timothy Donadio

A young boy who survives the outbreak with his teenage sister.


Danny Chayes

An autistic school bus driver.

    Pastor Don 

Pastor Don






An aggressive young man who joins the bus ride.

    Mrs Bellamy 

Mrs. Bellamy



    President Hughes 

President Hughes

The unseen President of the United States, responsible for approving Project Noah and some of the USA's more fascist policies.

  • Minor Major Character: He's never seen outside of newspaper reports, but his policies shaped an increasingly fascist America and approved Project Noah.


Dr. Nelson

The Chief Technical Officer for Special Weapons, and the right hand to Horace Guilder.



A mercenary working for Horace Guilder.

    Maj. Porcheki 

Major Frances Porcheki

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