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Black Comedy / Web Animation

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  • The Nekci Menij Show, which asks you to laugh at women angling to kill each other over album sales and awards.
  • Film Cow is an animation studio (of Charlie the Unicorn fame) that focuses mostly on... interesting characters, who either end up dead or do the killing themselves. As you can imagine, it is hilarious.
  • Death Battle is a web video series about two characters fighting to the death. Would have had a hard time avoiding this one. Co-host Boomstick is a notable fountain of this, no matter how the fight ends, he always has a bad pun for the fallen. Or one for the victor or how the fight ended.
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  • Web Animation/Eddsworld is full of black comedy, especially in the horror Eddisodes.
  • Japanese flash animator Rareko is known for this in his works. One example includes Push Puku Chan, which is about an android who was trying to make friends using her trumpet, but often ends up killing people, whom fear her.
  • Tomorrow's Nobodies regularly plays violence, death, and child abuse for laughs.
  • Many of the Dorkly Originals videos often play violence and death for laughs.
  • The Pokémon Rusty spin-off also features this. Rusty tries to teach a Zubat Surf and rides on top of it, shoves multiple Bidoofs into one Pokeball, and washes a Grimer down the drain. And that's not even half of all the horrid things Rusty has done at the hands of his complete and utter stupidity.
  • Prostitute Mickey, a flash-animated series of short films where Mickey Mouse has been forced to become a prostitute to make ends meet and is subjected to many horrifically embarrassing events.
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  • The Most Popular Girls in School, as well as Dr. Havoc's Diary. The former regularly pokes fun at abortion, sexual harassment, and drug usage (for starters); the latter is a satiric take on some of the more sensitive topics in modern society such as white cops shooting a black man for no reason!
  • RWBY Chibi: "Evil Class" has Cinder in a Beacon classroom, teaching other villains about booby traps. On the blackboard behind her are various cartoon summaries of evil plots. Obvious comedic images, such as a 'no entry' sign crossing out a picture of Zwei the corgi, are joined by another image: Pyrrha, with a hint of angel wings on her back, kneels helplessly on the ground as a volley of arrows fly at her, turning her traumatic death in the main show into a source of mockery that fits Chibi Cinder's overly dramatic, cartoon evil.
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  • The Misadventures of R2 and Miku often invokes sensitive topics for laughs. A good example comes in one episode where the titular pair are trapped in a treehouse for several days - when Miku's mother happens by, Miku threatens her for food:
    "If you don't give us food, I'm gonna tell dad and he's going to hit you again!"


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