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  • Danganronpa has this trope in spades. Despite it being a story about a Deadly Game where high-schoolers kill each other, much of the tragedy ends up being played for laughs.
  • There are many ways for Elonie to die in Long Live the Queen and all of them are depicted with a cutesy, super-deformed depiction of her demise.
  • Ace Attorney typically manages to get quite a bit of a comedy from its murder cases.
    • Played with in Dual Destinies, with Simon Blackquill, who often times makes morbid jokes about the murder on trial. Such as when he says that the spirit of a spear stabbing victim "might find that the hole in his stomach makes eating a challenge". It's lampshaded at one point:
      Blackquill: I shall tie your lips together, lest you further embarrass yourself.
      Athena: Now isn't the time for black comedy....
  • Katawa Shoujo:
    • The game can fall into this, if you go into it with the right sort of mindset. There's something about the image of Rin trying to paint with no arms that's hilarious.
    • One unintentional example was one of the Relax-o-Vision screens that can pop up if you disable the sex scenes. During Hanako's route (the girl who has suffered third degree burns on half her body), an image of fried shrimp can randomly appear as the filler image for her sex scene.
  • In Kanon, Nayuki's mom Akiko, in one occasion, got hit by a car and was nearly killed, while her daughter blamed herself for that. She only managed to survive thanks to a mircale worked by Ayu. But where's the Black Comedy in that? This event is referenced in the doujin Fighting Game Eternal Fighter Zero: Akiko has a super move that starts with a car (At level 3 it's a lorry) speeding towards her; at first you might think "Oh, no, not again", but suddenly, Akiko notices just in time to catch it with one hand, and throws it into her opponent for good damage. The name of this move? "Planning For The Worst". Yeah, she has a strange sense of humor.
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  • Zero Time Dilemma has a doozy. One of the Q endings has Mira killing her boyfriend Eric and then cutting his heart out, identifying her as the Heart Ripper, an on-the-loose serial killer... who is now trapped with Q, a small boy. Not only is this scene Nightmare Fuel but it's also one of the most horrifying and goriest scenes in the franchise. Until you get the achievement which is called, What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me, and start giggling like a maniac.
  • A more meta example occurs in Doki Doki Literature Club!. On the game's soundtrack, the track that plays during the player walking in on Sayori's suicide is titled "Sayo-nara."

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