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Black Comedy in webcomics.

  • The now defunct webcomic Anomaly was hosted on a website called "". The first comic has a man tell his butler a joke about a dead baby in a dumpster....before revealing to his butler that he killed the butler's baby and disposed of the body in a dumpster. After that... it's easier to list the comics that are not as offensive as humanly possible.
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  • Ansem Retort sets the tone for the rest of the series when the first strip plays burning an orphanage and courthouse for laughs.
  • The Bedfellows is a Furry Webcomic that has vast amounts of rape and stars an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist.
  • Bloody Urban has it in spades. Though what can you expect from a webcomic where the three main characters eat people?
  • A significant chunk of the humor in Boyfriend of the Dead is this, often involving humans being run down by zombies in the background; often utilizes Mood Whiplash. This page probably demonstrates best.
  • A lot of Irwin Cardozo's webcomics have dabbled in dark humor. Examples include a man having his unborn daughter aborted for saying that all men are pigs, a wheelchair-bound patient being told he'll only need his wheelchair for another two weeks with the strong implication that it will be because he'll be dead by then, and a man upsetting his girlfriend by cheating on her with the corpse of a woman he was supposed to perform an autopsy on.
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  • Chopping Block is a web comic about a stereotypical serial killer, mommy and sex issues included.
  • Concerned has its protagonist routinely engage in Lethally Stupid acts, causing mass destruction and death wherever he goes. What helps its humor is that it takes place in the world of Half-Life 2, so the more ridiculous deaths stand out among the cruelty that's a natural part of the setting.
  • Death Clown derives much of its humor from suffering. Taking place in a sociopath's paradise with frequent visits from the murderous undead. The extras especially play up this aspect of the series.
  • Elftor's entire purpose seems to have been locating the line of decency and sprinting as far past it as humanly possible. Consider this strip, where the eponymous character "solves" his girlfriend's pregnancy by hitting her in the stomach with a shovel, resulting in a miscarriage, resulting in the fetus coming back to life as a zombie, who promptly gets his own girlfriend pregnant, and requests a shovel. You probably don't want to know about the special 9/11 comic (released on 9/11/01, no less).
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  • EVIL: As the name would imply, most of the gags in this comic revolve around violence, murder, and other such amoral behavior.
  • The Evolutions of Homosexuality and Suicide: When the bearded scientist describes two hypothetical scenarios involving a Stone Age couple being killed by a bear, humor is derived from the couple's awareness of the scientist narrating their impending deaths, the sudden, over-the-top violence of said deaths, and the fact that in the second scenario, they clearly remember the events of the first and are not looking forward to repeating it.
    Scientist (describing the first scenario): Then the mother and father of the first family get killed by a bear.
    Father: Say what now?
    Bear: [killing them] GROOAAR!
  • FLEM Comics is one very long frequently-lampshaded run of every offensive trope in the book. The one strip the author thought so horrible that he put it off for years? Hank the Dancing Abortion. Complete with hangar through the head. Later converted to a running gag.
  • ''Head Trip'’: The series hangs a lampshade on its reputation by starting off with an abortion joke.
  • Homestuck:
    • The Troll arc frequently veers into this, since trolls are an inherently violent race, and their interactions in the comic descend into the worst kind of internet Troll-fuelled Flame War only held in person and in a culture where there is no murder taboo. Expect to find hilarious facial expressions on heads severed by a serial killer, witty and idiosyncratic IM conversations about the end of the world, and characters horribly maiming each other for hilariously trivial reasons such as LARP drama, having just watched the music video for Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles", or boredom.
    • Act 6, in which a version of our universe suffers a horrific totalitarian dictatorship involving the deaths of billions... but at the same time major elements included the Insane Clown Posse being elected as double juggalo presidents, Guy Fieri as "the third and final antichrist", and soft drinks being pumped through the water supply.
  • Iron Nail Afternoon has quite a lot of this. Upon finding Jekkel and Rachel having illicit sex in his living room, Sed promptly deputizes Jekkel. Before telling him to put on some pants. Another scene features Jackie's senile mother demanding if the voices in her head belong to one of his "hairy whores." And then there's the bizarrely funny scene-transition from the blood slowly dripping out of Jackie's broken nose to Sed's lava lamp...
  • Kick the Football, Chuck. posits that Charlie Brown is not naturally bald, but bald from chemotherapy. Every common gag with Peanuts is shed in this light. Particularly dark is a day at school.
  • Looking for Group uses black comedy for many of the jokes in the strip, particularly the strips focusing on Richard. The creators also made a short animated feature released on Youtube that is one long black comedy joke.
  • Maximumble: In "Two hands", a man tells his friend Steven over the phone that he needs to let him go because he needs to use both hands. He then proceeds to use both hands to text and lets go of a rope, sending Steven plunging down a cliff.
  • Mr Square always had a thumb in this pie, but most especially here. In it Mr. Square goes to a fun house designed by Aleister Crowley. It ends with a selfie-stick and a child's grave.
  • Quite possibly deconstructed in Nana's Everyday Life, which begins as a Sadist Show with instances of Gallows Humor and Black Comedy Rape. As the story goes on it almost unnoticably puts more emphasizes the dark aspects than the comedic ones until there is only one thing left to ask: IS THIS COMEDY?
  • The Night Belongs to Us: Ada often makes light of the fact that she's technically already dead. Such as when she narrowly avoided being burnt up by the sun:
    Ada: HA! HA! HA! I'm ALIVE! *Beat* Er, well, more or less.
  • Nightmarish is a webcomic featuring Ugly Cute Monster Characters (specifically those based on classic horror characters) sometimes doing darkly hilarious stuff including Hyde giving Frankenstein's Monster their heart. As in, ripping it out of their own chest.
  • Nobody Scores! The main characters are maimed or killed on a regular basis. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Roommates has some pretty dark humor at times. Things like jokes about characters being dead in canon (it's a Meta Fic), The Fair Folk's child stealing and incestual habits, being bitten by a zombie, some characters homicidal or suicidal tendencies etc.. Its spin offs aren't immune either, Girls Next Door even had a running gag about Murder the Hypotenuse.
  • Sexy Losers is a classic of the genre, with comedic situations arising from disgusting and perverted sexual practices, including necrophilia and incest.
  • Sluggy Freelance has many jokes about people getting killed offscreen (or even on), such as in the bloody slasher-parody "KITTEN". Usually it's still done in a very lighthearted manner; in "Cannibals Anonymous", eating people is treated as a bad habit. Less so in the "Nobody Beats the Sampire" paid-only story in which Sam's being so dumb he barely knows what's going on, even when in dangerous situations, ends up seriously harming people around him. In one scene, he flies away to flee another vampire, carrying a woman and not looking where he's going and breaking every street lamp along his path with her head, and then looks at her realistically beaten and bloody face and goes basically "Ew, I thought she was supposed to be hot." It's still played for comedy, but the repercussions are made more real.

    (That said, the comic went through Cerebus Syndrome relatively early on, and people being killed or other horrible things happening may also be Played for Drama. Even the KITTEN parodies end up with serious fear of death for the main characters, and that's to say nothing of the chapter "bROKEN". Played for Laughs is still more common.)
  • The name of the game in Tomoyo42's Room. It's particularly fond of Black Comedy Rape, but a lot of other disturbing subjects get Played for Laughs, as well.
  • Something*Positive: Both the author and the characters positively adore this trope. The very first strip has one of the main characters sending his ex a coat hanger as a gift for her baby shower.
  • Undying Happiness is a comic about Naomi, a young woman who discovers her boyfriend Keisuke has powers of rapid regeneration... and a bad habit of suffering comically over-the-top injuries. The very first chapter has Naomi finding out Keisuke's house burned down, only for his still-mobile skeleton to emerge from the ashes and warmly greet her.
  • Warbot In Accounting: The eponymous warbot, in an attempt to become a father, buys a kit to build a robot, only to produce a distorted, agonized thing. Warbot proceeds to dump the malformed baby robot in the trash. And this comes back around when it's revealed the baby robot is still in the trash some time later, pleading for help from its dad.