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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
  • On a meta level, 0 finally saw the Yakuza series break out in the West after years of false starts and near-cancellations, to the point where the fandom began bitterly assuming at best they'd have Cult Classic status. Thanks to this game being a prequel and coming out in a generally uncontested time (alongside 2017 in general being such a good year for Japanese gaming that all eyes were on the Land of the Rising Sun), 0 wound up surprising a lot of people and getting them into the series, leading them to try the rest of the franchise out. Yakuza finally broke big, and this was where fate finally turned for the series.
  • Kiryu taking on the Dojima Family right after he's expelled, particularly when he jumps into a bathroom through a window, beats up everyone in the bathroom, and destroys a toilet with Yoneda's head. It ends with Kiryu delivering a dropkick so powerful, it not only sends Yoneda out the same window but almost sends him flying out as well.
    • Also, the fact that Kiryu jumps at the window from a reasonably difficult angle, and still lands and rolls into the men's room like a pro.
    • Even though he's a complete scumbag, Yoneda deserves some credit in this scene as well. No matter how brutally Kiryu beats him down (and boy does he ever), the poor bastard keeps getting up for more.
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    • And for that matter the mere fact that Kiryu gets himself expelled from the Yakuza just so he can fight them without rank related repercussions.
  • The way Awano and Shibusawa play Kuze like a fiddle has to be admired; Kuze attempts to have Kiryu killed by declaring him a civilian and thus fair game to be bumped off. Dojima learns of this from Kuze's two "loyal" brothers and is less than pleased - thus, Kuze is forced to sever his own pinky while his fellow lieutenants watch.
  • Kiryu, Oda and Tachibana fighting their way through the army of Tojo Clan enforcers in Chapter 10:
    Oda: This is insane! We're smack dab in the middle of Tojo HQ!
    • Tachibana get his own awesome moment before that, managing to secure Kiryu's safety from the Dojima Family with the Tojo Clan using nothing but his own negotiating skills (and a hefty sum of cash), showing just what a shrewd businessman he really is. Nihara even remarks that with those skills, it's no wonder Tachibana's been causing the Dojima Family such a headache.
  • Kiryu's Badass Boast to Kuze after Tachibana is killed:
    Kuze: Kiryu... give us the girl. You plan on making an enemy of the Tojo Clan?
    Kiryu: You lay one goddamn finger on Makoto Makimura... and I'll bury the Tojo Clan. I'll crush it down to the last man. This I swear to you!
    Kuze: I'll be damned. The punk kid's finally turned... turned into a true yakuza.
    • There's also the point following their final face-off where Kuze displays a clear understanding of exactly what Kiryu is, and that he and his fellow lieutenants made a huge mistake in getting Kiryu's father figure locked up and setting the kid off.
  • Tachibana's display of influence in Kamurocho, showing that he is - to some extent - on even footing with the Tojo Clan by shutting off the power in the city, if only for a few seconds.
  • The introductions for the mentors of each character's fighting styles displays their badassery.
    • Kamoji is introduced by protecting Bacchus from a loan shark's hired muscle, ducking and weaving past the goon's attacks before launching into a flurry of blows.
    • Miss Tatsu is introduced shaking down a goombah who owes her money. He comes at her with a knife, but she knocks him back, seamlessly batters him with a milk crate, breaks his arms, bashes him across the face, then tosses him down the street.
    • Fei Hu is first seen arguing with a client over the weapon that doesn't satisfy him, prompting Fei Hu to test him. He proceeds to use a simple wooden stick to unleash a can of whoop-ass on a guy with a broadsword.
  • There's something about Kuze's determination that makes him intimidating. His boss battles are frequent, but the most awesome one is probably his second fight, which begins with him ambushing Kiryu in a sewer tunnel with a motorbike and a pipe. He flies toward Kiryu like a bat out of hell and slams the pipe into Kiryu's arms, knocking the guy flat on his back. While he skids out afterwards, it's still really impressive.
    • Kuze's Badass Boast right before the fight start is the icing on the cake.
      Kuze: I'll let you in a little something. The yakuza game, it's not like boxing. The man who gets beat down isn't the loser. The guy who can't tough it out to the end, he's the one who loses. Eh? Don't ya think? [removes shades and tosses them into the water] In the yakuza life, there are no KO's. I'll tell you what, Kiryu. To me, a finger or two don't mean shit. Having Awano or Shibusawa beat me to the captain's spot? Couldn't give a fuck... As long as I'm alive, I'll keep getting back up for more. Which is why you... [raises pipe] A half-ass like you's the one thing I can't stand. Now DIE, you little shit! [brings the pipe down on Kiryu]
    • The entire intro to the fight is a master class in hype. From Kuze's previously mentioned entrance, to the menacing walk toward Kiryu as he delivers his Badass Boast, all the while the music builds further and further. Then as Kuze brings the pipe down, the music kicks into gear as Kiryu blocks it with his arms, the boss name screen appears, and he kicks Kuze away.
    • Kuze's final fight also deserves mention, especially the QTE, where Kuze and Kiryu trade blows and counters. Succeeding it leads to Kuze punching Kiryu in the head, only for him to No-Sell it and return the favor, sending Kuze flying.
  • Majima's introduction, where he pacifies a belligerent drunk at his cabaret without raising a hand to him while the house band plays him off.
    • This moment highlights how incredibly cunning Majima can be. He took a public disturbance, turned it into an improvised floor show, convinced the man to apologize and buy drinks for everyone with nothing more than well placed words and sympathy, convinced the patrons of the Grand to forgive the man, and in doing so not only improved the reputation of the Grand but also boosted profits significantly. There's a reason that the Grand became Sotenbori's #1 under Majima.
  • The fight against Kashiwagi. Fail the QTE during the fight, and you'll get Punched Across the Room. Some fans admit they fail it on purpose because of how awesome it looks.
  • Reina gets one when she tries to interfere during the fight with Nishiki. Breaking a wine bottle (or, well, trying to) over someone's head takes guts.
    • In the same fight, she'll toss a Staminan X towards Nishiki, and Majima can push him aside and take it for himself.
  • By the end, Majima finally snaps, raids the Dojima Family HQ and kicks all the members' ass on his own. Bonus points if you already have his Legend fighting style, which makes him really batshit insane.
    Majima: I'm Makoto's special delivery... A hitman who's gonna get in your shit!
    • And the end of the day, Majima wipes the floor with the entire Dojima Family and Sohei Dojima only lives because Sera asks Majima to show restraint; since Makoto is not the owner of the Empty Lot anymore, the yakuza has no reason to go after her.
    • Awano, a very tough Yakuza boss with a Charles Atlas Superpower, and even Lao Gui right after him, said to be the deadliest hitman in Asia, were no match for Majima's rage.
    • Awano himself has his moment right after the fight, when he finally realizes he lost his way as a Yakuza and takes a shot for Majima.
  • Likewise, The War Sequence for Kiryu and Nishiki. It's especially good since the game builds on Kiryu and Nishiki's friendship and they really seem like Bash Brothers. Both of them raid the Nikkyo Consortium's ship to end Shibusawa's raid on them.
    • Fans of the first game will be pleased to see it wasn't the first time Kashiwagi brought in the cavalry.
    • The final boss fight with Kiryu against Shibusawa. With Keiji having a similar set of fighting styles to Kiryu, Keiji is a force to be reckoned with, and the transitions to subsequent phases of the fight really have the two going at it brutally. All set to an amazing track fit for a showdown between two dragons.
  • Majima easily kicking the asses of three street nobodies that had previously assaulted him during his apathetic stage earlier in the game.
  • The cutscenes that play once you unlock Kiryu and Majima's 4th styles.
  • Seeing Kiryu/Majima get their funk on, especially when they dance to "I'm Gonna Make You Mine".
  • The Stinger is as much this as it is hilarious.
    Majima: Yo... (face twists into his familiar Mad Dog sneer) Kiryu-chan!
  • The fact that one of your opponents in the Bed of Styx is an actual, literal bear.

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