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Yakuza 0 Recap Page.Warning : This page will have unmarked spoilers

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    Chapter 1: Bound by Oath 
Japan, Tokyo: 1988. Kamurocho District.

Kazuma Kiryu, a newly Yakuza appointed to the powerful Dojima Family, is asked by a local loan shark to do a debt collection. Kiryu finds the guy in an empty lot, punches him out cold before taking his money. He then returns the cash to the loan shark, who is impressed with Kiryu's skills and offers him a permanent arrangement as a debt collector for him, but Kiryu politely, yet firmly passes on this offer and they go their separate ways. Kiryu receives a message from his sword brother Akira Nishikiyama to meet him on Tenkaichi Street, but Kiryu is already there and Nishiki haven't shown up yet. As he looks around for Nishiki, he comes around a group of punks trying to rob a businessman, which is a serious faux pas on territory controlled by an organised gang — in this case Kiryu's — so he decides to beat some proper crime etiquette into the would-be robbers. No sooner than Kiryu has beaten the punks into the ground, Nishiki finally shows up, and sarcastically comments on Kiryu always playing the good guy. As the two of them stroll the streets, Nishiki talks to Kiryu about his less than good fashion sense, telling him that strong fists aren't the only requirement to be a Yakuza, and that you should also try to look and act the part. Kiryu takes Nishiki's advice in stride, and the duo go on to drink, eat and sing karaoke during the night.

The next morning, as Kiryu and Nishiki are having a early breakfast at a ramen restaurant, a news report catches both gangsters' eyes. The debtor Kiryu beat last evening was found dead by the police at the same empty lot Kiryu had left him passed out. Nishiki freaks out, since killing a civilian in a big no-no for the Yakuza, but Kiryu maintains his position: he might have roughed up the guy quite a bit, but he was still very much alive when he left him. Kiryu then receives a message from the Dojima Family, ordering him to present himself to at their HQ.

Nishiki drives Kiryu to the HQ, and once inside, the three Dojima Lieutenants (Kuze, Awano and Shibusawa) await him for interrogation. Long story short, the bosses shares a detail with him — one not known the general public — namely that the man was found with a bullet hole in his head, which contradicts Kiryu's version of the facts: he punched the guy, and never had any gun to begin with. Kiryu instantly realizes that this means that someone is trying to frame him.

But the lieutenants still aren't ready to let this go. The place where the body was found, named the "Empty Lot", is very important to them. The Empty Lot is in the middle of the Kamurocho Reconstruction Project. They need the ownership of the Empty Lot to build on it. Boss Dojima wants it, because getting the contract of the construction project will give him a lot of money, and he will give the Family Captain position to the one who will give him ownership to this "Empty Lot".

So, for the lieutenants, it's not just an empty lot, it's a stepping stone to rank up. But the former captain was Kiryu's foster father, Kazama Shintaro, who is currently incarcerated. Kiryu asks what will happen to Kazama if someone takes his place, but the lieutenants agree that Kazama will have to take responsibility to Kiryu's screw up since he was the one who brought him to the Dojima Family. With that, Kazama will probably be expelled from the family, making it all the more convenient for Kuze, Awano and Shibusawa. But Kiryu isn't finished, he says that the idea of punching the guy in the Empty Lot was the Loan Shark's idea, which contradicts what he said to the lieutenants when they phoned to him earlier. He even said it wasn't his idea.

Unmoved by Kiryu pleading his innocence, Kuze asks for Kiryu to turn himself in to the cops by the next evening, as well as his handing in pinky finger for compensation before he does so. Kiryu gets out of the office and immediately tracks down the Loan Shark. It turns out he is the president of a local business called Toko Credits. Once Kiryu gets there, he's welcomed by a few men not who aren't pleased to see him. A few punches and kicks later, Kiryu makes his way to the president. The president, despite being armed with a gun, is still very easily intimidated by the unarmed Kiryu, and he quickly begins to spill the beans... But he hasn't the time to say much, as Kuze enters the room and asks to be left alone with Kiryu, which the frighted loan shark complies with. Kuze points out that Kiryu hasn't turned himself over the cops like he was asked to, and commends him for his resourcefulness in finding the loan shark. He then offers Kiryu a deal: if he abandons his loyalty to Kazama and instead agrees to spy on him to help Kuze get ahead in the game, Kuze will not only happily find the real killer and prove Kiryu's innocence, he will even keep an eye out for him and help him getting a promotion. Kiryu outright refuses to betray Kazama and takes his leave.

He receives a message from Nishiki, who asks him how things went. He meets with Nishiki in the Kazama Family office, and the current de facto leader of the Kazama Family: Osamu Kashiwagi (Since Kazama himself is in jail). Kashiwagi points out that someone framed Kiryu, which is music to Nishiki's ears: He thought Kiryu really killed a civilian. Kashiwagi points out that while they know Kiryu is innocent, he is still a suspect in the eyes of the police, and with everything Kiryu has told him, he finds it likely that Kuze is behind it all and is protecting the real killer. The problem is that Kuze is a higher ranking family member, so they cannot force the truth out of him without getting into trouble. Kiryu tells them that he has considered this, and then explains his own plan. He wants to take responsibility and be expelled from the Dojima Family to prevent any of the responsibilities from falling on Kazama, to protect him and prevent him from being expelled. At the same time, if Kiryu is not a member of the family, he is free to beat the truth of Kuze if he has to. Nishiki and Kashiwagi both disagree, this is a stupid plan. There is no way Kuze will allow Kiryu to walk free after all this shit. Kiryu is just barely three years into the family, he will not leave unscathed. But Kiryu wants to talk directly to Boss Dojima himself, not one of his men.

Nishiki then drives Kiryu to the Dojima HQ, once again. And he's greeted by Kuze and a large number of Dojima men.

Kiryu explains he wants to be expelled and wants to see Dojima. But Kuze won't have any of this and ask Kiryu to reconsider his offer to spy on Kazama. Kazama has very important information that is required to obtain the Empty Lot and he won't suspect anything if Kiryu is the spy. But Kiryu refuses again, resulting in Kuze telling him he is of no further use to him. He asks his men to get rid of Kiryu, but Kiryu points out that usually, you can't kill a fellow family member without the boss's approval. Kuze says that Kiryu asked to be expelled, so he can be killed without the Boss's approval. But Kuze played into Kiryu's plan. He stands up and punches the guy holding him. Kuze asks why he's kicking a superior. He outranks him, he can't do that. But as Kuze said, Kiryu is a civilian now, so he's free to kick everyone's ass and Kuze allows him to come confront him, if he makes it there alive.

Kiryu proceed to carve a path through Kuze's men and meets with Kuze again. After the two fights it out, Kuze is defeated. Dojima Sohei enters the room with Awano and Shijibusawa. Kuze asks for his brothers' help, but they refuse. Kuze said to them it was to be a one on one fight, which Kuze lost. Kuze even expelled Kiryu himself from the Family, but Dojima isn't too fond of that. Expelling Kiryu and then fighting him means fighting a civilian, and he did that without his approval. In the end, for his failures, Kuze is forced to cut his own pinky finger in front of Kiryu, Dojima, Shibusawa and Awano.

Dojima then asks Kiryu for an explanation for all of this fuss, and Kiryu pleads for his help and forgiveness, telling him that he is innocent in the matter of killing the man on the Empty Lot, but he is still willing to take responsibility for bringing trouble upon the family, if it means that Dojima will be lenient to Kazama. Dojima replies that what did Kiryu did or didn't doesn't mean much. Since he just made himself a civilian, he can't just put his nose in Yakuza business anymore. And since they cannot hold him responsible, the responsibility for what happened will fall upon Kazama per default, since he was the one who introduced Kiryu into the family. Dojima then takes his leave, telling Kiryu that he is free to go and live the rest of his life as he sees fit.

Kiryu is left wandering depressed in the streets, wondering what should he do to protect Kazama, when a strange man named Tachibana comes to meet him. He explains that he has wanted to meet with Kiryu for a long time.


    Chapter 2: The Real Estate Broker in the Shadows 
Tachibana invites Kiryu into his office. After a hot shower during which Kiryu tries to make sense of everything that has happened, Tachibana makes clear he knows almost all about Kiryu. From his childhood to right now, and he even knows about the Empty Lot and the danger of Kazama being expelled. Tachibana is a real estate broker, like all real estate broker, he wants the Empty Lot. He invites Kiryu to eat dinner with him so they can discuss business, explaining that he was wants Kiryu's help to achieve his goals, though Kiryu declines the offer of food. Regardless, Tachibana goes on explains how he plans to help Kiryu, telling him that if any of the three Dojima Lieutenants gets the Empty Lot, Kazama will most certainly be expelled, since one of them will become Captain, and will have enough authority to do so. But if Tachibana can beat them to it, none of the lieutenants will become Captain and Kazama will keep his position. And he will help Kiryu in proving his innocence too.

But this all too convenient for Kiryu, who finds the whole thing sounding a little too good to be true. Kiryu feels Tachibana has an ulterior motive and he therefore can't fully trust him. Still, Kiryu accepts Tachibana's business card and takes his leave.

Kiryu meets Nishiki in front of the Kazama Family office and explains to him everything that happened with Kuze, Dojima and Tachibana. Nishiki offers him to come inside the Kazama Family office, so they can discuss with Kashiwagi how to solve all this. But Kiryu declines, explaining that he is a civilian now, and an unpopular one with the yakuza at that, so he feels that is better he keeps his distance from Nishiki and Kashiwagi for the time being for their safety, so he instead heads home to rest. Later in the night, Nishiki comes by, having briefed Kashiwagi on everything that has happened and having in turn gotten some information from him about Tachibana. According to Kashiwagi, Tachibana is the real deal. Even Yakuza are weary about messing with him. He buys proprieties around Kamurocho and forces its residents out with any means necessary; be it bribes, threats, or harassment. Kiryu tells Nishiki that he will do some digging on his own before he makes a decision about trusting Tachibana, and the next morning he goes for walk around Kamurocho to find information on Tachibana Real Estate and asks around if anyone knows them.

He quickly finds a yakuza in a quarrel with a local cafe owner. The gangster asks for protection money, but the owner points out that said protection failed to show up when Tachibana real estate was harassing him. The gangster instead gets all defensive: They don't mess with Tachibana. But since the Yakuzas backed out, the owner had to relocate. He's now struggling with the new customers. So the Yakuza's protection is worthless if they can't protect him. Kiryu decides to ask the cafe owner some questions, and he explains that when Tachibana sets someone on your case, they seem to know everything: Your favorite color, where you grew up, your favorite TV show. It's scary how much they knows. Kiryu wants to knows who the owner met from Tachibana Real Estate. The owner points Kiryu to the Hakua Building in Shichifuku Street.

Once arrived, he finds the building abandoned save for several homeless people squatting in its halls and a bar listed on the address that appears to be the only remaining legitimate tenant. Kiryu goes to talk with the bar owner, who at first mistakes him for a Jinsei Family member. After some talking, it turns out the Jinsei Family is a bottom low ranking family of the Tojo Clan, they run the protection racket around here. But the Tachibana Real Estate guys scared them off and they aren't coming that much anyway. All of the other tenants of the building have been driven out and he's the only one left. One day some guys of Tachibana Real Estate came and announced they owned the building and they wanted everyone out. Most of the tenants ran away as soon as they heard the name "Tachibana". Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. A group of goons, headed by a man in a colorful suit named Oda, introducing themselves as employees of Tachibana Real Estate. Oda explains that he is here to make a final deal with the bar owner, and offers him a large stack of cash if he packs up and leaves the building within the next few days. The owner refuses and Oda offers him twice more. After the owner refuses again, Kiryu steps in before things gets ugly and Oda takes his leave. The owner takes the money after all, he just played "hard to get" to get more money.

Kiryu is left with more questions. A real estate company willing to make an enemy of the Tojo Clan? Kiryu chats up of the homeless men in the building, who tells him that most homeless people in town work for Tachibana's company nowadays. Kiryu asks who would have more information, and the homeless guy points him to some of his compatriots who hangs out in a local park. Kiryu goes to the park, where he finds a bunch of homeless men. When he overhears the name "Tachibana", he starts asking questions. The homeless men are willing to tell, but they would like a bit of booze to "loosen up their tongues" first and Kiryu gets some beer, champagne and sake for them. It turns out, all of the five homeless men worked at some point for Tachibana. They just go where they are told to and camp out for the day, and make a general nuisance of themselves. Easy Money. They just finished their shift today, and they're going to another place tomorrow. Sometimes, even the Yakuza hires them to do that. Kiryu also learns from them that the Tachibana employees are often seen hanging around the Champion District. Kiryu reasons that it makes sense; the district is full of bars, and if you can chase out the tenants and bundle those properties, you'd make a killing.

Visiting the Champion Districts, Kiryu meets some of the local residents, who appears to have formed a vigilante group. Things gets ugly fast when Kiryu is mistaken for a Tojo Clan member. It turns out the Tojo Clan wants to drive them out and they refuse to sell out Tachibana. But Kiryu doesn't get it, from what he has learned the company is trying to chase them all out. But the truth comes out, Tachibana is trying to protect the tenants from getting run out by the Yakuzas. Which Oda, who was just around, confirms. But Oda wants an explanation. Why is Kiryu sniffing around them? Kiryu explains he was scouted by Tachibana himself. This is all new to Oda, who claims that he haven't heard of this. He then asks his boss on the phone who confirms Kiryu's claims. Oda then gives him a message, if he is so curious about the company, why doesn't he ask Tachibana himself. He tells him that the boss awaits him at the same place as last night, to which Kiryu agrees.

But when Kiryu later in the evening shows up at the Tachibana Real Estate offices, the local guards reject him, despite his insistence that he is invited, as someone higher up warned them that a young thug matching his description would try to start a row in the offices. Kiryu sarcastically comments that getting bounced from a party he was invited to is a new low for him. He proceeds to use his fists to change their minds and enters Tachibana's office. Oda waits him there, explaining that it was him who warned the guards about him. He goes on to explain that he finds it a little strange that Tachibana puts so much trust in some young ex-yakuza like Kiryu, and he wanted to test if he really was the real deal. Oda then declares that he has a another test for Kiryu, namely to win against him in a fight, and challenges him to a duel. Against Oda's expectations, Kiryu wipes the floor with him. Tachibana makes his entrance before revealing he was the one who proposed Oda to test Kiryu. Oda is Tachibana's right hand man, and he can't just hire someone without Oda's approval first. Oda replies that the fight he just had definitely won him over.

Kiryu demands that Tachibana explains himself, and Tachibana says that since he has more than proven himself, he will gladly tell him everything. Tachibana explains that Kamurocho and all its small business forms the heart of the local yazuka's power, and he wants to try his own power, that is money, against the Tojo Clan. But as he says, the Tojo Clan isn't united since one member is actually Tachibana's close ally. It was this ally who insisted that Tachibana would approach Kiryu, and reveals none other than Kazama Shintaro: Captain of the Dojima Family. As it turns out, Kazama mostly predicted everything that happened to Kiryu these last few days. Tachibana also suspects that Kazama willingness to help him and his plans for the Empty Lot isn't just there to protect himself, it's likely he has some other, greater motive that neither him nor Kiryu are aware of. Kiryu is skeptical about that, pointing out that Kazama is in prison right now, but Tachibana supposes that it could also be a part of his greater plan. As a proof of trust, Tachibana hands Kazama's watch to Kiryu, explaining that Kazama entrusted it to him until he could give it to Kiryu, so Kiryu can return it to him once the all dust is settled.

Now convinced that Tachibana is really acting on Kazama's instructions, Kiryu accepts Tachibana's proposition to work with him.

    Chapter 3: A Gilded Cage 
The scene changes to Osaka, Sotenbori District. Two men, the local leader of company subdivision, and his boss are out for a night on town. The local man insists that they visit the best cabaret of Osaka, The Grand. The boss finds that the cabaret is indeed impressive, and wonders why he hasn't heard of the place before. The local man explains that the place used to be kind of a dump just a year ago, but then they employed a new manager, who has really turned things around for the better. Just then drunk client makes a fuss, when he starts groping one of the hostesses. Goro Majima enters the scene, and tries to firmly, but jovially talk the drunk man down. The drunk, however, refuses to behave and starts to attack him. Majima, however, manages to handedly dodge all of his attacks, making a complete fool out of him, much to the amusement of all the other costumers. When the drunk man is finally tired out, Majima points out to him that behavior like his would normally call for the police to get involved, but since he is a high-ranking employee of a big company (something Majima learned by pickpocketing his business card), Majima offers him a chance to save face, by promising that if he pays for everyone's drinks tonight, he will in turn not call the cops on him. Thoroughly humiliated, the drunk man promises to both pay and behave himself from here on out. Satisfied, Majima retires to his office. The boss and the local man are in awe of Majima's management style, and the boss admits that he can see how someone like Majima was able to improve the cabaret so drastically.

Back in his office, Majima drops the jovial attitude and quickly orders his floor manager to see to it that the hostess who was groped gets a generous bonus, both as a form of compensation and hush money, and to keep an eye on "Captain Grab Ass" to make sure that he doesn't try to run out on the bill. Now alone, Majima starts to reminisce about how he got here. Three years ago, Majima had been punished for going against a direct order from a superior, he was removed from the official roster of the Tojo Clan and lived the following year in a dark prison named "The Hole". But Majima's willpower proved to be stronger, and he was allowed to get out, though he lost one his eyes in the process. Majima wants to go back to the Tojo Clan, and for this, he has been given the task of managing the Grand to get 100 Millions Yen. If he succeed, he will be able to return to the Tojo Clan.

Back in the present, Majima decides to make another round in the Grand. One of the hostess are causing trouble by arguing with the other girls, so he firmly, but diplomatically convinces her to try harder to be a part of the team. He then runs into a clearly distraught waiter, and asks the guy to explain why he is distracted. When the waiter explains that he is worried, because his father has recently taken seriously ill, and he is afraid he cannot pay his hospital bill, Majima immediately gives him an advance on his salary and a paid leave of absence for the next week, so he can look after his father. As the waiter profusely thanks him, Majima thinks to himself that his main priority is to keep the place running smoothly, and he is willing to throw as many money at it as it takes. His thoughts are interrupted, when a hostess warns him that a customer is ordering all the most expensive stuff now that he knows that he won't be paying it tonight. Majima comes to meet the man and offers him a private chat in his office. Turns out the client is the current legal owner of the Grand, Tsukasa Sagawa, the Patriarch of the Omi Alliance's Sagawa Family. He's in charge of overlooking Majima in Sotenbori and has been given the authority by Shimano to kill him if he falls out of line. Sagawa makes it clear that Sotebori is Majima's cage, he cannot leave the city until given express order to do so. After Majima gives him the promised 100 Million, proof that he succeeded in his task, he asks for Sagawa to talk to Shimano so Majima could return to the Tojo Clan. But Sagawa asks him to procure 500 millions more. Majima replies that it doesn't bother him; he willing to do anything as long it gets him back in the clan, saying he will gladly gather 500 millions or even a billion if that is what it takes. But Sagawa takes him to his word and asks if Majima would even be willing to kill a person for it. After a long awkward silence, Sagawa announces that he is impressed with Majima's work, and that he will be taking his current best hostess from him as he needs her for another cabaret of his. After a meek protest, Majima grudgingly accepts this, knowing that he has no other option that to comply. Sagawa then wishes him good luck with gathering the remaining 500 millions before taking his leave.

Majima quickly forms a plan to fill out the hostess vacancy left by Sagawa's stunt; namely to poach the best hostess from the Grand's main competitor, the Odyssey. After taking to the streets to find information about the Odyssey, Majima eventually waltzes directly into the Cabaret, passing himself for a client. As he talks with one of the hostesses, he also covertly scouts the inside for more insight on the Odyssey, he notices the clients are all the same type, and the girls all covers for that client type. Majima is confronted by the Odyssey's owner, Yamagata, who has seen through Majima's disguise (not that Majima tried particularly hard), and asks him what he is trying to achieve by show up so blatantly. Majima outright states his intentions, that he is here to poach the place's one number girl, but then surprises the owner by saying that he is willing to strike a deal about it. Majima offers the owner his insights about the Odyssey's blind spots in their business model, and in return for their best hostess, he is willing to give him some of the Grand's hostesses in return. Yamagata is impressed by Majima's professional courtesy, and agrees to the deal, but also tells him not to try such a stunt again. After this, Majima decides to call it a day and returns home. Once home, he notices a few men who watches over him and wonders how long it's going to continue like this.

    Chapter 4: Proof of Resolve 
Majima awakens after a very vivid nightmare of Taiga Saejima, his sworn brother. Three years ago, him and Taigai was planning a hit against the Ueno Seiwa family Patriarch, in the hopes that it would help the Sasai family gaining more power. Majima was, however, confronted over these plans by Kazuo Shibata, who ordered him to back out from the hit, as the Dojima Family did not want to hold joint responsibility. Majima, however, refused to back down without discussing it with Taigai first. Shibata, angry over Majima's insubordination, ordered him captured. Taigai, unaware of Majima's capture, went through with his plans. Majima, meanwhile, was held prisoner and tortured for two years. He ended up losing his left eye in the process. Still, Majima leaves home to work and goes straight to the Grand.

The staff of the Grand is full of praises. They still can't believe Majima stroke such a good deal with the Odyssey. A waiter gives a message to Majima, the owner requests him. When asked on the phone, Sagawa tells Majima that he just want to share a drink with him. But Majima is not stupid, Sagawa has never once been nice to him without having some ulterior motive; there is something else to this. Sagawa asks for Majima to meet him at Ashitaba Park, no too far from the Grand. Once arrived, Majima takes a seat and asks to Sagawa what he wanted. Sagawa is still wondering why is Majima still sulking. It's been two years since they met.

He asks Majima why he wants to return to the Tojo Clan so bad and wonders if it has anything to do with Taiga Saejima, his sworn brother who went to jail three years ago. After killing 18 peoples in the hit, he probably got the death penalty. But Majima disagree, his sworn brother is a tough mofo. No way he'll die in a hellhole like this, he'll come back. And when he comes back, Majima'll be here to welcome him like a brother.

Still, this is alien to Sagawa. He's a sworn brother to Shimano, Majima's old boss, but there's no way in hell he'll throw his life away for him. Sagawa cuts the talk short and once again asks Majima if he would be willing to kill another human being, if that it is what it takes to be back into the family. Majima is puzzled, why would he do that if he can get the money Sagawa asked. But Sagawa tells him that this is meant to be test of his resolve and loyalty, as he believes that no one can ever be a true yakuza without having murdered someone for the family. Besides, Sagawa can still cancel the deal with Odyssey which would be a real pain in the ass for Majima.

So he asks, who is he supposed to kill? Sagawa tells him of a certain Makoto Makimura, a man who runs a prostitution ring here in Sotenbori. He snatches up young girls, students, puts them on the street to earn money, which he keeps all for himself. Any girl who tries to leave is beat up so bad, they won't be able to have kids ever. It's this Makimura guy Majima is supposed to kill. Sagawa points out that Majima should consider himself lucky that his target is such an utter scumbag, as it will make killing him an easier pill to swallow.

Majima asks for the man's location, but Sagawa doesn't know. Searching for him is part of the job, but Makimura uses the local telephone club to get clients. It's Majima's best chance. Sagawa gives Majima two days to get the job done, past this delay and the target will be Majima himself.

After those words, Majima returns home to get some sleep. He goes straight to the Telephone club on the next day to try and find informations about this Makimura guy. He asks the employee a two hours session and so Majima starts taking phone calls until he finds a girl who can give him information about Makimura. As Makimura employs college girls, Majima decides to listen out for any women who talks about school work or taking classes. After 90 minutes, he gets into contact with a woman named Akko, a college student. Majima thinks he has found the right girl, and tries to fish for some information. Akko asks if Majima has a tattoo, to which Majima says yes. Akko pecks up, asking him to describe said tattoo, but sounds disinterested, when Majima tells her that it is of a Hannya. Majima realises that he is running out of time and asks if she knows Makimura Makoto. The girl panics, but Majima calms her down with a bluff, by claiming that he is actually a freelance journalist who wants to write an article on Makimura. After much convincing, Akko agrees for a meeting place: The Iwao Bridge.

Majima doesn't waste any time in getting there and meets up with Akko. The two of them talk and Majima notices that Akko has obvious misgivings about him. The conversation goes further south when Majima discovers that Akko apparently isn't a prostitute, which confuses him. He tries another bluff, making a big show about being some kind of big star in the field of freelance journalism and offers Akko an autograph. Akko is fooled, a buffoon like Majima can't be dangerous. Although much to Majima's exasperation, Akko doesn't want to talk about Makimura right away, but want to eat some sushi, then dance at the Disco and get a stuffed animal from a UFO Catcher in a Arcade.

It turns out that it is not first time Akko has done this, and some of her former acquaintances try to get all rough with her back at the Disco and Majima has to teach them a painful lesson. As a reward, Akko tells what she knows about Makimura and where he can be found. He's a chiropractor and has a place in Shofukucho South called Hogushi Kaikan. Apparently, Makimura is also nothing like Sagawa suggest. By Akko's description, he is not a horrible, abusive pimp. She admits that he might be big, strong, and rather scary-looking, but he is also kind-hearted protector of women like Akko, who they can call on whenever someone bothers them. In fact, Makimura has never once asked any of the women under his protection for money in return, but just that they tell him if they ever spot a man with a bat tattooed on his arm; that was why she was so interested in Majima's tattoo. Still, Akko asks for Majima to never tell anyone she told him any of this. Majima is puzzled by how Akko's description of Makimura doesn't match the one Sagawa gave him. Still, Majima resolves that he has no other option than to kill Makimura and steels himself for it.

Majima walks to the other side of the city, to Shofukucho South, until he finds the clinic. He enters all guns blazing, or rather all daggers blazing, but finds the clinic to be empty. Snooping around the room for a bit, he notices a commerical poster for the clinic, depicting who he assumes to be Makimura, who indeed looks like a rather big and very intimidating guy. Majima decides that now that he at least knows what Makimura looks like and where he works, he can check back later to see if he is in, and prepairs to leave again. But just as Majima moves towards the exit, a young woman comes in through it asking of anyone is here. From the woman's reaction, Majima understands that she is blind. Majima tries his best to not bump into her since she can't see he's in her way. But Majima can only do that for so long and bumps into her, prompting the woman into shouting "THIEEEEEEEEEF!" Majima assures her that he is a customer, but the woman says the visits are finished for the day, Majima quickly replies that he didn't know that, he came because he was in so much pain. The girl accept to give him a massage.

Majima lies down on one of the treatment beds and as the woman begins doing her massage, she strikes up a conversation with Majima. Majima decides to take the oppotunity to start asking her questions about her boss. She says he should be back soon and talks about how he's huge and strong, but nice and kind with her. The more Majima hears about that, the more he feels something is wrong. This is nothing like the man Sagawa talked about, like if Makimura and the man were two different people. He wonders if Sagawa is trying to pull a fast one on him. Majima then notices that the massage actually feels rather nice, and he starts to relax and eventually falls asleep. He wakes up just as the man he was looking for enters the clinic, obviously surprised to see Majima, his gigantic Yakuza-ish tatoo, and the dagger he is carrying.

Majima an thed gigantic muscled man locks eyes and exchange a tense stare. The man then sends the girl on a errand to get some smokes for him, asurring her that he will discuss the matter of payment him with the costumer himself. As soon as she has left, the man makes it clear it's not the first time someone has come here to kill him, but when Majima calls him Makimura, the man is surprised and asks where he heard that name, but the man doesn't let Majima answer and attacks him. The fight is interrupted as several yakuza from the Omi Alliance led by a man named Oishi enter the room also in search for Makimura Makoto. Majima doesn't get it, he's right there. He is even more confused when the yakuza address the giant as "Wen Hai Lee". The girl returns from her errands and as it turns out, she is the real Makimura Makoto. Majima realizes that her boss makes himself pass for her to protect her, for some reason, but now the yakuzas grabs her and her away.

The man, now revealed to be Wen Hai Lee, attempts to intervene, but Oishi pulls out a gun and shoots him, and then is about to shoot Majima too. But the injuried Lee disarms him by throwing a needle at his gun hand, and then begs Majima to rescue Makoto from them. Majima gets out in the confusion and takes Makoto back from her kidnappers after much punching and kicking. After a long, long run, escaping Yakuzas left and right, Majima manages to hide Makoto near his appartment. But Makoto is too scared to move and falls to her knees, grapping Majima legs for support. Majima, clearly conflicted, tells her that she is safe for now, then takes his dagger out as he looks at her exposed neck.

    Chapter 5: An Honest Living 
Back to Kamurocho, Kiryu joins Nishiki at the batting center. They talk about how it's not Kiryu-like for him to have a real honest job. But Kiryu want advice to get a real nice suit for his job, unlike his black Yakuza-ish suit. Nishiki brings Kiryu to "Men's Suits" and after a while, Kiryu picks a white suit with an orange shirt. But he still looks like a Yakuza, much to Nishiki's amusement.

Next on Kiryu's to do list is a meeting with Oda. Oda wants to show Kiryu how the job is done. They're supposed to meet a client at "Cafe Alpes".Kiryu meet Oda in front of Cafe Alpes and like Nishiki, Oda points out that Kiryu still looks like a Yakuza. He gives him a pairt of glasses. There, much better. Kiryu wants a better man to train him, but Oda thinks nobody but him can keep him in check. The client today has a squatter problem. They asks Tachibana to get rid of the squatters, who in turn sent Oda to them. But non violently, the law is behind them.

The client, named Yamanoi, enters the cafe and greets Oda and Kiryu. Kiryu gives him his business card and they start talking business. Yamanoi has purchased a property at auction last month and some squatters act just like at home. But some Yakuzas are backing the squatters, so it might be more complicated. So they just have to make the squatters go, Oda will take care of the negociations. But Kiryu asks, if there are Yakuzas, will negociations be enough? Oda asks Kiryu to get a gift, so they won't come empty handed.

Once on place, Oda abnd Kiryu enters the building and get to the squatters' room. They meet a man named Tsuji who isn't really okay to leave. But Oda says the builing's owner is Yamanoi, and he wants it cleaned off squatters. But the squatter know his rights and doesn't want to move, he likes the place. Shortly enough, Tsuji doesn't want to talk to Oda anymore and asks for Yamanoi directly. Oda immediatly drops the charade and asks for Tsuji to bring out the Yakuzas he's hiding. But Tsuji acts like he doesn't know and surely doesn't like Oda getting all smug around him. But Oda made his point clear, Tachibana Real Estate will act as Yamanoi's representant, and so Kiryu & Oda gets out.

As Kiryu points out, this was a rather rough negociation. As soon as they finished talking, a bunch of Yakuzas comes. They're the ones backing up Tsuji, and the ones Oda is supposed to negociate with. As usual with Yakuzas, they asks for a big sum of money for their squatters to move from Yamanoi's building. Still Oda isn't against using force against the Yakuzas and Kiryu guesses that's why he asked him to come along. Kiryu kicks their asses. And the Yakuzas introduced themselves, they're from the Taihei Association, Awano's men. Kiryu remember Hiroki Awano being one of Dojima's three lieutenants. The Yakuzas threatens Kiryu a bit more and they run away. Oda is a bit worried about busting heads with Dojima's men, but if they are going after the Empty Lot, they were going to bust heads with them anyways. It was only a matter of time.

Tsuji gets out of the building quietly and doesn't try to make a fuss. His Yakuza pals are down, and he isn't that smug anymore. Oda congratulates Kiryu, which should be new to him. But Kiryu didn't become Yakuza for fun, as with those words, Oda guess Kiryu will returnt to the Yakuzas when they gets the Empty Lot. Oda gives Kiryu a mission, go report everything that happened to Yamanoi, and once done, meet with Oda at the Serena Cafe on Tenkaichi Street.

On his way to Yamanoi, Kiryu meets two men talking about Yamanoi and how they roughed him pretty bad. Kiryu sees Yamanoi down, in front of the Bowling. Yamanoi talks to Kiryu about the five billionaires. Five men who moves more money around Kamurocho than anyone else. Yamanoi wants to retake Kamurocho from them and hires Kiryu to do so. Also Yamanoi mentions knowing Kazama Shintaro; turns the two of them are old friends. Kiryu accepts the job. (This marks the beginning of Kiryu's main Subquest, which has an entire storyline of its own) After quite a while working with Yamanoi, Kiryu finally makes his way to the Serena.

Upon entering the Serana, Kiryu meets Nishiki sitting at the bar. He expresses surprise to find him here, to which Nishiki reveals that he is a good friend of the bar owner, Reina, and he rather likes coming here, because none of the high-ups in the Clan frequents the place, so he avoids having to talk shop. Kiryu and him then share a drink, as the former tells him about the day he just had. But he eventually notices that Oda being late, and wonders if something has happened to him. Just then Oda enters the Serena, all bloodly and beaten up. And just behind him enters Awano and his boys. Kiryu recognize them, they're the ones he beat up during the "negotiations" with the squatter.

Kiryu asks if they did this to Oda, but Awano answers that Kiryu got in the way of their business first. Awano doesn't really like Tachibana's men, they were a pain in the ass during the last year. Not only that, Kiryu joins them just fresh out of the family, Awano sees this as a lack of gratitude to Dojima from Kiryu. Worse, one of Awano's man, Okabe, was responsible for the squatter deal. He cut his own pinky as a result of Kiryu meddling. Nishiki tries to butt in but Awano slams his head on the bar to calm him down.

Okabe and his men takes it outside with Kiryu and they starts fighting it out. Kiryu kicks their asses. Okabe thinks Kiryu wouldn't dare to punch him, thinking he's scared of what could come, but when he badmouths Nishiki, Kiryu punches him anyway and kicks all their collective asses.

Awano comes out of the Serena to contratulates Kiryu. He didn't think he would be that good at fighting, even saying he looks more like a Yakuza since he left the family. Kiryu tries attacking Awano but the latter blocks his punch. Awano guess Kazama is behind Tachibana, and he's using them to make a move on the Empty Lot. Awano starts asking questions about the owner of the Empty Lot to Kiryu but he doesn't answer. Awano guess Tachibana hasn't found the owner yet, but he guess he has a clue. Awano warns Kiryu, telling him that they will just go after him, but that Nishiki and any other friends he have might get hurt if that continues.

Finally Awano asks Kiryu to give them Tachibana, which Kiryu refuses of course. Awano implores him to reconsider, telling him that if Kiryu doesn't give him Tachibana's location before the next dawn, he will see to it that a hunt is called on him. And with that Awano walks away.

    Chapter 6: The Yakuza Way 
After discussing the lastest events, Oda grows suspicious of Kiryu. He thinks the latter will sell Tachibana to the Dojima Family to stay alive. To that end, he phones Tachibana to asks him to stay hidden. That way, even Oda himself won't know where he is, so they can't question him. Kiryu reveals he doesn't plan to see Tachibana, even though Nishiki protests violently. Kiryu will nab Kuze and clears his name. Oda, on his side, will try to pin down the location of the Empty Lot owner.

On his way home, Kiryu makes a quick stop to the Empty Lot and finds Tachibana waiting there for him. Tachibana assures Kiryu that although he was not expecting the Dojima Family to move against them so soon, he still sees the situation as manageable, and gives him news about his investigation reguarding the Empty Lot killing. He has learned that though Kuze by all appearances was the prime suspect when it comes to framing Kiryu, he has not found any evidence that points towards him hiring a killer, so it must be someone else in the Dojima Family who is pulling the strings. Tachibana leaves Kiryu to return to look for the Empty Lot owner and asks him to stay low for a while, since the Dojima Family will soon come after him.

After killing time in the streets, Kiryu decides to return home and get some sleep before the shit hits the fan the next day. Meanwhile, as the new day dawns, Awano and the other two lieutenants concludes that Kiryu is not going to give up Tachibana. Awano makes the phone call Sohei Dojima to ask for his permission to arrange a hunt for Kiryu, and his request is accepted. Kuze, still steamed about his last defeat, makes sure to tell the gathered yakuza that he wants Kiryu alive, so he can make him kneel before him before he kills him. Awano also makes sure to tell Kishiwagi and Nishiki, that as Kiryu's former family, he excepts them to put in extra effort in the hunt. Though clearly unhappy with the situation, they both assure they will.

Expectably, not too long after going to Kamurocho, Kiryu is ambushed by members of the Dojima Family and tries to make a run for it, fighting through wave after wave of the Dojima Family's men. After half an hour of running around and punching goons to the curb, Kiryu is getting tired, and realizes that he cannot keep this up forever. Just then, a stripper from a nearby club notices his predicament and offers to help him. She informs him that her former boss had build an escape route into the club which leads into the sewers. As soon as Kiryu is out of earshot, the stripper notices to herself that it is a shame she had to lead such a nice young man to his death, but she wouldn't dare go against her orders. What she meant becomes clear after Kiryu has walked the sewers for while, as he's suddenly ambushed by Kuze, who is riding a motorbike and armed with a large steel pipe. Kiryu, however, manages to knock Kuze off the bike, and then gives him another sound trashing. With the beaten Kuze lying before him, Kiryu picks up the now twice-over-defeated lieutenant's weapon, clearly tempted to finish him off, but ultimately decides against it. As the incapacitated Kuze shouts threats at him, including swearing to make him regret his decision to not kill him when he had the chance, Kiryu continues his escape and reaches the other end of the sewer tunnel. After exiting it, he ends up in a Cabaret Club, where he finds Awano dancing with a woman.

Awano jovially greets Kiryu, who is confused about why he is so happy to see him, telling him that has been expecting him. Kiryu thinks that he is in for another fight, but Awano instead calls for a truce. He commends Kiryu, as his actions have had negative repercussions for both Kamaza and Kuze, who has both been two major thorns in his side for a long time, so he feels indebted to him. He promises Kiryu that he will both call off hunt and give him tons of money if he work for him and sell out Tachibana, but Kiryu refuses. Awano tries to get him to reconsider, telling him that his job in the Dojima Family is being the head of the "public relations" department after all — or to put it in a less polite way, extortion. He informs Kiryu that, true to his job, he has been doing his homework on him and has found out about quite a few things — including him and Nishiki's old home, the Sunflower Orphanage. Kiryu gets angry, asking him what he has done to Sunflower, but Awano assures that he has done nothing... yet. So far, he has just been visiting the place once, and talked to the sweet old man in charge of the place, and even gave him a million yen as a gift for the orphanage. Awano twists the knife, as he reminisces about how the old man cried when he saw the money, telling Kiryu that it would be such a shame if something was to happen to the orphanage and the old man because of Kiryu. Kiryu refuses to let himself be intimated, telling that Awano that for his though talk about being the leading extortionist in the Dojima Family, he is really poor at it, and turns to leave. Awano completely loses his nerve, pulls out a gun, shoots his dance partner, and then turns the gun on Kiryu, telling him that he has 100 men outside the club, all packing heat, and they have orders to shoot Kiryu if he comes out. He tells Kiryu that this is his last chance; join him or die. Kiryu merely tells Awano that someone with his attitude doesn't understand; he is a person who only ever cares about fun, but Kiryu cares about what he loves and hates. And he would hate to work for a guy like Awano. He declares he finds that even getting shot is a preferable alternative to that fate.

Dumbfounded by this rejection, Awano lets him go, and Kiryu moves to the exit of the club, holding his breath as he moves to open the door, excepting to find angry men with guns trained at him outside... But instead he finds a crowd street of civilians going about their daily business. Soon after, Nishiki arrives in a car, telling Kiryu to get in. Kiryu warns him that he should not get involved, as it would make him a target too, but Nishiki insists that after everything they have been through together, he can still do him this last favor, by getting him out of Tokyo. It won't solve the problem, Nishiki says, but it will at least buy Kiryu some time.

At night time, Kiryu has dosed off, as Nishiki parks the car in the middle of the woods, at the end of a trail. Kiryu, clearly having misgivings, asks Nishiki where they are, and Nishiki confesses that he doesn't know; he just drove until happening upon this spot. Kiryu and Nishiki step out the car, and Nishiki offers Kiryu a smoke. Nishiki tells him to savoir it, as it will be his last before pulling a gun on Kiryu, ready to kill his sworn brother. Kiryu, taking it with his usual cool, calmly tells him that he should put it away, but Nishiki, clearly conflicted, insists that it is the only way out. With his voice breaking, he explains that he is doing this, not because he was ordered to, but because he can't bear the thought of Kiryu getting slowly tortured to death by Dojima and the lieutenants. Surprisingly, Kiryu calmly accepts this and apologizes to Nishiki for putting him through all of this. He just asks Nishiki to promise him one thing; that after he kills him, he will take his head and turn it in for a promotion. But Nishiki breaks down crying as he realizes that he can't kill Kiryu. He's his sworn brother and best friend. Kiryu asks for Nishiki to stop getting involved with him, or the Dojima Family will come for his head too. Kiryu then takes Nishiki's car and leaves him alone in the woods at night.


    Chapter 7: A Dark Escape 
We're back with Majima, as he puts Makoto in a safe place: a warehouse owned by Yamagata. He laments about being unable to do his job, wondering what the hell he's doing. He questions Makoto on what she knows about the man with the bat tattoo that Makoto's boss, whom she calls "Mr. Lee", is looking for. Makoto doesn't have any of the answers Majima needs, instead telling him that Mr. Lee knows.

With Lee wounded by the yakuza hunting Makoto, Majima sets out to find him before he succumbs to his injuries. Majima's search leads him back to Hougushi Kaikan, where he finds a Chinese physician who points him in the direction of a mahjong parlor called "Jambalaya". There, Majima finds Lee, who has had his injuries patched up. Lee greets Majima in a friendly manner, which catches Majima offguard. He asks Lee to explain why he is suddenly so friendly with him, considering the fact they got into a deadly fight the last time they met, and Lee answers that he reasons that Majima must not have harmed Makoto if he would seek him out again of his own volition, so that means that he can trust him. Him and Majima then sits down to have a chat, and Lee explains what he knows about Makoto. He tells Majima that the reason he is looking for the man with the bat tattoo is because that guy is the one responsible for Makoto's blindness, having kidnapped her and sold her off to the Korean mafia, where she was kept as a slave. The traumatic experience left Makoto with post-traumatic psychogenic blindness. Six months after, Lee rescued Makoto, and ever since then, he had been hunting for the man with the bat tattoo to exact revenge for her. Unfortunately, it appears the man with the bat tattoo is unrelated to the hit that had been placed on Makoto.

With Majima's life on the line if he doesn't carry through with the hit on Makoto, Lee suggests an alternate course of action to ensure everyone's safety. Lee, however, cautions Majima that plan is risky and will be "messy", so he demands to know if Majima is in before telling him the details. Majima, having no other choice, agrees to Lee's plan. With that, Lee instructs Majima to look after Makoto while he makes some arrangements.

Back at the warehouse, Majima and Makoto bond over their shared suffering; Majima tells Makoto that he had been locked up in a terrible place and had been blinded in one eye. As Makoto struggles with the memories of her harrowing experiences, Majima, in an attempt to cheer her up, asks if there is some food she likes in particular. Makoto gathers herself and answers that she is very found of takoyaki, so Majima goes out to get a serving of it, which the two then share upon his return. As they talk over the meal, Majima notices that Makoto wears a wristwatch; an odd fashion choice for one who can't tell the time from it. Makoto explains that it has a music box chime that she enjoys, but it was broken. She couldn't bear to discard it, since it's a reminder of life before her blindness. Now feeling that it was holding her back, she decides to leave it behind. Unbeknowst to her, Majima takes the watch for safekeeping.

With night coming, Majima prepares to take his leave to tend to the Grand, but first asks if Makoto knows an Omi Alliance yakuza named Sagawa. The name doesn't ring a bell with Makoto, making Majima very suspicious...

After working at the Grand, Majima is approached by the Chinese doctor he met earlier, who tells him Lee wishes to meet with him at his home. Just outside Majima's apartment, Lee approaches him, asking him about the surveillance on his apartment. Majima explains that Sagawa has placed him under watch to make sure he can't leave Osaka. Lee suggests Majima take a hidden passage in his clinic that would let him make his way back to Makoto unnoticed. After shaking Sagawa's tail, he makes his way back to the warehouse. Lee enters with a shooping as well as something for Makoto to drink, telling her and Majima that he will explain the details of the plan that will hopefully get all of them out of their jam. No sooner has he said this, before Makoto starts nodding off and soon falls fast asleep, making Majima realize that Lee had spiked her drink. Lee explains that he drugged her so could discuss his plan with Majima without her knowing, as he doesn't want her to hear anything about what he is just about to suggest. He reveals that had found a woman whose physical appearance is very similar to Makoto's who was picked by a client to be a target, and his plan is for Majima to kill her. Afterwards, Lee will burn off the body double's fingerprints and mutilate her face to prevent her from being identifiable, then dress the double in Makoto's uniform and finally dump her corpse into the Sotenbori river. Lee will then go the police and as Makoto's employer he will then identify the body as being her, and they will all be home free...

Majima is mortified by the plan, and wonders what Lee's deal is. Lee explains that he used to work as an assassin for a Chinese criminal organization, his last job being a hit on rivals in the Korean mob over the slave trade. It was during this job that he first met Makoto; the young girl reminded him of his own daughter, who had gone blind from the medicine she took for her illness before passing away.

So strong is Lee's love for Makoto that he is willing to kill anyone to ensure her safety. Majima, however, wants no part in Lee's plan. Lee tries to assure him that the woman in question is a very bad person, who marries rich men only to then arrange accidents for them so she can inherit their money, but this does nothing to persuade him. The two come to blows, with Majima once again beating Lee into submission. On his hands and knees, Lee begs Majima to reconsider, holding out the photo of Makoto's body double as he explains that this is the only plan that would work and Majima would also set himself up for death if he doesn't help. Majima, however, resolves instead to protect himself from anyone sent to kill him, tearing the photo and then taking the shopping bag with the spare uniform and other photos with him. After making sure Lee has not followed him, he resolutely throws the bag in the garbage and walks away.

Little does Majima know, someone was following him, and that someone is now picking through the trash...

The following day, Majima learns that Lee is looking for him. At his clinic, Lee is ecstatic for some reason... A news report reveals that a woman's mutilated body was found in the Sotenbori River, identified by her work uniform as Makoto Makimura! Someone had gone and murdered the body double, just as Lee had planned! Majima didn't do the deed, however, which means someone other than him and Lee were aware of the plot, and more importantly, knew that Makoto was still alive!

A call comes into the clinic for Majima, from the man responsible for killing the body double. He is waiting for Majima at the Grand, ready to arrange a "trade"...

    Chapter 8: Tug of War 
Majima makes his way to the Grand to confront the man who killed Makoto's body double: Homare Nishitani, head of the Kijin Clan. The unbalanced and flamboyant Nishitani had rented out the club to give himself and Majima privacy to discuss Makoto, whom he wants Majima to deliver in exchange for doing him the favor of faking her death. Nishitani swears that he is not going to kill her, and just want to talk to her, but Majima isn't buying it. He wants to know why Nishitani wants Makoto, but Nishitani refuses to answer without first challenging Majima to a fight. Majima initially refuses, but when Nishitani calls the police and tells them he's a robber holding up the cabaret, Majima obliges him. Unfortunately, even after beating Nishitani, he remains evasive on why he wants Makoto, offering to tell him another time as the police arrive to arrest him.

As the cabaret prepares to open for regular business again, Majima makes his way to the office, where Sagawa is waiting. Sagawa is curious as to why Majima didn't contact him as soon as he had killed Makoto, as well as why the face was disfigured while her body was disposed of in the river wearing a uniform; was he trying to conceal her identity, or broadcast it? Majima claims he forgot to call and could barely remember carrying out the crime, an answer Sagawa accepts before asking him why Nishitani, who was also Omi Alliance brass, was picking a fight in his club. Majima said it was a drunken brawl, another answer Sagawa accepts before taking his leave to discuss Majima's reinstatement with Shimano. Majima still fears that Sagawa might get wise to the body switheroo before long, and figures that he needs to talk with Lee again about getting Makoto out of Sotenbori. Outside the Grand, however, Majima runs into the Chinese underground doctor, who asks him to bring some painkillers to Lee.

With that, Majima returns to the warehouse to discuss the matter of Nishitani with Lee. Makoto, who has awoken after Lee drugged her, wants to know the truth about why people are after her, and wants to help in any way that she can, unable to bear the thought that Lee and Majima are putting themselves at risk for her sake while she is locked away for her own safety. Majima decides to let Makoto know and explains to her that the men who came to abduct her from Hogushi Kaikan were men led by Nishitani, as well as the fact that Nishitani was of the Omi Alliance, the same organization as the man who ordered the hit on her. Majima suspects that Sagawa might already know the truth of Makoto's survival, and suggests that Lee and Makoto leave Sotenbori as soon as possible. Lee is worried that the yakuza would still hunt for them even if they skip town, but Majima vows to help them find a way to survive.

Unfortunately, before they can make their escape, the Chinese doctor enters the warehouse, with Majima figuring out that he followed him. He tearfully, but crypitically tells Lee that he is sorry, but points out that Lee himself told him that life is hard for Chinese people in Japan, and that one should always pick money over loyality to countrymen. Lee and Majima is confused by this, until several Sagawa's men also show up, and it becomes clear that the doctor has sold them out. Instead of payment however, the doctor gets a crowbar to the chest. Majima fights off the thugs, but with Sagawa now doubtlessly aware that Makoto still lives, there is no time to waste: Makoto needs to leave now. Lee, however, says that he is going to help the Chinese doctor, as he will not survive his injury without treatment. Majima points out that the doctor sold them out, but Lee is determined to help him out despite his betrayal. He asks to get Makoto out while he tends to the doctor, with the three meeting at Hogushi Kaikan to take a van out of town.

Majima guides Makoto through Sotenbori, eventually meeting with Lee just outside Hogushi Kaikan. Lee runs to the van to start it up, but the moment he starts the ignition, a bomb in the van goes off, killing him and knocking Makoto unconscious. Majima is injured by the blast and is unable to get up on his feet and to his horror, he sees Sagawa walking through from the smoke from the blast, gun in hand. Sagawa expresses disappointment in him for betraying him, telling him that he was going to uphold his end of the bargain this time, and calmly closes in to kill the defenseless Majima for his disobedience, while explaining how he will plug Makoto after he is done with him.

But before he can pull the trigger on Majima, however, a man in an expensive white suit suddenly emerges and shoots Sagawa in the back with a slienced pistol. A shocked Sagawa falls to his knees from the pain, and before he can react, the gunman coldly disarms him by shooting him in the hand. With Sagawa indisposed, the gunman strides over to Makoto and kneels next to her. When Majima reaches out for the strange man and asks him who he is, the gunman pistol-whips him, knocking him unconscious...

    Chapter 9: Ensnared 
Kiryu returns to Kamurocho to find his apartment firebombed and the Tojo Clan swarming the city hunting for him. Kiryu realize that he must find a place to lay low. He breifly considers hiding out at the Kazama Family offices, but decides that he would implicate Kashiwagi in his renegate activties and decides against it. Walking the streets, while trying to find an alternative, he inadvertedly gets into a fight with a drunk salary man, who takes a swing at him with a broken bottle and grazes his eyebrow. As he sits on a bench in an attempt to gather his thoughts, he has a chance encounter with Reina. She sees that he is bleeding and starts worrying about it. Kiryu tries to insist that it is just a minor scratch, and that she shouldn't be seen with him right now, telling her that it is dangerous for her. Reina says that she knows that the Dojima Family is looking for him, and invites him to seek refuge in her bar. Kiryu worries about making trouble for her, but when she insist that she simply won't allow Nishiki's best friend to walk around with an injury, he reluctantly agrees to let her keep him safe for the time being, at least until he gets news from Tachibana.

Sneaking in at the back entrance, Kiryu meets with Reina who takes a look at his wound, and concludes that it is not too serious. As Renia patches him up, her and Kiryu start to talk, and he asks if she has any news about Nishiki and as it turns out, Reina saw him near the Kazama family office, looking really upset. Reina comments on how close him and Kiryu appears to be, but Kiryu explains that he has cut his ties with Nishiki for the time being for his friend's own safety. Reina tells him that the police is also looking for him, mentioning that a detective came by the bar, asking her if she had seen him. Kiryu figures that it it means his grace period is up. When Reina inquires to what that means, Kiryu explains his situation quickly to her, about the murder frame, about Tachibana trying to help him and about the Dojima Family.

This is the time the Dojima family choose to come and get Kiryu and even attacks Reina to set a point across and was only saved by Kiryu resisting the thugs. Kiryu decides to go and confront the Dojima family head on by himself to prevent Reina from being involved too deeply. Reina offers to call the police instead, pointing that they may arrest him, but he will at least get out alive. Kiryu, however, points out that with how desperate the Dojima family has been with getting their hands on him so far, a few cops will probably not stop them, and he supects that they will not let up until he is dead. He then asks Reina for a last favor, before giving her his memento watch, instructing her to give it to Nishiki with the express order to not try to avenge him if something happens to him as he well aware of the consequences for trying to protect Kazama's position.

After he leaves the bar's outskirt he is confronted by the three Lieutenants who makes it clear that they have no intention of letting Kiryu live any longer and will beat the information out of him before killing him to set an example to everybody else, including the Kazama Family as Nishiki and Kashiwagi is forced to watch from the sidelines helplessly. Kuze decides to personally take care of Kiryu personally with his men as Kiryu desperately struggles against Kuze who has not only more manpower but still fresh and out for blood. Ultimately overcome by a backside attack, Kiryu nearly dies by Kuze's hand as Tachibana shows up in a sports car and saves Kiryu. As they drive away, both Kuze and Awano are fuming with rage over Kiryu and Tachibana having slipped through their fingers again, but Shibusawa remains surprisingly calm...

As Tachibana and Kiryu holds up in an underground parking lot and wait for their contacts, the former explains that due to increasing pressure from the Dojima Family it has become difficult to relay orders, hence why he had to personally step in and extract Kiryu by car, confessing that he is not really too used to driving. Kiryu confesses that his own actions were out of naivety. He has realized that he has been trying to power through the whole mess he is in alone, just trying to preserve the oath between him and Kazama, but has been blind to the fact that his friends has been helping him all along, and that his actions have endangered them and allowed harm to come to them.

However, Tachibana says that in the same situation he would not care, as he believes that you should use everyone around you to get ahead in life, which was a lesson he learned from the harsh childhood and adolencense he had, and he wouldn't had been the man he is today without that mindset. Still, he expresses envy of Kiryu's gentle soul and wishes he could have friends like the ones he has. All he has gotten out of using people is just other people using him in turn. And such people simply won't go the same extremes to help out you as a real friend would. He expresses sincere regret as he tells Kiryu that he is still not willing put himself directly at risk to help him out, but now he has no doubt that he can trust Kiryu with his life if need be. As Tachibana speaks, his voice grows more pain and strained and he starts sweating. Ultimately Oda comes to their rescue as Tachibana knew of a place where they can hide from the Dojima, and as he attempted to explain why, he becomes pale and ill as he passes out.

    Chapter 10: A Man's Worth 
As Tachibana recovers in a hospital bed in Little Asia, Oda explains the reason why he lost his arm. Several years ago Tachibana got ambushed by several thugs from a rival gang during a turf dispute and his arm was irrepairably damaged in the battle and had to be amputated. To make matters worse, the resulting blood loss was bad enough that he had kidney failure and must now undergo regular dialysis to survive. This did not do anything to make him any less of a threat but the disruptions have an impact on their ability to make their moves against the Dojima for the Empty lot. Taking Kiryu with him to see Elder Chen, the leader of the ethnic enclave he serves as the emissary and translator who explains that one of their employees needs a safe haven from the Dojima. However Elder Chen refuses and reveals he can speak Japanese as well as being aware that Kiryu used to be one of the Dojima Family. He explains that both Little Asia and the Dojima Family have been at odds for a very long time due to the Dojima Family snatching turf and killing their people, and he is not ready to trust someone from the Dojima Family, former member or not. As Oda attempts to reason with him, Tachibana comes in stating that he made his position adamant: Kiryu has to find another place to stay.

With few options aside from the street, Kiryu is able to get a place to stay at the homeless shantytown in West Park with the rest of the bums who he helped earlier. Now they need a new favor as the homeless are often hunted by street thugs looking for a scrap with them as Kiryu serves as muscle and delivers the head of the thugs to the leader who makes it clear he was looking for blood as Kiryu gets a place to stay until the heat dies down.

The next morning Oda arrives in his minivan to pick Kiryu up from the park, but remains cryptic to where they are headed. Oda explains that Tachibana has decided to do some proactive to stop the Dojima family's hunt for Kiryu. As Oda exits the highway, Kiryu realizes that they are going to the Tojo Clan's Headquaters, and Oda explains that Tachibana is already inside, negotiating the terms for saving Kiryu's life. Kiryu, of course, questions the wisdom of this move, but Oda assures him that Tachibana knows what he is doing. He is confident that talking to someone higher up can take the heat off Kiryu.

Oda stops the van outside the headquarters and he and Kiryu are let inside to the conference room, where they Tachibana talking with Nihara, the interim Chairman of the Tojo Clan. Nihara express admiration for Kiryu, telling him that he reminds him of Kazama when he was back in his prime. But Nihara nevertheless questions why he should allow Tachibana and his company to intefere with the Dojima family's businesses, for what is good for the Dojima family is also good for the Tojo Clan. Tachibana, in turns, argues that Sohei Dojima might be loyal to the Tojo Clan for the time being, but he has been gathering up considerable wealth and influrence, and his family has grown to be the strongest fraction within the clan, and he is currently the favorite to become the Third Chairman of the Tojo Clan. Such a man, argues Tachibana, is likely going to rule as an autocrat and will pay no heed or respect to the advice of the elder voices of the clan, like Nihara himself, and allowing Dojima to get his hands on the Empty Lot is just going to ensure that this happening, while keeping the lot out of his hands will teach him humbleness and to stay loyal. Nihara condeces that there might be some truth to what Tachibana says, but still remain sceptical, until Tachibana announces that also he has a gift for him. He offers up one billion yen plus 50% on top if his safety is ensured from the Dojima and 30% of all future profits to the Tojo Clan. Nihara questions if Kiryu is really worth that much, to which Tachibana replies that a true friend is something that is next to impossible to put a price tag on. Nihara is impressed and agrees to call off the hunt on Kiryu and annouce to Dojima that Tachibana is working for them now. As the trio move to leave the conference room, Nihara tells Kiryu that Kazama back their youth was a strong, uncompromising man and made for the best yakuza he ever knew, and if he could pay a billion yen to have that Kazama back today, he would do it in a heartbeat. He tells Kiryu that he looks forward to see if he is really worth a billion yen too.

The meaning behind Nihara's comment is soon made clear, as when the trio steps outside the conference room they find a platoon of Tojo goons wating for them in the lobby, ready for a fight. Kiryu comments that Tachibana only got what he paid for, and being allowed to leave the headquaters in peace was strictly speaking not a part of the deal. Oda takes it as a sign that Nihara has betrayed them, but both Kiryu and Tachibana know that it isn't quite so; this too is just yakuza protocol. Nihara wants to know if Tachibana and his men can put his money where there mouth is and this meant as a test of their fighting spirit. After fighting their way out through wave after wave of Tojo men, the trio finally reaches the front and can make their escape. Kiryu notices that Nihara are watching them and the two exchanges a look, before he leaves with Oda and Tachibana. Nihara quitely comments that he see why Kazama is so interested in Kiryu, noticing that he too has the potential and strength to one day become a monster.

Exhausted after the fight Kiryu, alongside Oda and Tachibana, seek refuge on the Tokyo pier to discuss their next move. However, little did they know, that Sohei Dojima are dicussing his own plans with Shibusawa, now that orders has come down from up high that they are not to touch Kiryu. It turns out that Shibusawa had anticipated that Tachibana would appeal to authority to survive, and he has a pretty good idea of what he will try to do next. He then swears to Dojima that he will succeed where Kuze and Awano has failed, and will soon be able to hand over the Empty Lot to him.

As Kiryu and Co recuperate at the docks, they learned that someone else has found the owner of the land and they need to move fast as Shibusawa is also well aware and the race is on to find the owner. But with Tachibana's medical condition he is in no shape to go to Soutenboori so Oda insist he would go with Kiryu on the task. Kiryu asks Tachibana why the Empty Lot is so important to him, sensing that it is not just a matter of business for him, but Tachibana insists on calling that a "trade secret" for now. Him and Oda then drops Kiryu off back in Kamurocho, telling him to get his buisiness in order now that he isn't hunted any more, and then come meet them back at Elder Chen's place back in Little Asia.

Kiryu later shows at Elder Chen's resturant, where he is briefed by Tachibana, who tells him that he has learned that the owner of the Empty Lot is currently in the hands of a ally to their cause. Tachibana is, however, concerned that this is only a breif advantage, as Soutenboori is the Omi Allance's backyard and it is only a matter of time before they find out where the owner is hidden, so time is of the essence. Tachibana then mentiones the "trade secret" regarding the Empty Lot, and tells Kiryu that he will tell everything about it upon his return from Soutenboori. For right now however, he can reveal who the owner of the Empty Lot is: a young woman named Makimura Makoto.

    Chapter 11: A Murky Riverbed 
We return to Majima, and get to see a brief scene from outside his point of view. After knocking Majima unconscious, the mysterious gunman in the white suit takes a look at Makoto to see if she is injured. He then gently picks her up in his arms and carries her away. Sagawa — still incapacited from his gunshot wounds to his back and hand — can do nothing to stop him, and fumes with impotent rage as he watches the man taking Makoto away.

Later, a patched-up Sagawa takes his frustations out on a tied up and badly bruised Majima, who by has come to, although he probably wish he hadn't. After beating on him for a bit, Sagawa tells Majima that he was ready to make the call to get him back into the Tojo Clan had he just followed orders, but with this failure to obey him, Majima has signed his death warrant. Sagawa, however, says that as much as he wants to kill Majima for his failure — and he still very much intend to do so at some point — the appearence of the mysterious gunman likely means that there is a third party also wanting to get their hands on Makoto. And right now, more than anything, Sagawa wants to get his hands on the "tidy son of a bitch" that shot him and took her, and for that task, he need Majima alive to help him.

Sagawa then unties Majima and asks him if he knows anything about the gunman. Majima frankly answers that he can quite honestly tell that he has never seen him before, and he then questions why everyone is so desperately out to get Makoto. Sagawa answers, just as frankly, that he has no idea. Even he was not given any reason as to why it was so important to kill her. All Shimano told him to do was to give Majima the job to assassinate her. Majima is shocked to learn that Futoshi Shimano was the one who was behind the orders, and questions why he wants him to carry out a hit. Sagawa again replies that he has no idea. Shimano didn't give one, and Sagawa just reasoned that it was not his place to know. Getting back to the subject of the man in the white suit, Majima admits that he did notice something strange about him, namely that he by all appearences wanted Makoto alive and unharmed. Just like Nishitani did. Sagawa finds this strange, and admits that he doesn't know what Nishitani's angle is, since this is first he has heard about him also being interested in Makoto Makimura. He guesses, however, that Nishitani and the mysterious gunman might be after the same thing and might possibly even be in cahoots with each other.

With the only obvious lead being Nishitani and with him currently in the police lockup, Sagawa cannot bring him in for questioning. So instead, he orders Majima to go to the Kijin Clan's offices, where he suspects that there might be clues to find. Before he sends Majima off, however, he makes sure to warn that he will kill him on spot if he tries to hide anything more from him. Majima just nonchalant acknowleges this and says that he isn't planning on it.

Majima arrives at the offices, where he tries to ask some of the thugs he finds there about the gunman and about Makoto's whereabouts. The gangsters aren't very willing to talk to Majima begin with, but after doing some convicing with his fists, one of the higher-ranking ones spill the beans. He admits that none of them know the man in the white suit nor where Makoto is, because as far as they knew, Majima was still hiding her somewhere. He also confesses that he doesn't Nishitani's reasons for wanting Makoto alive either, because he haven't told him nor any of the other Kijin men. When Majima angrily points out that he very well can talk to Nishitani right now because he is in police custody, the high-ranking mook suggests that he talks with someone called Biliken, who is a corrupt police detective that the Kijin Family have in their pocket and usually hangs out near Bishamon Bridge. He promises that for a price, this Biliken might be convinced to arrange for Majima to talk to Nishitani inside the police station. Majima shows his gratitude by punching the mook out cold, saying that he hates loose-lipped yakuzas.

Majima finds Biliken, the corrupt police detective, and asks him if it was possible he could speak with Nishitani. Biliken wants to know who is asking, since he just can't take anybody to see Nishitani. Majima admits upfront that he not a friend of Nishitani, but rather a foe, figuring that Nishitani would not choose a cop who couldn't sniff out a liar to protect him. Biliken appricates Majima's honesty, but still says that he is not very willing to take an enemy of Nishitani to see him. Majima then asks Biliken to name his price, saying that he is willing to pay up front for the arrangement to be made. But Biliken insteads suggests that the two of them share a drink first and get to know eacher, and invites Majima aboard a plesure barge at the Soutenboori river. Aboard the boat, Biliken does pratically all of the drinking as he gives a bit of backstory to Nishitani. Adopted by Biliken at an young age, Nishitani was born to be a Yakuza, going from petty crimes as a kid to murdering someone in High School. Before Majima learns more, they stop at a certain point where the boat takes them by an underwater elevator down to an underground tunnel complex called the River of Styx/Sanzu River. As he guides Majima through the complex, Biliken explains that the tunnels were built back during the war. He admits that he doesn't know for what purpose, but he has found them suitable for his own designs, and has since made some modifications to them. He then opens a heavy set of doors, revealing that the place now houses an underground fighting ring.

Biliken explains that there, unfortunately, are a lot of vicious criminals that are so powerful for some reason or another that the law cannot touch them. The fighting ring, which Biliken is the leader of, abducts these criminals and throw them into the fighting ring, where they are forced to fight every day. If they can survive for a whole year, they are allowed to go free again. Biliken explains that no one has earned their freedom yet that way, because there are no rules in the ring, and even killing your opponent is fair game. Majima comments that what he is effectively doing is forcing criminals carry out each others' death sentences, and has even made a way of profiting from it by invoving a paying audience. Biliken then says that it is for the later reason he has brought Majima here. He has noticed that the figther lineup as been getting a bit stale lately, which means fewer paying costumers, and he hopes Majima can be the shot in the arm the ring needs. Majima is skeptical about fighting, but Biliken points out that he is not asking him to stay for a year. He just wants him to fight three matches to prove his worth in the ring. In return, he promises to set up the meeting with Nishitani. Majima replies that he finds Biliken's whole setup rather disgusting, but if it can get him an audience with Nishitani, he will gladly take out his disgust on the people in the ring.

When Majima emerges from his three matches victoriously, Biliken compliments him on his fighting skills, and asks if he might be willing to take on more matches to spice the ring up every now and then, promising him that he will be compenstated in cash for it. Majima says that it is a discussion for another time, as he asks Biliken to keep his end of the bargain. Biliken obliges and escorts Majima topside again. Here, he shares some more information about the murder Nishitani committed. It was done as revenge for the death of Biliken's birth daughter who was killed in high school by a minor who could not be tried as an adult. Nishitani, who was adopted by Biliken decided to do it for his foster father who proceeded to build the River of Styx to finance his liason work. Biliken, who has had enough of dwelling on the past, tells Majima to follow him to the police lockup.

Biliken smuggles Majima into the lockup by digusing him as a recently arrested perp. He slips the guard on duty a handful cash, and the guard lets Majima into the special cell. Majima finds Nishitani napping on the floor of the holding cell, and when he tries to waking him, the other prisoners side-eye him and begin to surround him, only for the now awoken Nishitani, who is rather happy to see Majima, to casually call them off. Nishitani is more than eager to continue the fight where it started, but is quite dissapointed when Majima says he is only here to talk business, namely about the recent kidnapping of Makoto. Nevertheless, he decides to indulge Majima, who describes the man in the white suit to him, asking him if he is familar with him. Nishitani says that the guy is definitely not a friend of his, but he still has a pretty good idea of who he is working for. He reveals that there is a third party who also wants to get their hands on Makoto, and he got a few guesses to the name of the gunman. Nishitani then decides that the meeting might take some time, and casually asks the guard to get him and Majima drinks, which the guard, much to Majima's bafflement, happily accommodates. Nishitani reveals the lockup serves as the ultimate safehouse when things get too hot which in case was to avoid the wrath of Sagawa. Seeking further answers, this time Majima fights on Nishitani's home turf for revenge at the Grand. Satefied from another good fight, Nishitani decides tell to Majima everything he knows. He suspects that the group who kidnapped Makoto is the Nikkyo Consortium, a grey ops company that works for the Tojo Clan. He even guesses that the gunman might be Masaru Sera, the president of the Consortium. Majima is pluzzled by this, as it means that there are two fractions in the Tojo Clan gunning for the same person, revealing to Nishitani that his orders to kill Makoto came from Futoshi Shimano. Nishitani then tells him that he was in fact also hired by someone from the Tojo Clan to capture Makoto, specifically a lieutenant from the Dojima Family named Shibusawa. Majima and Nishitani agree that the whole thing sounds both complication and worrying. Majima then asks Nishitani if he knows where he can find the Nikkyo Consortium. Nishitani says he does, but he wants to know what Majima is planning to do to them before he tells him. Majima says that the first step is obviously getting Makoto back. But Nishitani warns him that the Nikkyo guys are very serious business and not just someone you take on alone. He then offers Majima to team up and combine their strengths, saying that the two will stand a better chance if they work together. He also tells Majima that by allying with each other, they might also be able to stab Shimano and Sagawa in the back.

Majima upon learning this, builds the resolve to protect Makoto, not only did she suffered at the hands of a mysterious Chinese gangster who sold her to slavery and made her blind. But now every one in the criminal underworld is gunning for her for all the wrong reasons and promises her a normal life at all costs. Sensing the feeling that Majima had and his reasons for killing someone in high school to avenge his foster sister's death, Nishitani reveals that the Nikkyo Consortium are currently hiding out at the Benten Inn in the neighborhood of Camelia Grove and has likely taken Makoto there. Majima tells Nishitani that he still is not simply going to hand Makoto over to him, but Nishitani dryly replies that they will have to hash that one out once they have gotten her back from the Consortium.

As they prepare to leave together, Nishitani asks to be released from the lockup only to be met with silence. Nishitani shrugs it off and opens the cell door, revealing that it wasn't locked to begin with. As him and Majima steps outside, Biliken suddenly staggers into the corridor. Biliken tells them to run, before he collapses dead unto the floor, having been shot in the back by the guard. The guard reveals that one of the Tojo clan members have given an even bigger bribe to kill both Majima and Nishitani. Nishitani demands to know who brought him out, but the guard just fires his gun, fatally wounding him. With the last of his strength, Nishitani overpowers the policeman and with his dying words he tells Majima to save Makoto and go out in a blaze of glory if he can and sacrifices himself to Majima's horror as he escapes.


    Chapter 12: The Den Of Desires 
Majima has returned to the bright lights of his prison town running for his life. Immediately greeted by Sagawa who was less than enthusiastic to see Majima go off the grid for more than a second after a pretense of maintaining his cool, he grabs Majima in a choke hold and takes him to a secluded place. Majima gets a stern reminder that Soutenboori is a prison, not a backyard where he can go freely as he likes. Majima placates Sagawa by giving him valuable information that Nishitani was working for the Dojima Family and more importantly that it was the Nikkyo Consortium that shot him and left him injured. Sagawa is puzzled by the three-way in-fight in the Tojo Clan, but is also rather impressed that Majima actually got Nishitani to talk. Majima also informs him of the Nikkyo Consortium are being at the Benten Inn and likely holds Makoto there. Sagawa begrudgingly admits that the Consortium has chosen a rather great hiding place in the Camelia Grove, since it is a place where a crying and screaming woman is not likely to attract any attention. He then annouces to Majima that they will be going there next.

Majima has for the first time in a long time left the bright lights of Soutenboori and arrived at the rural red light district of the Camelia Grove. Undistracted by the vices offered at the place, him and Sagawa arrive at the Benten Inn, the largest den of vices in the grove. Inside, Sagawa suggest they split up to cover more ground. Majima asks Sagawa if he can handle himself, to which Sagawa reveals that he is packing heat and he then makes it clear that his goal is to kill anyone in his way, be it Sera, his goons or even Makoto. This makes it a personal race for Majima to get to her before Sagawa does and puts a bullet in her head.

No sooner than Sagawa and Majima split up, the latter is immediately greeted by masked Nikkyo Consortium thugs who makes it clear that they know he is, and that President Sera does not consider him welcome at the Inn, but also does not desire to kill him either, and they ask him to leave peacefully while he still has his life and is in the Tojo Clans good graces. But Majima, knowing that that it was going to be a fight from the start, states that he refuses to be dissuaded by some goons too cowardly to fly clan colors and smashes his way through the inn.

After a long fight, Majima reaches to the top of the building where Masaru Sera is waiting for him. Sera congrantulates Majima on making it this far, admitting that he can understand why he was considered one of Shimano's best foot soldiers. Majima demands to know where Makoto is, but Sera reveals that Makoto was no longer here and that he has placed her in care of a fellow colleague. When Majima demands answers on where he took Makoto, Sera tries to calm him down, saying that the two of them do not have to be enemies. Majima tells him that sicing his goons on him is a funny way to show friendly intentions, but Sera claims that it was merely a test of his resolve. Sera reveals that of all of the parties seeking out Makoto, Majima the only exception. He knew that the circumstances behind Majima's disappearance, followed by his return to Soutenboori where he works under Sagawa was all just a long gambit by Shimano. Sera then suspects Majima would have any reason to betray Sagawa and get Makoto to profit from the deal. Majima makes it clear he just want to protect her and Sera has no desire to deny him that. But Sera feels that Majima hasn't fully proved his resolve yet. If he wants to know Makoto's current whereabouts and learn the truth of why she is so important, he will have to fight Sera in hand-to-hand combat for it.

After a tough fight between him and Sera, Sera feels statesfied that that Majima's dedication to protect Makoto is strong enough, and as agreed he reveals the truth. Makoto is currently in Kamurocho, under the guard of a colleague of Sera, who is a leader of a real estate firm. Makoto has, without her knowledge, been given the deed to the Empty Lot in a will, which was part of the Kamurocho Revitalization Project everyone worth their salt in the Tojo Clan has been gunning for, not so because of the monetary value, but because of the influence it will buy.

Majima expresses disappointment that the Tojo Clan is willing to employ so manpower in trying to pry a deed out of the hands of some blind girl, noticing that the Clan has really gone downhill after he was forced out. Sera retorts that he, personally, has no intention of harming Makoto, and he ensures Majima that neither does the real estate firm he is working with, and as long as she is in their custody she is protected. Majima remains unconvinced that some real estate firm can protect her and demands a name and an address. Sera tries to desuade from going to Kamurocho, pointing that Sagawa will stop at nothing to kill Makoto and will have no problems with following him there. Majima is still skeptical, however, so Sera proposes a solution. Giving him a gun, he reveals that the real estate firm's business card is in his breast pocket. He then allows Majima to kill him if he really doesn't trust him and take the card from his corpse. However, Majima decides to trust him, but makes the promise if Makoto comes to harm he will kill him in retaliation.

Sera merely asks him to remain in Soutenboori and stay with Sagawa for the time being until Makoto can be safely secured. But before he can finish, Sagawa shoots him from behind. Sagawa thanks Majima for distracting Sera for him, and then loots the business card from Sera's pocket. Sagawa reads the business card, and then toss it to Majima, figuring that he might want to know too. From reading it Majima learns that the name of the firm is Tachibana Real Estate, and that the name of the agent is Kazuma Kiryu. Sagawa declares that the plan is now to go Kamurocho and track down the agent who has Makoto. Sagawa also makes sure to remind him that the terms of the assassination still stands with his life on the line.

    Chapter 13: Crime And Punishment 
We return to Kiryu's point of view, about 8 hours before Majima went to Camelia Grove. As him and Oda walks the street, the latter reveals that both him and Tachibana lived here for a short time one-and-a-half years ago and ran a small gang as well. Kiryu asks if was about the same time that Tachibana lost his arm, and Oda says that it was. He then explains the details of the plan to Kiryu: him and are going to split up for the time being. While he goes to speak with an old member of his and Tachibana's gang who is still active in the area, Kiryu's job will be going to a seedy local video store, called CAL Videos, where he will be contacted via phone by Masaru Sera of the Nikkyo Consortium, who is one of Tojo Clan's assets. He will then arrange the handover of Makoto with him. Until then they will remain in the city on the lookout for Shibusawa's men.

At CAL Videos Kiryu greets the clerk, explaining that he the representive from Tachibana Real Estate. The clerk shows him to a secret room in the back of store, where the phone is located. As they wait for the call, the clerk reveals that he is a former member of Tachibana and Oda's gang, and gets into a talk with Kiryu about Tachibana and Oda are doing nowadays. He reveals also that in fact, the old gang used to be just Oda's gang, until one day Tachibana showed up, or rather, coincientially bumped shoulders with Oda and got into a fist fight with the gang over it. The clerk explains Tachibana might be physically weak now that he is missing an arm, but back then he was a force to be reckoned with, and he easily mopped the floor with all four members. Oda was so impressed by Tachibana's badassery that he straight up begged him to become the gang's new leader right there and then. The clerk muses that Tachibana's great fortitude was probably a result of his upbrining. When Kiryu is puzzled, the clerk explains that Tachibana was the son of a Japanese war orphan stranded in China, and was frequently bullied as a kid because of it. The only place Tachibana found any acceptance was in the local mafia, and so his life of crime began, resulting in Tachibana being much more expierenced in the criminal lifestyle than Oda, and Oda looking up to him for it. The clerk's tale is interrupted when Oda suddenly shows up and asks him to go back to the store and keep watch.

Oda asks Kiryu what they talked about, and Kiryu explains that the clerk told him a bit about the gang's backstory. Oda asks him to take the tale with a grain of salt, especially that part about him being head over heels in admiration for Tachibana. Oda then reveals that he has heard quite a few interesting tidbits from his old friend, namely that Makimura Makoto was found dead in the river a couple of days ago, but he knows that the real Makoto is alive, so someone was apparently trying to fake her death. It hasn't been the only violent death or incident in the last couple of days though, and Oda is convinced that it means that both the Omi Alliance and Shibusawa's men are out in the city looking for Makoto. Oda then tells Kiryu that he will be taking over phone duty and that he is free to step outside for a bit, since it makes no sense for two men to wait around for one phone call. Kiryu takes him up on this suggestion and decides to go sightseeing for bit.

Some time later, Oda calls Kiryu back via pager. Meeting again in the secret room, Oda explains that they are going to Camelia Grove and find a place called Benten Inn, where Sera will hand over Makoto. Oda explains that Sera has filled Makoto in on some of the details. Appearently Makoto had no idea that she was the legal owner of the Empty Lot until Sera told her. Her grandfather died about two years ago and bequeathed the plot of land to her in his will, but at that point, Makoto had run away from home. And because she had run away from home, no had any idea where is was until just recently. Makoto herself has, with everything that has happened to her and the people around her, no interest in keeping the land and wants to hand it off as quickly as possible. Oda then explains the plan for picking her up. Kiryu will be send into Benten Inn to collect her, while he will keep a lookout outside. As soon as the exchange has happened, the next step is to get to Kyoto as quickly as possible, with Oda planning that they board the first bullet train heading in that direction. Oda also informs Kiryu that the plan might suddenly change depending on what their oppontents do, so his main prority will be keeping Makoto alive and safe at all costs.

Oda and Kiryu arrive at the Benten Inn. In accordance with the plan, Oda sends Kiryu inside. Kiryu then is led to a conference room where Sera is waiting for him. Kiryu and Sera introduce themselves each other, with Kiryu handing Sera his business card. Sera explains that Kazama has already told him everything about Kiryu and his present circumstances, and tells him they better get down to business quickly as time is short to both them at the moment. Makoto is then led into the room, with Sera introducing her. Kiryu explains their plan to her, namely that him and Oda will bring her to Kamurocho and protect her on the way. Makoto larments that she didn't knew her grandfather had died until today, as well as all the insanity that has been happening to her because the land he willed to her, including Lee getting killed trying to protect her, and now she just want nothing more than to get rid of the Empty Lot. Kiryu expresses his sympathies and undestanding. Kiryu then starts escorting Makoto outside and Sera bids them goodbye, telling Kiryu to send Tachibana is regards.

Oda waiting outside by a taxi, sees Makoto and Kiryu exiting the inn and tells them to quickly get inside the car. Makoto, however, freezes right on the spot when she hears his voice. Kiryu asks her if something is wrong, but Makoto cannot put a finger on it, so Kiryu hurries her along, and they both enter the taxi along with Oda. As the taxi drives off, Oda notices that something is up with Makoto and tries to introduce himself to her. When Makoto remains quiet, Oda asks if he did something to offend her, but she still doesn't respond. Oda then leans back in his seat, but gives her a strange look in the review mirror...

When the three of them has driven down the highway for a bit, Oda tells Kiryu that they have been trailed by a suspecious black car for a while now. Said black then suddenly speeds up, and drives right up beside them, allowing Kiryu to look at the passenger seat, where he spots Shibusawa and the two briefly make eye contact. Then three other black cars suddenly drives up from behind, clearly trying to surrond the taxi. Kiryu tells the driver to speed up, but then Shibusawa clamly draws a gun and shoots the drive right in the head. As Oda grabs the wheel, several of the other pursuers draw guns as well, and starts firing on the tax. Kiryu looks back at Shibusawa to see him put on a smug grin, and the lieutenant drives off. Oda, while trying to keep control over their vehicle, hands Kiryu a gun, then him tells to use it to keep the pursuers at bay. Kiryu asks Oda why he is packing heat, but Oda angrily tells him to keep his eye on the task, and Kiryu obligies.

After a long case, involving dozen of pursuers in cars, vans, motorcycles, and even an helicopter, Kiryu manages to disable the latter, and notices that it looks like they have shaken off their stalkers for now. Oda still thinks that driving on the highway is too dangerous, and finds the nearest exit. Oda drives the taxi to a construction site, where he plans to ditch the car and its unfortunate driver, and he tells Kiryu and Makoto that they better hang low for the time being, and guides them inside the half-finished building. Inside, Oda, beginning to lose his cool, paces frantically around nervously, wondering how Shibusawa managed to pick up their trail. Kiryu sternly asks him to get a hold of himself, telling him that he is scaring Makoto. Oda angrily tells him to shut up. Makoto interjects, telling Kiryu that she is alright. This only ticks off Oda, who replies that he sure as hell isn't and he moves to strike her, but Kiryu stops him, asking him just what he is trying to do. Oda collects himself, and says that he is going to keep a lookout downstairs and walks away.

Kiryu apologizes to Makoto for Oda's behavior and asks her if she really is okay. Makoto replies that there is something she needs to tell him about Oda; namely that she believes that she already knows him. Just then, Oda comes back, armed with his gun and says that it looks like the cat is out of the back. He tells Kiryu to stay where he is, and then walks in and grabs Makoto. He then puts his gun to her temple and holds her up as hostage as he backs away from Kiryu. Kiryu angrily demands an explanation, and Oda replies that he is sorry, but he cannot allow Makoto to meet with Tachibana, and that means he might have to kill both her and Kiryu. What he doesn't notice is that Makoto is thighting the grib on her walking stick, revealing that the top part contains a secret blade. Makoto resolutely stabs Oda right in his thigh, distracting him for long enough for Kiryu to close the distance and disarm him.

With the wounded Oda now being the one held at gunpoint, Kiryu asks Makoto if she is alright, and a bit winded, she replies that she is. He then asks about the hidden blade in the cane, and Makoto explains that Sera gave it to her, just in case. Kiryu then turns to Oda, demanding an explanation for why he would betray Tachibana like this. When Oda doesn't reply, Makoto asks Kiryu to check if Oda has a tattoo of a bat on his left arm. Kiryu waves the gun at Oda, who reluctantly obeys, and pulls up his left sleeve revealing that he does indeed have a bat tattoo. Kiryu tells Makoto that he has the tattoo, and she replies that she had a hunch, ever since she first heard his voice. Makoto tells him that Oda was the man who two years ago abducted her, threw her in a cage, and sold her. Kiryu asks Oda if he has anything to say in his defense. But Oda admits upfront that Makoto is right. Kiryu says that it still doesn't explain why him doesn't want Makoto to meet with Tachibana, and tells him to explain everything.

Reluctantly, Oda starts to explain. He tells Kiryu that the bat tattoo was the mark of his gang, and that every member got one. He explains that he came to Japan from China five years ago with money he had borrowed from the Chinese mafia. He then started taking odd crime jobs in Soutenboori to pay back his debt. That included occasionally conning young women and then selling them off as slaves; Makoto just happened to be one of them. But not soon after he had sold her off, he met Tachibana. Oda admits that he was indeed expressed by Tachibana, and begged to work under him, hoping that Tachibana would be able to take him and the rest of the gang upwards in the world. But then Tachibana lost his arm protecting him when a rival gang took them by surprise. Oda says that he felt guilty for this, and swore never to betray Tachibana. But then one day when him and Tachibana were watching TV, Tachibana stumbled over a news piece on Chinese war orphans with Japanese parents. Oda saw that the rapport included footage of Makoto, whom he regonized as one of the girls he had sold, and thought at first at it was just an amusing coincience, but then noticed to his horror that Tachibana regonized the young woman too. In fact, Tachibana recognized her as his younger sister.

Makoto asks him if the story is really true, and Oda replies that he has no reason to lie anymore. Oda further tells that when he realized that Makoto still was alive, he had two choices, either come clean to Tachibana, who would likely have taken revenge, or double down and remove Makoto from the equation to make sure the story about how he kidnapped and sold her wouldn't get out. Regretably, he took the latter option. Kiryu asks Oda if that was the real reason why he tagged along to Soutenboori, which Oda affirms, saying that that he figured that if he killed Makoto, he could blame it on the Omi Alliance or Shibusawa's men and no one would have been able to tell otherwise. But now, Oda admits his defeat.

Just then the three of them hear talk outside and Oda figures that it means that Shibusawa's men has found them. Makoto asks Oda if he can stand, saying that they all have to get out now. Both Kiryu and Oda is surprised by this, especially the latter, who questions how she can forgive him after everything he has done to her. Instead, Oda asks Kiryu if he have his gun back. When asked why, Oda says that his leg too damaged to move, so he intends to sacrfice himself to slow Shibusawa's men down by taking as many of them with him as he can, saying that he wants to die doing something useful for Tachibana. He just requests that Kiryu tells Tachibana what he did and that he loves him. Kiryu agrees and hands Oda the gun.

Kiryu and Makoto still have trouble with a couple of Shibusawa's men by Kiryu manages to fight his way past them, and the two safely leave the building. Nearby, Oda lies on the floor, with two bullet wounds in this torso, barely breathing, and surrounded by a group of Shibusawa's goons. Shibusawa himself steps up to Oda with a gun in his hand. Shibusawa asks him where Makoto is but Oda just replies that he doesn't know anymore. Shibusawa tells Oda that he thought they had a deal, asking why he didn't just hand the girl over to him. Oda merely tells Shibusawa that he was incomptent, he gave him Makoto's location on a platter, and still he allowed Sera to get the drop on him and let the girl slip through his fingers. Shibusawa replies that it was the fault of Nishitani, but he got what he deserved, and now its Oda's turn. Shibusawa raises the gun and pulls the trigger.

Elsewhere, Kiryu and Makoto have sought refuge in a hotel room. Taking this oppotunity to talk calmly together, Makoto asks about Tachibana and what kind of person he is. Kiryu tells her that he is a cunning and very calm man, who keeps his emotions in check. Makoto comments that it sounds like he has changed quite a bit since she saw him last. That was ten years ago, when she herself was ten years old and he was fifteen. That was when he left her and their mother and came to Japan. All he told her back then was that he was heading to Osaka. Kiryu asks if her reason for being in Soutenboori was to look for him. She affirms this, saying it was the reason she ran away from home. Her and her mother they discovered that they had relatives in Japan, and got Japanese citizenships due to her mother's background as a war ophan. They moved in with her grandfather, but her and her mother soon felt alone in Japan. Makoto studied hard to learn Japanese and eventually succeeded, but her mother fell into depression and eventually killed herself. Feeling more alone that ever, Makoto decided to try and find Tachibana, and came to Soutenboori in search of him, asking any person she could find who spoke Chinese if they had seen him. That was how she ran into Oda in the first place, damning herself for being foolish enough to trust him. Kiryu assures her that this time she will see her brother again.

Makoto breaks down crying, and laments how everything seems to have gone wrong, and that the people who have helped her has either gotten hurt or killed, and how her life has been a nightmare. Kiryu says he can relate to how she feels, musing on how, when you walk in darkness, it almost sometimes feel like the light will never return, and when that happens, taking the next step can be a huge challenge. He also states that no one knows what the future holds, and sometimes you must choose to either keep on walking to find out or stand still and cry. He tells Makoto that the choice is ultimately her own, but he swears he can help her to at least get to the starting line. Makoto considers his words, and finds her resolve, stating that she intends to go to Kamurocho and wants to finally meet her brother again.

    Chapter 14: Unwavering Bonds 
A couple of days later, Kiryu and Makoto arrive back in Kamurocho. Kiryu, however, is unable to contact Tachibana by phone and decides he must try to see in person. However, he fears that even Little Asia might not be safe at the moment, so he contacts his homeless friend in West Park and asks him to give Makoto shelter until he has spoken with Tachibana and arrangened for a meeting. While the homeless man is skeptical, saying that his shack is not a good place for a nice young lady like Makoto to visit, he still feels that he owes Kiryu a solid for scaring off the thugs the other day, so he agrees to keep watch over her.

Kiryu then heads to Little Asia, and is greeted by one of the lookouts. Kiryu says he is here to see Tachibana, and the lookout tells him that he was expected and that Elder Chen told him to take him there. The lookout explains that the reason why Kiryu couldn't contact Tachibana over the phone is because his condition suddenly turn a turn for the worse after him and Oda left Kamurocho, and they have recently managed to stabilize him. Tachibana apologizes for being out of touch, and asks Kiryu for an update. Kiryu explains that he has recovered Makoto, but has left her with their homeless friend as a safety measure, and adds that she is eager to finally meet her brother again.

Tachibana figures that it meant that Oda has told him that Makoto is his sister, and apologizes to Kiryu for not letting him know sooner, but he had planned on waiting on giving him the full picture until everything was settled, and had told Oda to keep the cards close to his chest as well. Kiryu then explains the whole situation with Oda and his attempted betrayal and that he has not heard from him since they got parted in Osaka. Tachibana concludes that Oda is probably dead by now. He then blames himself for everything that has happened, saying that his choice to go to Japan ten years has threw his mother and sister's lives into chaos, and has now claimed the life of Oda as well.

Tachibana relates his experience with being a gangster of half-Japanese and half-Chinese, noticing that no matter where he went, both groups had grudges against him, and that being a member of the underworld, he had to be though and be ready to devour others, before he was devoured himself. He admits found the experience grueling and dehumanizing, and eventually he felt numb to the world. But learning that his mother and his sister, whom he had left behind had also made it to Japan gave him hope, and he felt he had to reconnect with them, knowing the misery he caused him by leaving them behind in China. But he was too late. By the time he managed to trace down his family, he learned that his mother and grandfather had died, and that his sister had run away from home. What he also discovered, however, was that his grandfather had mentioned his sister in his will, and that the tiny plot of land he had bequeathed her was a fatal stumbling block for the Kamurocho Revitalization Project.

Kiryu guess that he refers to the Empty Lot, and Tachibana affirms this, saying that the Dojima Family had been interested in the project from the very beginning and invested a lot of black money into it, as they knew that they expected to profit tenfold from it. Tachibana, however, realized that the Empty Lot would become an obstacle to the project, and would likely place Makoto in the crosshairs of the gangsters. Upon this discovery, Tachibana immediately approached Kazama, since he was a high ranking member of the Dojima Family, hoping to strike a deal about his sister's safety. Tachibana discovered that Kazama was more than willing to listen, as he feared the consequences for the Tojo Clan if a greedy and cruel man like Sohei Dojima got too much power and influence, both of which he would stand to gain from the project.

Kazama suggested that Tachibana used the intelligence network he had established in the search for his family to to help creating a legitimate real estate firm. This would allow Tachibana a chance to secure the Empty Lot and have a stronger legal claim to it than the Dojima Family. Kiryu realizes that this means that Tachibana Real Estate was really Kamaza's idea, and Tachibana affirms that everything that has happened so far has played out according to Kamaza's plans, and even admits that he is quite impressed with Kamaza plotting skills. The fact that him and Kiryu are working together is a result of Kamaza trying to control the Tojo Clan from the shadows, and Tachibana's attempt to find his sister.

Tachibana's voice suddenly starts to crack along with his normally calm surface, and tears swell up in his eyes as he notes that in spite of all the sorrow and pain his abandonment of his family caused them, his sister was still out there, looking for him all this time, hoping to reunite with him. He begs Kiryu to take him see his sister, stating that it is the only reason why he has clung on to life, in spite of his weakened condition. He swears that he will never abandon her ever again. Kiryu assures him that the long wait is now over; Makoto wants to see him too, and he doesn't hate him, but she still needs his help.

Just then, the lookout bursts into the room in a panic, shouting that a group of Dojima men has invaded Little Asia and are demanding that they hand over Tachibana. Tachibana curses the bad luck that they have to come for him right now, and Kiryu asks him if he can stand. Tachibana rises to his feet, just in time for the lookout to spot something down the hallway and run away in fear. A group of Dojima goons busts into the room, intending to forcibly capture Tachibana and kill Kiryu.

Kiryu, however, makes short work of the mooks, and him and Tachibana leave the building. Tachibana says that Little Asia isn't safe for him anymore, so there is nothing for it than to find Makoto as quickly as possible and do the necessary paperwork to relinquish her ownership of the Empty Lot, so that she will at least be safe if nothing. Outside, everything seems quiet, but as him and Kiryu take a few steps down the alley, Tachibana suddenly freezes, telling Kiryu that he can feel that they are being watched. As Kiryu looks around, someone standing a fire escape a few levels above the ground suddenly steps forward opens fire at him and Tachibana, and Kiryu is shot. As Tachibana quickly drags the injured Kiryu into cover, the mysterious assilant expertedly jumps from the fire escape he was shooting from, and starts slowly approaching Tachibana and Kiryu's position.

Tachibana realizes that he recognizes the man, having seen him once during his time in China. The man is Lao Gui, an infamous mafia hitman who is known as one of the most dangerous and competent men in his field. Tachibana then realizes that Lao Gui is probably also behind the murder in the Empty Lot, noticing that the hit was just made to look the work of an amateur so suspicion would be cast on Kiryu. Lao Gui then tells Tachibana to surrender himself and come out in the open, explaining that his orders is take him in alive, not kill him. Tachibana realizes that neither him nor Kiryu is in any condition to physically confront Lao Gui, and running doesn't appear to be an option either.

Tachibana considers his options, and then notices a large shard of glass in the ground. Taking a quick decision, he picks up the shard, and tells Kiryu that he might be able to escape alone, asking him to look after his sister. Kiryu realizes what Tachibana is about to attempt, and begs him not to do it, but he is already walking determinedly towards Lao Gui. Tachibana stops a few meters before Lao Gui and looks him straight in the eyes, then puts the glass shard to his troat. Speaking Chinese, Tachibana tells Lao Gui that is willing to go with him quietly, on the condition that he doesn't kill any more people; he threatens to take his own life if Lao Gui doesn't comply. Lao Gui nonchalantly agrees, saying that he has no interest in killing Kiryu as he is not in his contract. Tachibana lowers the shard, and then follows Lao Gui out of Little Asia. Kiryu meanwhile struggles to get his feet, but his injuries are too severe. He manages to drag himself outside, but Tachibana and Lao Gui are already gone. He then collapses from the pain and blood loss.

Sometime later, Kiryu reawakens in a hospital bed, with his wounds patched up. He sits up and sees that Elder Chen is sitting by his site. Chen explains that Kiryu has been unconscious for three hours. During that time, Tachibana has been in the Dojima Family's custody, and Chen currently has his spies out in Kamurocho trying to find out where they have taken him. Chen notices that Shibusawa apparently knew all along that Tachibana was getting medical treatment in Little Asia, and suspects that Oda leaked that information to him. The fact that Shibusawa first made his move now that Makoto had been found, seems to indicate that he was just biding his time all along and allowed Kiryu and Tachibana do the footwork of finding her. That is that least what Chen believes he would have done himself, had he been in Shibusawa's position. Kiryu asks him if his men really can find Tachibana, and Chen answers that he can't promise anything but they are doing everything they can. Chen admits that he has grown rather fond of Tachibana, and has even considered naming him his successor, so he feels personally invested in helping him out of the serious pickle he is in right now.

Chen then explains he has looked into the history behind Tachibana and Makoto's grandfather, Genzo Makimura. The Empty Lot was not the only piece of land Makimura owned in Kamurocho. In fact, he used to own quite a lot of land in the area, but after World War II, he fell on hard times, and had to sell the vast majority of it off to stay economically afloat. However, the way Makimura sold the land off was highly unusual; he negotiated extensively with four different buyers and then sold the land in several small parcels, and thereby managed to hold on to just one tiny bit of it. At this time Makimura knew he had a lost daughter somewhere in China, and Chen guess that he had hoped that the tiny sliver of land he still had could serve as a beacon for her, if she should ever come looking for him in Japan. That is that least what Chen believes he would have done himself, had he been in Makimura's position. He then points out the bitter irony of the situation, namely that a father's love for his daughter has resulted in his grandchildren getting caught up at the center of a yakuza power-struggle.

But Chen says that Makimura cannot be blamed for that, and neither for giving his granddaughter the land in his will. From where he is sitting, Chen thinks the yakuzas — like Kiryu — are to blame for everything that has happened. When Kiryu doesn't answer, Chen then guesses that right now, as they are speaking, the Dojima Family is probably torturing Tachibana to get him to tell them where his sister is. He says he wishes he could take direct and violent against the Dojima Family, but laments that if he was to do so, the Tojo Clan at large would in all likelihood no longer suffer Little Asia to exist. As much as he wishes he could do more to help Tachibana, he still has the wellbeing of his whole community to think of. Kiryu, getting up on his feet, replies that he will gladly take the fight to the Dojima Clan alone as soon as Chen can tell him where to find them. He swears that he will do all in his power to get Tachibana out alive, no matter what it takes. Chen is most pleased with this response, explaining it was just the reply he hoped he would get in return when he gave the order for his men to patch up Kiryu's injuries. He promises that he will tell Kiryu where Tachibana is as soon as he hears something, and then asks that he goes to Makoto and watch over her until that time comes.

Kiryu decides to head straight for West Park. But just as he steps outside of Little Asia, he runs into another group of Dojima goons who have been waiting for him to come out. Their leader informs him that Shibusawa is tired of Kiryu being a pain in his ass and therefore needs to die. Just then Nishiki appears. Nishiki tells Kiryu that he knows Tachibana is off being tortured somewhere, and thinks it is only a matter of time before he talks and gives up the Empty Lot. He then asks Kiryu if he really think there is any hope of this turning out in his favor. Kiryu doesn't answer, but instead asks Nishiki if he knows where Tachibana is. Nishiki replies, that the leadership have not shared that information with rank-and-file guys like him, and even if he did know, he still can't tell him. The leader of the thugs interjects, noticing that Nishiki's timing is perfect, with Kiryu ripe for getting taken out for good, Nishiki will be the perfect guy to help them do it. He even promises that he will allow Nishiki to take full credit for the kill.

Nishiki, however, replies that the men truly are among of the stupidest sons of bitches he has ever met. The leader of the thugs takes offense to that, and angrily asks him if he cares to explain what he means. Nishiki says that that he is aware that, as things are looking now, Sohei Dojima stands to get his hands on the Empty Lot sooner or later, and when that happens Kamaza is finished. But Nishiki concludes that even that is the case, he still cannot let himself sit passively back and just allow it to happen. Kiryu says that if Nishiki is about to do what he thinks he about to do, it would be foolish of him. He begins to say that he has already explained to him that siding with him is too dangerous, but Nishiki will have none of it. He declares that he has no interest in climbing the ranks of the Tojo Clans whatsoever without Kiryu by his side. He tells him they are still brothers by oath, and he intends to help until the bitter end, no matter what Kiryu says. He then smiles warmly and says that if even it ends with either of their deaths, he will still do so. Kiryu smirks back at him, and says that there doesn't appear to be any way to talk him out of this, so he won't try. Both him and Nishiki then dramatically take off their shirts, and turn to face the group of Dojima thugs together once again.

After beating the crap out of the goons together, Nishiki takes a moment to admire him and Kiryu's handiwork, saying that he had almost forgotten how invicible he felt with Kiryu by his side in a fight. Kiryu smiles as he says that the feeling is mutual. Kiryu says that they better get back to business; they need to go to the homeless camp in West Park. He explains that he has hidden Makoto there, and until he gets a fix on Tachibana's location, it will be up to him and Nishiki to protect her. Nishiki replies that he appears to be more up to date the state of things than he is, and asks him to lead the way. On the way to the park, Nishiki expresses admiration for the fact that Kiryu is stil alive, considering how high the odds have been stacked against him, and that he can tell that he has been through a lot in the meantime. He then notices that it feels like years have passed since that early morning they ate ramen together, and asks Kiryu if things will ever go back to normal. Kiryu notices that all they can do for now is to keep fighting, and thinking about the future can wait for later.

In the shack of Kiryu's homeless friend, Makoto is waiting, and she gets excited when she hears that Kiryu hasn't come back alone, asking if he has brought her brother along with him. Nishiki is confused by this, and asks what this brother business is about. Kiryu notes that he better bring both of them up to date. After Kiryu is done explaining what has just happened, Makoto is dismayed about her brother being the clutches of the Dojima Family. Nishiki then puts two and two together and realizes that Tachibana is Makoto's brother, noticing how crazy the whole mess he has gotten into is. Makoto, meanwhile, laments that this happening; she had finally caught up to her brother, and now he has been taken from her again. Kiryu explains to her that he has learned that Shibusawa is behind it all, and that he was the same guy behind the attack in Osaka. He then apologizes for failing to keep Tachibana safe and swears that he will do everything he can to get him back to her, even if it kills him. Makoto points out that it is not really Tachibana the Dojima Family wants, but her. But just then, Elder Chen contacts Kiryu over his pager.

Kiryu says that he needs to head out and call Chen back on a phone to get the details, and Nishiki comes along with him. Before they go, Makoto pleads with him to bring back her brother, saying that she cannot stand to lose him now. Kiryu assures her that he will, and she will meet him real soon. Outside, Nishiki asks if they really can trust Elder Chen, and Kiryu points out that Chen had his wounds patched up when he was shot. If Chen wanted Kiryu dead, he could just have left him to bleed out on the street. Plus, he personally asked Kiryu to help save Tachibana. Nishiki replies that it makes sense that they would want him back too, and then says that he still thinks that is crazy that him and Makoto are siblings, and that both of them are now at the top of the Dojima Family's hit list, pointing how terrible luck that is. Kiryu says that he fully intends on saving both of them from the Yakuza and will do whatever it takes to bring them together again after all these years. Nishiki points out that bringing them together will also solve the whole Empty Lot situation, and that it by appearences is a part of Kamaza's plan, and if that is the case, it is more than enough reason for him and Kiryu to risk their necks to help to bring it to pass.

Kiryu finds a pay phone and makes the call to Chen. Chen explains that his spies has indeed found Tachibana. He is being held in the basement of the Cresendo Building, an abandoned structure right next to the Empty Lot. He also warns Kiryu that although there by all appearances only are seven Dojima men in the building, Kuze appears to be among them. He also explains that Kuze doesn't appear to be following Awano's lead any more, but rather takes his orders from Shibusawa now. Chen then tells Kiryu that no matter what happens next, Tachibana's life is in his hands, ending the conversation. Kiryu explains the situation to Nishiki and he replies that they better get to the Crescendo Building. On the way there, Nishiki comments that he sympathizes with Tachibana, and everything he has done to keep his sister safe. He has a younger sister himself, and he couldn't imagine what kind of things he would do to protect her.

Kiryu and Nishiki eventually find the Cresendo Building and go inside. In the basement of said building, a bruised and bloodly Tachibana sits tied to a chair. Before him stands Kuze and his underling Yoneda. Yoneda prods Tachibana and proceeds to go work torturing him. Tachibana, remaining ever calm, in spite of the pain he is obviously in, sarcastically commends Yoneda on choosing to go after his most vulnerable parts of the body in hopes of extracting information, only to fail with time running out. Tachibana's calm defiance pisses Yoneda off, and he punches him in the face, demanding that he tell him what he wants to know already. Tachibana just tell him that he have to do better in torturing him or else Shibusawa is going to get mighty cross with him. Tachibana then looks to Kuze and asks how many chances he has left, guessing that he doesn't have that many.

Even more angry, Yoneda moves to punch Tachibana, but Kuze holds him back, sternly reminding him that they won't get anything out of Tachibana if he happens to die as a result of the way he has handled him. Yoneda insist that Tachibana might crack any moment now, but Kuze tells him that what he has seen so far Tachibana simply isn't the type who can be made to talk just by inflicting pain on him, and says they need to find another method. Yoneda answers that he really can't think of anything else, as he really likes to hit people, it being the whole reason why he joined up with the Yakuza. He then goes as far as asking Kuze when he became such a pussy. In response, Kuze grabs Yoneda by the shirt collar, and coldly tells to watch his tone as he has had just about all the lip he is willing to take from him. Kuze then moves over to Tachibana and starts undoing his bounds. Yoneda protests against freeing him, but Kuze merely replies that if Tachibana dies because of some amateur, then he will be in bigger trouble than he already is.

Upon hearing this, Tachibana puts on the smuggest grin he can muster in spite of his state and looks back at Yoneda, smirking mockingly at him. This sets off Yoneda, who loses control over himself and strikes Tachibana square in the face with the business end of his hammer, lethally injuring him. Kuze, angered by Yoneda's incompetence, grabs him by the face and smashes the back of his head hard into the ground, killing him in turn. Tachibana, even though he is now obviously dying, lets out a short, pained laugh in triumph.

Just then, Kiryu and Nishiki bust into the room. Kuze, surprised to see them, asks how they managed to find them. Kiryu scans the room and sees Tachibana's broken form slumped over in the chair. Exploding with rage, Kiryu screams Kuze's name and punches him right in the face, putting all his weight behind said puch and knocks his glasses off. Kuze taking a short moment to gather himself, counterattacks along with his other men.

Kiryu and Nishiki manages to beat Kuze and his men into submission. As Kiryu stands exhausted before Kuze's unconscious body, Nishiki quickly moves over to Tachibana and attempts to help him up. Kiryu moves over to do the same, but the dying Tachibana is in no condition to stand. As Tachibana falls over in his arms, Kiryu apologizes for being too late to help him. Tachibana, clearly straining himself to speak, gives Kiryu a weak smile and tells him that he has nothing to apologize for. Kiryu begs him not to die, telling him that his sister is right nearby, and will be here very soon. He then tells Nishiki to get Makoto as quickly as possible and Nishiki runs off. Tachibana just tells him that he has no more time and that it will be too late. Tachibana then tells him that Lao Gui is being controlled by Sohei Dojima himself, and Kuze said that Dojima is the one who has been pulling all the strings all times, and that he is the one who has been angling to have Kamaza expelled from the Tojo Clan, and that is why he had Kiryu framed for the murder. Tachibana's voice grows weaker and he begins to trail off, and Kiryu begs him to stay with him, but Tachibana's breathing instead becomes even more weak and labored. Kiryu desperately says that this cannot be happening, but he realizes that Tachibana can longer respond, he promises with tears in his eyes that he will protect Makoto. Tachibana, clingling on to the very last flickers of his life, gives Kiryu a short nod of approval, then lets out a pained sigh, and goes limp. Kiryu, now crying profusely, lets out a pained scream, cursing Tachibana's death.

Behind Kiryu, Kuze starts to come to. But instead of his usual angrily defiance, Kuze is instead remorseful and apologetic, and asks Kiryu to understand that he just did what he had to do. Looking over his shoulder, Kiryu sends him an absolutely furious death glare. Kuze explains that the Empty Lot is now no longer just a Dojima Family problem, but has become a subject of imminent danger to the entire Tojo Clan. He reveals that there is an unknown traitor somewhere within Tojo Clan, who is trying to work out a deal about selling the Empty Lot to the Omi Alliance. He gravely warns Kiryu that if the Omi Alliance get their hands on the Empty Lot, they will be in a position to take control over the whole Revitalization Project. This will give them a foothold in Kamurocho, and in turn allow them to march on Tokyo and declare an all-out war against the Tojo Clan. Kiryu replies, with venom dripping from his voice, that he doesn't give a damn. But Kuze desperately pleads with him to give them Makoto, asking if he really wants to make an enemy of the entire Tojo Clan. Kiryu says that if anyone from the Clan lays as much as a finger on her, he will crush the entire Clan. Kiryu then picks up Tachibana's body into his arms and leaves the room. As he watches Kiryu, Kuze admits to himself that he cannot help but be impressed; Kiryu is no longer some punk, but has turned into a real Yakuza.

Kiryu steps out of the Cresendo Building and into the Empty Lot, still carrying Tachibana's body. As he stands and considers what to do next, Nishiki suddenly appears with Makoto in tow. Nishiki takes a look at Tachibana's body, realizes what has happened and remorsefully looks away. Makoto, still oblvious, calls out for her brother, but gets no reply. Kiryu is unable to figure out what to say and stays quiet as Makoto steps towards him, now desperately calling out for a brother to reply. She finally reaches Tachibana's body and steps back in surprise when she touches it. Kiryu goes down his knees, allowing Makoto to touch her brother's body. She cries as she cradles his face, with Kiryu and Nishiki looking on in silence.

    Chapter 15: Scattered Lights 
We return to Majima's perspective, as he is walking the streets of Kamurocho at night in search of Makoto. After a full day of unsucessfully looking for her, he reports back to Sagawa who is hiding out in a small office. Majima has to tell Sagawa that he has yet to make any progress, saying that he has not heard as much as a "T" from Tachibana Real Estate. Sagawa accuses him of not actually trying to look. He warns him once more that if her trail goes cold, so will his body. Sagawa then reminds him that he cannot help in his search, because he is an Omi man, and this is Tojo terrority; if he shows his face in the streets of Kamurocho it might cause trouble.

Majima replies that it might very well be the case, but he still doesn't understand why they cannot ask Shimano for some help, since he is actually in the Tojo Clan. But Sagawa says that he doesn't want Shimano to know that they screwed up and let the Makoto give them the slip. When Majima gives him an inquisitive look, Sagawa insists that it is not because he is afraid of Shimano, but that it is for purely political reasons. It is just as an Omi man he cannot show any weakness in front of Shimano. When Majima wants to know why that is, Sagawa explains that the whole hunt for Makoto is actually the result of a covert deal between the Omi Alliance leadership and Shimano. Namely, a deal to buy the Empty Lot for 10 billion yen from him if he can get his hands on the deed. Sagawa explains that aquiring the lot will allow the Omi Alliance to gain a beachhead into Kamurocho, as it is the cornerstone of the Kamurocho Revitalization Project. Majima asks why Shimano would knowingly betray the Tojo Clan like that, and Sagawa answers that his endgame is to use the muscle of the Omi Alliance to take the post as chairman of the Tojo Clan. In exchange for giving the Omi Alliance a fat slice of territory in Tokyo, Shimano gets to sit on the Tojo Clan's throne. All in all, it means that Shimano and the Omi leadership will eventually have to hash out the finer details of how they split Kamurocho between them, and if Sagawa shows him any weakness it could possibly give him leverage to make demands later down the line.

Sagawa then admits that, of course, since it was Shimano's idea to pick Majima as the hitman, the whole affair also reflects poorly on him too. Majima then questions why Makoto even has to die in the first place, as just killing her will not give Shimano the deed to the Empty Lot. Sagawa admits that Shimano refused to tell him how exactly that part of the plan was actually supposed to work, but assured him that he had a trick up his sheelve for when the time came. Majima then asks Sawaga what ge he himself gets out of all this, pointing out that there must be some prize for him involved since he is obsessed with resolving this mission so quickly. Sawaga says that he will be the one the Omi Alliance is going to place in charge of their part of Kamurocho once the deal goes through. Majima then notices that Sawaga previously told him that Shimano haven't told him why Makoto had to be assassinated and that doesn't exactly fits with all the stuff he has just told him now. Sawaga admits that he was keeping Majima in the dark earlier, as the information about Shimano and the Omi Alliance's deal was on a need-to-know basis only, but the whole situation has become more fluid with the latest developments, so he found it was warranted to fill him in on some of the larger picture. He then says that he believes that he has given Majima a long enough break now, and orders him back on the search for Tachibana Real Estate. He suggests that he tries to scope out the Champion District, having heard from some of his own sources that Tachibana's people had been seen walking in and out of that area on a regular basis up until just recently.

Majima pays a visit to the Champion District and asks the locals some questions, but he learns nothing of consequence. Men working for Tachibana Real Estate was indeed active in the area, but a few days ago they suddenly stopped showing up and no one has heard from them since. Disappointed, Majima leaves the Champion District again, but just as he steps outside, he is approached by a group of young, scruffy looking yakuzas. The goons indentifies themselves as members of the Shimano Family. It turns out that they have heard about Majima's story, so they find it strange that a former yakuza who was supposed to be erased is suddenly walking around in broad daylight without premission from the boss, and they want Majima to follow them to their office and give an explanation. Majima has absolutely no interest in doing so, but when the punks tries to press the issue, he decides to teach them a lession with his fists.

Just as Majima has punched the last of the young yakuza into the dust, however, another of group of mooks show up, but these are obviously older and more expierenced. When their leader also identifies himself as a representative of the Shimano Family, Majima thinks he is in for another fight, but the veteran yakuza assures him that it is not the case, and even formally apologizes for his younger colleagues' rude behavior, blaming it on them being inexperienced. Instead, he explains that he and his associates are here to extend a formal invitation from Futoshi Shimano himself, who wishes to speak to Majima in person. They are not under any orders to force Majima there, but as he obviously have nothing more important going on at the moment, they suggest that he follows them. Majima, also seeing nothing else for it, accepts the invitation.

Majima is taken to Shimano's office where Shimano is enjoying an expensive meal and some sake while receiving what amounts to be a tepid welcome, just sits in silence and stares watchfully at him. Shimano eventually comments jovially on the fact that Majima hasn't touched his sake, asking him if he has decided to stop drinking since the last time they spoke together. Majima, remembering the decisively less than pleasant circumstances him and Shimano spoke under the last time they met, nervously replies that he hasn't. Shimano notices his fear, and assures him that there is nothing to be afraid of; he certainly hasn't asked him to hurt him, or even reprimand him. He just wants to talk some business. Sagawa then enters the room too, commenting that the invitation he was given was very sudden. Shimano merely replies that he should have observed proper protocol and told him that he was in the city as soon as he arrived. Sagawa, obviously feeling patronized by Shimano's comment, then joins Majima and Shimano at the table. Shimano then declares that it is time to get down to business.

Sagawa decides to open the proceedings, by asking Shimano what the reason is for this meeting. Shimano replies that he should already know the answer that one, as it is probably the reason why he himself is in Kamurocho right now. Sagawa decides that since Shimano already knows the truth he might as well make it official and fess up. He explains that Makoto Makimura was able to flee Sotenbori, despite his best efforts to stop her, and right now she is being kept hidden somewhere in Kamurocho by representatives from Tachibana Real Estate. Shimano jovially comments that it is something of a plot twist, but then assures Sagawa that everything is actually proceeding according to his plan. Both Sagawa and Majima expresses surprise at this comment.

Shimano then turns to Majima, saying that he is about to blow his mind. He actually had a very good reason for choosing him in particular to be the hitman going after Makoto. Namely that he was fully aware that Majima could never go through with it. Shimano says, with no shortage of smug self-satisfaction, that he knows Majima better than he knows himself. He fully experted that Majima would probably at first try to gather his courage to kill the young woman, but then getting cold feet and instead deciding to hide her to keep her safe, which was exactly what he wanted him to do all along.

Majima is is left speechless by this revelation, and Sagawa demands an explanation. Shimano says that before he gives one, he wants to know if the two of them happened to take a look at the Empty Lot when they arrived in town. He finds it rather amazing that such a little shit stripe of land now has the Tojo Clan by the balls and is even threatening to have Sohei Dojima's whole house of cards come crashing down. But if Dojima was to get his hands on the land, it would make the Tojo Clan a ton of money and make him the next chairman of the Clan. It is the latter that Shimano doesn't want to happen, as he believes that a dimwit like Dojima will just lead the Clan to ruin. He mentions that even Kazama, his own captain, is plotting against him to prevent it from happening. Majima asks if he is talking about Shintaro Kazama which Shimano affirms. He further comments that despite them having the same goal when it comes to Dojima, Kazama is also his own biggest obstacle in the way of him taking control of the Clan. In fact, it is Kiryu Kazuma, one of Kazama's prodigies and a representative from Tachibana Real Estate, who knows where Makoto is now.

Shimano points out that even Kazama cannot openly work against his boss, so he is leading a proxy war by using the Tachibana Real Estate against the Dojima Family. Sagawa comments that it is something Shimano himself is also gulity of. His gang might have have been allowed to rank up as a direct Tojo Clan subsidiary, but he too used to be under the Dojima Family, so he cannot directly fight Dojima either. He figures that it also is a part of the reason why he is using Majima, who's name has conviently been wipe from the family roster, to make his own moves against them. Shimano admits that he is guilty as charged in that case.

Sagawa then says that he doesn't quite understand what Shimano's endgame is; why send Majima to kill-but-not-actually kill Makoto? Shimano explains that it was all a gamble to earn her trust. Sagawa then realizes that he sees what Shimano is getting at: Love. Shimano replies that it is exactly the point. From Makoto's point of view, who else can she trust more than the hitman who was send after her, but then had a change of heart and decided to help her instead? By using that trust, Makoto will be willing to do anything for Majima, including selling the Empty Lot to his boss. But he also admits that there was another reason, namely that he need Makoto to lay low for while. By seeing who else went searching for her, he could then identify everyone in the Tojo Clan who was also on Kazama's side, and then he would know who to toss overboard once he assumes control over the Clan. He is especially pleased that he managed to identify the Nikkyo Consortium and Sera as one of his main enemies, and thanks Majima for his efforts in ferreting them out. Sagawa interjects that actually, he shot Sera, so he won't be a problem anymore. Shimano says that he is wrong; Sera is still alive and somewhere in Kamurocho. Sagawa is annoyed that he hasn't killed him, but Shimano says that it is better this way; Sera doesn't need to die just yet. Now that he knows that Nikkyo Consortium is working with Kazama, he can use that connection to get to both of them.

Shimano then turns back to Majima, who has been slient and tense for the entirely of his and Sagawa's conversation and tells that he is officially recanting the order to kill Makoto. Instead, his job is now to get her back from Tachibana Real Estate and bring her to him. He intends to welcome her as an honored guest and legally buy the land off of her for its full value. If Majima can manage to make the transaction go through smoothly, Shimano will in return make sure that he is welcomed back in the Tojo Clan with open arms. Shimano adds that he won't mind if he chooses to pursue a relationship with Makoto afterwards, noting that she is rather easy on the eyes. Majima doesn't answer, but looks decisively uncomfortable. Sagawa eventually breaks the slience by noticing that they still have no idea where Makoto actually. He asks Shimano that since everything is moving along according to his script, if it is possible that he can give a hint to where to look. Shimano answers that Kiryu knows where she is, but he is rather hard to get hold of. Instead, he suggests that Sagawa and Majima try tracking down Nishikiyama, Kiryu's oath brother, and get him to tell where Kiryu is. He guesses that Nishikiyama can probably be found at the Kazama Family's offices, and if not someone there probably knows where he is.

Sagawa remarks on how this has not been a very good day for him, but congratulates Majima, telling him that not only he is free from having to kill Makoto, he even gets to get back in the Tojo Clan, as long as he doesn't screw this golden opportunity up somehow. He remarks that it looks like a happy ending for all. Shimano adds that he told Majima he had good news. But Majima remains silent and sullen...

After the meeting, a depressed Majima walks the streets of Kamurocho alone. He curses the facts that he was used as a pawn and played for a fool, considering himself religated to the role of clown for being tricked by Shimano. In his absentmindedness, he accidentally bumps into a trio of rich young guys. The leader of the young punks takes great offense to this, and though his friends tries to warn him from messing with Majima, pointing out that he looks like an obvious yakuza, he punches Majima to the ground in his anger. A distraught Majima just tells him that he can go ahead and do whatever he wants to, telling him that he doesn't care one way or another. The young guy is delighted by this and start punching Majima in the face, claiming that he hasn't had payback enough. Even the two friends of the young punk, who before were scared of Majima, starts joining in pounding on him, and Majima eventually looses consciousness when one of the punks right hooks him right in the face.

Some time later after the punks have left, Majima comes to, still bloodly from the beating he just recieived. Getting back on his feet, he declares that if he is meant to play the role of the clown in all of this, he better get back to it.

Majima then goes to Kazama Family's offices. There he meets some of the lower ranking members of the family. He demands to speak to Nishikiyama, but the younger members refuses to give up any information. Majima prepairs to beat the information out of them, when Kashiwagi suddenly shows up. Kashiwagi demands an explaition for Majima's presence in the offices, and Majima repeats his demand to speak to Nishikiyama. Kashiwagi replies that he is aware who Majima is, and he knows that he is looking for Nishiki and Kiryu, but refuses to give either of them up to him voluntarily. When Majima threatens to fight him too over the knowledge that he wants, Kashiwagi says that he will not allow him to spill blood in the Kazama Family's offices. Instead, he suggests that they resolve their differences elsewhere.

Kashiwagi takes Majima to the roof of an office building that is closed for the evening. Kashiwagi explains that he has a personal deal with the building's owner to keep a watch on the building and in return, he can enter and leave it as he wants. He then commends the building's janitorial staff saying that every time he killed someone in this place, like he is planning to do Majima now, they always take care of the body and leave no traces. Majima, unimpressed, tells Kashiwagi that it is not too late for him to back out of the fight, but he replies that he has actually always wanted to fight Majima one-on-one, and is rather exicted to see how this goes.

After a very though fight, Majima manages to incapacitate Kashiwagi. Winded from the fight, he wonders out loud how the Kamaza Family are able to breed monsters like this. Just then, one of the Kamaza Family rookies that Majima was threatning earlier appears, expressing shock that he has managed to beat Kashiwagi. Realizing that he is not going to get any answers out of the unconcious Kashiwagi, Majima instead turns to the rookie and demands to know where Nishiki is. When the rookie hesistates to answer, Majima draws his dagger and gestures to the downed Kashiwagi, threatning to make him a member of the one-eyed club if the rookie doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Sufficently intimated by this, the rookie tells Majima that Nishiki frequents the bar called Serena on Tenkaichi Street.

Majima then pays a visit to Serena. Nishiki is actually at the place, engaged in conversation with Reina. But since Majima doesn't know what Nishiki looks like, he thinks that he is just another costumer, and so he takes a seat and greets Reina, complimenting her on her place. Upon realizing that there is someone else in the bar, Nishiki bids Reina goodbye and moves to leave, but freezes when Majima asks her if she happens know someone called Nishikiyama. Nishiki then turns to Majima and asks him who he is. After Majima have introduced himself, Nishiki tells him that he is actually the guy he is looking for, and asks what he wants. Majima admits that he is not really looking for him, as much as he is looking for a young woman called Makoto Makimura, and that she is supposedly with someone called Kiryu, and then asks if he would happen to know where this Kiryu is. Nishiki doesn't answer, but realizes that he has actually have heard of Majima before; back when he was still earning his stripes in the Kazama Family, he heard about someone from the Shimano Family with that name. Namely, he heard that he screwed up so massively that they took his eye and erased him from the Clan. He then asks if Majima sitting here and asking him these questions means that he is back with the Clan. When Majima admits that he isn't just yet, Nishiki asks him what reason he then has to look for Makoto. Majima, in turn, asks Nishiki if he would believe him if he told him that it was because he wanted to protect her. He then demans answers to his questions.

Nishiki, instead, briefly considers the situation and then reaches into his suit pocket. Majima, however, has figured out what is up, and when Nishiki pulls a gun out, he quickly knocks it out of his hand. Majima then warns him that he has no chance to beat him. Nishiki asks him what he knows about him since he can be so sure. Majima answers that he knows nothing about him, that is why he knows he doesn't stand a chance. Nishiki declares that Majima then better know just one thing about him: He would rather die before he selling out his sworn brother. Majima calmly asks him if is really how he wants things to go down. Nishiki just as calmly replies that he has heard that Majima is supposed to be quite though, but he refuses to back down all the same.

After brawling with Nishiki, who even gets some backup from Reina, Majima eventually stands victorious. Reina runs to the injured Nishiki's side, demanding that they stop fighting. Majima merely repeats his demand for Nishiki to tell him where Kiryu is. When Nishiki still refuses to answer, and Majima approaches him threatingly, Reina instead begins tells to him the truth, despite Nishiki's pained protests, namely that Makoto has disappeared. She then adds that even Kiryu doesn't know where she has gone to either, and that him and Nishiki are both currently looking for her; in fact, the entire reason why he was in the bar was to ask Reina to keep an eye and an ear out for her. Majima asks for an explaination, and Nishiki admits that it is true. He begins explaining, saying that it happened three hours ago, just after her brother died.

Majima intejects at this point, asking what he means by Makoto having a brother. Nishiki is surprised Majima didn't know, and fills him in on her backstory, telling him that Tetsu Tachibana was her older brother, that they were both children of a Japanese war-ophan, and that they had been seperated for years and were searching for each other. But three hours ago, when that search was just about to be over, Tachibana was killed, and Makoto just completely shut down when she found out. Both him and Kiryu had no idea of what to say or do in a situation like that. When they then regrouped with Kiryu's homeless friend at West Park and tried to figure out what to do next, they took their eyes off her for just a brief moment, and then she disappeared. Nishiki says that he has no idea how she managed to do it, especially with her blindness. Majima is outraged that they allowed her to get away, pointing out that every yakuza in town is hunting for her. Nishiki then asks him if that part about him wanting to protect her is true. Majima answers, earnestly, that it is. Nishiki then asks him to help him and Kiryu find Makoto. With that Majima takes his leave.

Now walking the streets of Kamurocho again, Majima wonders where Makoto could have gone. He then suddenly gets an epiphany. He reasons that the Empty Lot might have some sort of clue to where she is, due to its importance to her. Remembering Shimano's description of the lot's location, Majima pays a visit to the place and takes a look around. He then notices someone standing on the roof of a nearby building overlooking the lot; he instantly regonizes her as Makoto.

Majima then hurries over the building where he saw Makoto, climbing the stairs to the roof. Approaching her as she stands with her back to him, he asks if it is really her and what she is doing up here. Makoto doesn't answer, but instead turns around to face him. After a moment of silence, she tells him that she had a feeling that the two of them would meet again. Majima studies her in silence, and he then realizes something: Makoto is actually looking right at him. Surprised, he asks her if she has gotten her eyesight back.

    Chapter 16: Proof of Love 
After studying Majima a little more, Makoto answers his question about her eyesight. She reveals that her sight is not completely back, but she is capable of discerning between light and shadows now. A shot from her POV shows that she sees Majima as a fuzzy black silhouette. But it allows her to be able to walk around on her own, though with some difficulty.

Majima asks how it happened. Makoto turns around, looking down at the Empty Lot again, as she explains that just a few hours ago today, down in the Empty Lot below, her brother was taken from her just as she had found him again. When she touched his cold body, something just changed for a reason she can't quite explain, and she could see light again, for the first time in years. She laments that though she was now able to see something again, she still couldn't see his face no matter how hard she tried. All she knew was that he had been brutally tortured and murdered by the Dojima Family. All for the barren piece of dirt she is looking at now.

Hearing the palpable pain and anger in her voice, Majima realizes just what she is thinking of. He begs her not to go down the road of revenge, explaining that the situation has changed and that his boss doesn't want her dead any more; now he just want to hash out a legal deal with her about selling him the land. He says if she just offloads the land, the yakuza won't have a reason to bother her any more. He offers to be at her side as they meet with Shimano, saying that he will keep her safe. Upset, Makoto replies that her safety is meaningless in all of this. There is only one thing she disires right now, and she tells Majima that if he really cares about her, he must help her accomplish it. She says that her brother's death is the responsiblity of the Dojima Family's three lieutenants and Sohei Dojima himself. Majima realizes that she is asking him to help her kill them. Makoto adds that she will even pay him if need be. Majima doesn't reply, but she refuses to let it go, declaring that her brother's death must be avenged and that it is what he would have wanted. Majima tries telling her that it isn't who she is, and he refuses to believe that it was who her brother was either.

But Majima's words does little to dissuade Makoto. With a look of bitter disappointment on her face, she walks past him, and when he asks her to wait and hear him out, she tells him to let her go, and that she is just fine on her own now. No sooner has she said that, however, before she trips and lands hard on the ground. Majima quickly moves over to help her up, grabbing hold of her shoulder. She curtly asks him to leave her alone, but does not move to shake him off. Majima considers what to do for a brief moment, and then he glently asks her if she wants some takoyaki. When she is surprised by this, Majima still speaking softly, tells that he will buy a meal of takoyaki for both of them, and just asks that she allows him to talk things over with her during the meal. He promises that if she still wants him gone afterwards, he will take a hike, no further questions asked. Makoto asks him he thinks that she is just emotional because she is hungry again. Majima asks if that is a "no", to which Makoto, now smiling ever so slightly, says it is not. But she requests that after they have eaten, he lets her worry about herself. Majima says that they can talk about that over the food.

As the two walk the streets, Majima decides to walk at strolling speed, as Makoto still have obvious difficulties navigating around. When she trips again and then get back on her feet, Majima tries to strike up a conversation with her, pointing out that it is rather surprising that she made it around the city in her condition, asking if she got scrapes. Makoto just insists that she is fine. Majima then tries to talk about the weather, pointing out that it is rather cold outside, asking if she think it will snow. Makoto laconically answers that she had heard that the latest weather report said that there was a 50% chance of snow happening within the next 24 hours.

The two eventually make it to Majima's first choice of takoyaki place, the local Gindaco Highball Sakaba stand, only to find it overcrowded. Makoto says that she thinks she might know where another, small takoyaki stand can be found. Following her instructions, he finds the small stand, and orders one portion of takoyaki for each of them. When a leaf falls on Makoto's head as they wait for the food, Majima glently removes it. The takoyaki cook, an elderly lady, comments on what a glenteman Majima appears to be, and slyly tells Makoto that he looks like a keeper. Majima gets rather flustered at this and defensively asks the cook to mind her own business. Much to Majima's surprise, Makoto then says to the cook that he is indeed a keeper, telling her that he has been through a terrible things for her sake, and is even now still trying to help her. She doubts she would even have made it this far, if it wasn't for him. Majima is left speechless by this, and Makoto quickly changes the subject by commenting on how good the food smells. The cook is happy with this praise, and even says that she will throw in an extra for free. Meanwhile, Majima is still unable to come up with anything to say, and just looks inquistively at Makoto.

In a park a couple of blocks away Majima and Makoto have finished their meal. Makoto thanks him for the dinner, commenting that Osaka takoyaki might be good, but Kamurocho seems to be capable of matching it. Majima says that it just go to show that there is much about the world she needs to experience for herself. Makoto laconically says that he is right about that. Majima then asks her how she is actually planning to get revenge on the Dojima Family. Makoto says that she cannot tell him that. Majima then points out that even if he agreed to help her with her plan, whatever it is, the Dojima Family would doubtless retaliate against any move she made against them, and their retaliation will make her previous encounter with them look tame in comparison. Makoto replies that she already told him to let her worry about herself. Majima then implores her to at least think what she is doing through, and that doing it hastily will just make it worse. Makoto tells him that she will ask the same of him; namely to really think whether or not he will help her through, saying that she not the only one who's mind can be changed. But Majima doesn't answer.

After a long drawn out bit of silence, Makoto comments on the tasty takoyaki and says she could go for another round, and offers to go buy some more. Majima tells her that she better stay put with her eyesight being what it is now, and says that he will go get some more. Makoto's glance follows him as he walks off...

Majima finds the takoyaki stand again and compliments the cook on her takoyaki, asking for one more portion. The cook, elated by his praise, tells him that a sweetheart such as himself deserves one on the house, and gives it to him for free. Majima returns to the park, only to find that Makoto is not there anymore. Just then, a homeless guy walks up to Majima and asks if he can have the takoyaki he is carrying. Majima asks what he is on about, and the hobo explains that the girl that just left asked him to convey a message to the guy carrying takoyaki when he came back, promising him that in return for delivering the message, he could have the takoyaki. The message is that Majima comes meet her tomorrow evening at five o'clock on the roof overlooking the Empty Lot. Majima curses Makoto's foolishness, and decides to wait until to tomorrow to meet her.

The next day, Majima goes to the appointed place at the appointed time. However, as he waits on the roof, the appointed time passes by, and eventually he stands wondering if Makoto is going to show up. Just then, he hears the door to the roof open, but instead of Makoto stepping out onto the roof it is a group of yakuza. Majima asks them what team they are on, and their leader steps forward and reveal that they are from the Shibusawa Family. They call Majima out on having been quite the nuisance to them, explaining that they paid good money to hire the Kijin Clan, but thanks to Majima they nothing in return and even had to go through the hassle of stamping down the Clan. Majima realizes that it means they were the ones who ordered the hit on Nishitani. The thugs declare that Majima's days of messing up their plans, and being alive, is over.

Majima doesn't respond to their threats, and instead demands know where Makoto is. The leader tells him, that actually, Makoto reached out to Shibusawa to hash out a deal to take the land off her hands. He guesses that Shibusawa has handed her to Sohei to break out the terms. They also reveal that Makoto has betrayed Majima; in fact she was the one who told him that he could found this roof at this time. Majima concludes that this is Makoto's plan; she is putting herself in danger deliberately, so that he will have to carve his way through the Dojima Family if he wants to rescue her. He demands that the goons tell him where Makoto is suppposed to meet Sohei Dojima. Their leader tells him that it will not matter to him, as Shibusawa wanted him dead along with Nishitani for his interference in Osaka.

After he is done trashing the mooks around, he turns to their leader again, demanding to know where Makoto is. The guy stammers that he cannot tell him, but Majima, by now really pissed off, tells him that he had better change his tune, or else he will move to one of his buddies, and he will too dead to watch what he is going do to him. The guy finally stammers that the meeting will take place in Roppongi, at the rooftop terrace of the skyscraper known as the Sebastian Building. As soon as he is back off the roof, Majima proceeds to immediately flag down the nearest taxi and have it drive him there.

Meanwhile, at the top of the Sebastian Building, Sohei Dojima, along with Kuze, Awano, and Lao Gui, has arrived via helicopter for the meeting with Makoto. Makoto herself, meanwhile, is being escorted to the meeting table under the watchful eye of Shibusawa himself. Dojima, taking his sweet time, sits down at the table, while Shibusawa presents Makoto to him. Dojima commends him for his work, saying that he will make officially make him captain very soon, much to Kuze and Awano's displeasure, which neither of them bothers to hide. Shibusawa decides to throw both of his fellow lieutenants a bone, telling Dojima that they both were instrumental in helping him accomplish his mission, saying that he hopes for their support for years to come.

Dojima then turns his attention to Makoto, saying that he understands she has an offer for him regarding the Empty Lot. Makoto replies that she has no interest in a dead piece of concrete and that he can have it. Dojima smugly tut-tuts her for that statement, telling her that her grandfather left her that land after all, and she shouldn't speak of it like that. Makoto then admits that, actually, she has just one condition for handing over the deed to the lot. Dojima is amused by this, asking her if the billion in sales value isn't enough for her. Makoto says that she is not interested in money. She says that his three lieutenants who scrambled to aqquire the lot for him are all responsible for murdering her brother, who she reveals was Tachibana himself. Dojima mulls brief over this new information, before asking where she is going with this. She with clear determination in her voice, she says that this related is to the price she has for giving him the Empty Lot. She wants the heads of all the three lieutenants lined up before her.

Meanwhile, Majima has arrived via elevator at the lobby at top of the Sebastian Building. The place is guarded by a group of thugs. They are surprised to see him alive, believing that Shibusawa's goons took care of him, before trying to demand that he stop. But Majima makes it clear that he is in absolutely no mood whatsoever to talk right now, and doesn't have the time to waste on trash like them, telling them that they can either choose to get out of his way or fight.

After caving his way through the thugs, Majima steps out onto the rooftop terrace. There he sees Makoto standing with her back to him, and he calls out for her. Surprised to hear his voice, she turns around to face him, but just then Lao Gui raises his gun and shoots her. Majima freezes and watches in horror as Makoto starts collapsing onto the floor. Dumbfounded by shock, Majima can only ask what the hell just happened. Meanwhile, Sohei Dojima rises from his seat, and calmly starts leaving the scene followed by his three lieutenants and Lao Gui. Snapping out of his shock, Majima shouts in fury, and runs towards Dojima and the lieutenants, but are blocked from reaching them by the high-ranking yakuza guarding the roof. As the guards starts surrounding him, he looks in helpless desperation at Makoto who is lying bleeding on the floor before him. He then hear Dojima's helicopter starting up, and can only watch as it takes off while the guards inches closer to him. He happens to catch a short glimpse of Awano, who looks back at him from the passenger seat.

Majima looks around to see that the guards are now closing ranks around him. Brimming with pure fury and frustation, he dramatically takes off his shirt, unnerving the guards, who all take a step back. With a voice shaking with anger, he declares that he will take every single one of them straight to hell, and proceeds to unleash carnage upon them.

With Majima being the last man still capable of standing, he finally calms down and looks over to Makoto. Nervously, he walks towards her unmoving form, and falls his knees right besides her. He then notices her face twitching, and he realizes to his relife that she is alive, though her breathing is weak. He asks if she can hear him, telling her to hang on. Unbeknowst to Majima, a group of men in white suits, one of them walking with a crane, steps out of the elevator behind him, and starts walking towards him and Makoto.

Majima begs Makoto to say something. She finally comes to and looks at him, before she meekly apologizes. She starts crying as she says that even though she tried, she couldn't do anything on her own, and has now just caused him even more trouble. Majima takes a hold of her hand as he begs her not to say such things. She then begs him to listen, as she explains what happened just prior to his arrival.

A few minutes ago, Makoto had made her demand of wanting the heads of the the three lieutenants in exchange for the Empty Lot. Dojima then asked her if she really expected him to buy the land with the heads of his lieutenants. Makoto answered that it it was all the same to her if he wouldn't agree to his terms, she could just sell the land to someone else. Amused by this, Dojima told her that from where he was sitting, he couldn't help but think that her price for the deed was a bit too steep. He then informs her that he first became aware of the existence of the Empty Lot when he had brought all the land around it, and that nobody had any clue it was even there, not even the bureaucrats in the city council. Makoto asked what he was trying to say with this, and he answered that he realized that if it just stayed that way, the Revitalization Project could go forward without a hitch. So he decided not to make any official record of the lot's existence, and so as things are now the project is only actually threatened if a formal complaint is forwarded to the city council. And at this time, the only one with the legal cause to lodge such a complaint is Makoto herself. So if she was to be taken out of the picture, no one would ever know about the Empty Lot. As she saw Lao Gui raising his gun, Makoto realized the severity and hopelessness. As Sohei reminds her of the price of opposing the Yakuza...

Back in the present, Makoto laments her foolishness. She thought that having the Empty Lot in her hand would be enough, but it wasn't. Majima tries to assure her that everything will be alright, but she eventually loses conciousness again from the blood loss. Majima, close to tears, begs for someone, anyone, to help her. He then hears a familiar voice calling out for him. Majima turns around to see Sera, now walking with a crane, escorted by several of his men from the Nikkyo Consortium walking up to him. Sera sits down next to the unconcious Makoto. He quickly realizes that she has been shot, and then barks orders to his men to get her downstairs as quickly as possible. His escort swiftly picks Makoto up and starts carrying her away. Majima nervously asks where they taking her, but Sera tells him not to worry as he will be coming along this time. He asks Majima to trust him on this.

Sera and the Nikkyo Consortium men takes Makoto to a nearby hospital, where she is immediately rushed to surgery. Majima follows her as long down the hall as he possibly can, begging her to hang on. As she arrives at the surgery room, Majima stops outside, saying that he will do anything for her, begging for her not to die.

    Final Chapter: Black & White 
The final recap describes the ultimate outcome of the two estranged siblings Makoto and Tachibana and the Empty Lot Dispute. Despite their suffering, they only endured more grief as the Dojima family was ultimately victorious in the dispute. All hope at this point seem lost, except for two men who now must make one final stand against the Dojima and become the legends they would be known for.

Some hours later, Majima is still waiting outside the operation room. The light above the door suddenly goes up, and a doctor emerges from the room. Majima begs her for an update on Makoto's condition, but the doctor asks him who he is. Majima explains that he was the guy who brought her in. The doctor then tells him that she has good news; the operation was a success and Makoto is going to survive. Majima is relieved, but the doctor then informs him that she also have some bad news. Makoto is currently in a coma, and she cannot say when, or even if she is going to wake from it. The doctor then looks to Sera who has walked up behind Majima, telling him that those are the latest news, revealing that she too is a member of the Consortium.

Sera then turns to Majima, explaining that he and his men need to move Makoto; the hospital is too vulnerable of a location to keep her in, and he expects that if the Dojima Family learns that she is alive, they will undoubtly try to finish the job. Majima asks where he is taking her then, and Sera answer that it is a better guarded location, and asks Majima if he wants to come with her this time. Majima considers the offer, but ultimately declines. He doesn't feel that he will be helping Makoto by just sitting around and waiting for to wake up. He then tells Sera that he will be giving Makoto over to him, as he has something he needs to do in her place. He feels that she in deep enough as it is, and he will not allow the darkness to take her. He suspects that as long as the Dojima Family is around, Makoto is going to be targeted by them, even if she does wake up, and he cannot permit that to continue, so he has resolved to put an end to them. Sera asks him if he is seriously planning to throw his life away by making a mad dash at Sohei Dojima himself. Majima doesn't answer the question and instead turns to the doctor, asking her to keep Makoto alive at all cost. The doctor gives him and short nod, and he then resolutely walks off.

Elsewhere, Sohei Dojima sits in his conference room along with his three lieutenants and Lao Gui. He declares that Empty Lot has been stalling the Revitalization Project for a long time, but now the bureaucrats in the city council are finally moving forward with approving the final plans for the project. He credits this breakthrough to Shibusawa's work. After Awano trades minor barbs with Shibusawa, he then declares that there is still more work to be done.

Shibusawa turns to Dojima and says that he is talking about the mess that is the Kazama Family. Kazama has been plotting against him, and Nikkyo Consortium and Tachibana Real Estate were just his pawns. Shibusawa declares that this betrayal must be answered with reprisal if order is to be restored within the Dojima Family. Awano ask if he means arranging an "accident" for Kazama in prison but Shibusawa rebuffs that this will not put the Kazama Family out for good. Shibusawa then declares that the Kazama Family and everyone with ties to it must be purged, as from the way he sees it, Kazama will continue to be a threat from until the Tojo Clan is cleansed of them. And for that job, a thorough hand, like his own, is needed. He then finally asks Dojima for permission to carry out his plans. Dojima smiles in satisfaction, saying that it looks his new captain has a taste for blood and the notion that he will soon be rid of the only man who can stand against him.

Back at the Empty Lot, Kiryu and Nishiki meet up. Nishiki informs him that there has not yet been any new leads on Makoto's whereabouts, even with the people from Little Asia out looking for her. He then asks Kiryu if he is familar with someone named Majima Goro. Kiryu answers that he has heard the name before, but never met him, and wants to know why Nishiki is asking. Nishiki tells him that this Majima is looking for her too, reporting how Majima has been in fights with both Kashiwagi and himself. Kiryu has misgivings about a guy like that looking for Makoto, but Nishiki tells him that it seems like Majima's goals are pretty much the same as their's — he apparently just wants to protect Makoto, so maybe he is an ally. Kiryu is still skeptical and says that they won't know either way until they find Makoto and regroup. For Tachibana's sake, they must protect her at all costs.

A message then comes in for Kiryu on his pager, but he doesn't recognize the number. Kiryu is unsure whether it is a lead or a trap, but he ultimately decides to seek out the nearest payphone and calls the number anyway. When he calls the number, it turns out Sera is at the other end. Sera has heard what happened to Tachibana, and sends his condolences. He informs Kiryu that he is at Elder Chen's resturant in Little Asia right now, and wishes to talk to him in person. Kiryu wants to know about what, but Sera replies that he cannot tell him until they meet up.

Kiryu goes to Little Asia and enters Elder Chen's restaurant, where he finds Chen and Sera waiting for him. Before he speaks to Sera, Chen pulls him aside for moment, saying that he is sorry about what happened to Tachibana. He suffered so much, and was even allowed to reunite with his sister in the end. He assures Kiryu that either he or anyone else in Little Asia blames him for what happened, thanking him for during his utmost to help a member of their community. A guilt-laden Kiryu asks him not to thank him; he feels he failed Tachibana and therefore doesn't deserve it.

Kiryu then goes to speak with Sera. Sera informs him that Makoto has been shot by Dojima's men, but also that she recieved medical help and survived, though her condition is still unstable and she is still unconcious. Kiryu asks for an explaination, and Sera fills him on the fact that Makoto has gotten some of her eyesight back and tried to unsuccessfully strike a deal with Sohei Dojima. When it comes to better news though, the Dojima Family still appears to think that she is dead, so he believes that she is safe for the time being. Kiryu points out that this Majima guy knows she is alive, asking if he can be trusted. Sera says that he himself at the least believes that Majima can be trusted, but nevertheless, he cannot tell what he is planning as his next move.

Sera then says that they themselves should focus on Shibusawa for right now. His promotion to captain might not have been made official just yet, but he expects that he will be the one calling the shots from here on out. He warns Kiryu that he is a cunning and patient enemy, who doesn't operate openly, but has been building his forces in the shadows. But, nevertheless, the Shibusawa Family is still a fairly young branch of the Dojima Family; if they are going to claim respect in the eyes of the rest of the Tojo Clan, it will require some sort of display of power. He suspects that this display of strength is most likely going to be a purge of Kazama's old guard within the Dojima Family. He also suspects that Kiryu is most likely that the top of that list, plus the police is still looking for him, as he has not yet been cleared for the murder in the Empty Lot. He therefore tells Kiryu that he better get out of Kamurocho and lay low for right now, as buying some time his best hope to stay alive and out of jail until this whole thing has cleared up.

Kiryu asks Sera what he means by that, and Sera says that Makoto might be in a coma for now, but if she wakes up, the Nikkyo Consortium will be the ones who can take the Empty Lot off her hands, revealing that this has been the end-goal of Kazama's plan all along. Kazama doesn't want the Dojima Family to grow too powerful, and has chosen the Consortium to act as a counterbalance. Tachibana was also in on this part of the plan, and he hadn't met with his untimely end, he would also have turned the Empty Lot over to the Consortium after everything was said and done. The intention was to curtail Sohei Dojima's power, by allowing Sera to ascend as the new chairman of the Tojo Clan. A suprised Kiryu says that he had no idea that he and Kazama had such a close relationship, to which Sera admits that their relationship is not nearly as deep as the one between Kazama and Kiryu, but he still owes Kazama a lot of credit for him making it as far up the hierarchy of the Tojo Clan as he has. He then tells Kiryu that Kazama has also asked him to look out for him too, and that he will do everything in his power to help him out with the false murder charge, but the way things are looking right now, he is afraid that they both can do is to wait and pray that Makoto wakes up soon.

Kiryu is incredulous, asking if there really is nothing he can personally do to help out. Sera assures him that he has already helped out plently, and that if it wasn't for him, Makoto would never have made it to Kamurocho alive. Kiryu then asks where Makoto is right now, and Sera reveals that he has placed under guard on a ship docked in Tokyo Bay at Shibuara, hoping that it will be more than enough to keep her hidden from the Dojima Family. He then tells Kiryu that he only gave him that information out of respect for the part he has played in the whole thing. He implores Kiryu not to worry further about it, but instead focus on finding a good place to hide and let the Consortium take care of the rest. Sera then takes his leave.

Kiryu, being unsure of what to do now that he has asked to sit this one out, reasons that he should at least keep Nishiki in the loop, and heads towards West Park. On his way there, however, it is instead Nishiki who finds him. Kiryu notices that he looks alarmed and asks him what is wrong. Nishiki says that he saw a large group from the Dojima Family heading for the Kazama Family offices, looking like they were ready for a fight. He believes that it is Shibusawa, who is making his move against Kazama's allies, which means that they are also going to come for him and Kiryu. He suggests that they get out the city before it comes flooded with Shibusawa's goons. But as if on cue, a group of roaming Dojima thugs spots Kiryu and Nishiki and comes running for them. Kiryu quickly explains the situation to Nishiki, namely that the Dojima Family thinks Makoto is dead but the Nikkyo Consortium has her at the moment and as such she is Sera and Kazama's ace in the hole. He tells him that right now, the two of them need to stall for time until the situation can be resolved. Nishiki, looking to the thugs closing in on them, asks how they are going to achieve that. Kiryu asks to, for now at least, to go to the the Kazama Family offices and warn Kashiwagi to go into hiding too; meanwhile, he will stay here and hold off the goons. Nishiki obligies.

After succesfully fighting off the thugs, Kiryu decides that he better go to the Kazama Family offices to help out his old comrades. After dashing through the city, he arrives out in front of the offices, only to find the street strangely empty. He then spots Kuze, alone, waiting for him.

Kuze, instead of his usual angry self, is now instead downright tranquil and even respectful (for Kuze anyway) towards Kiryu. He tells Kiryu that he expected him, and as such that he asked the foot soldiers to clear out prior to his arrival, as he didn't want anyone to get in way of this, which he thinks will be their their final fight. He tells Kiryu that he has even abstained from making a move against the Kazama Family until the fight is settled. Kiryu asks what the Dojima Family is planning to do to the Kazama Family and Kazama himself, and Kuze answers that it should be rather obvious; they are planning to Kill 'Em All, at least that is what Shibusawa wants. He says as it stands now, the entire Tojo Clan will soon be under Dojima control, and so they will easily have all the manpower need to carry out that plan. Kiryu says that even so, he would rather fight a thousand rank and file goons than him right now, as he knows that Kuze is here to break him, and a man fighting for such a goal will fight without paying any heed to his own wellbeing. Kuze answers that Kiryu is right, this fight is indeed about pride; both his own and Kiryu's, and he wonder which of them are going to die the hardest now.

Kiryu eventually manages to beat Kuze into submission for the fifth time. Lying exhausted and defeated on the ground, Kuze admits that he understands what Kazama sees in Kiryu. He sees someone with the potential to be a monster of a yakuza, like Kazama himself was in his youth, and now the Dojima Family has gone and broken the seals holding that inner monster back. He then adds that there is also another man fighting to be such a monster, a real yakuza, at the moment: Shibusawa. He says that, right now, Shibusawa is at the Nikkyo Consortium's base, and he asks Kiryu to go there and confront him. He adds that both he and Shibusawa knows that Makoto is alive; Shibusawa had paid Lao Gui to shoot her, but he also ordered him not to shoot to kill, a detail which he kept secret from Sohei Dojima. Shibusawa wanted to use Makoto as bait for the Consortium, by following their movements when they rescued her, he could track them to their homebase. Shibusawa's end goal is kill everyone who has had any involvement with Kazama; that is how he plans to prove himself a real yakuza.

Nishiki suddenly runs out from the Kazama Family's officies, telling Kiryu that he has gotten word from Little Asia that Shibusawa is leading a Dojima Family raid on Shibuara right now. Kiryu says that that is rather bad, because both the Consortium and Makoto are based there. Nishiki replies that they better get out there quick then, and runs off to fetch his car. Kuze then speaks to Kiryu again, warning him that he is about to enter the deepest, darkest pit of the yakuza world; a path which Kazama for the longest time tried to be prevent him from walking down, but if he is choosing by his own will to take it, Kuze can only tell him to go ahead. Kiryu just replies that he feels ready for whatever must come, saluting Kuze as an officer and thanking him, before leaving.

Kiryu meets with Nishiki, who has parked his car just outside Kamurocho. He tells Kiryu that once they head down to Shibuara, there can be no turning back, and there is no guarantee that either of them will got out alive. But Kiryu says that he feels ready, telling Nishiki that they are looking for a ship down at Shibuara.

Elsewhere, Majima is hanging out in him and Sagawa's hideout. Majima notices that this could be his last day alive, but he feels resolved to put an end to this, no matter how it turns out for him, and steps out onto the streets of Kamurocho.

By chance, Majima runs into the same trio of punks who beat him up yesterday, and they recognize him and surrounds him. Majima just regards them with ice-cold anger, but they mistake his silence for him being scared, and mocks him, before asking him to hand over his wallet. Majima's response is to suckerpunch their leader right in the face, and then kicking him in the stomach before he has realized what has happened. He then turns to the second one, punches him hard in the chest and knocks the wind straight out of him. The third one quickly realizes how screwed he is and immediately kowtows, desperately begging for mercy, but Majima is in no mood what so ever to be lenient and kicks him right in the face.

Just then Sawaga appears. He smugly chastise Majima for his change in behavior, asking him if there isn't some more important things he needs to do, like finding Makoto so Sagawa himself can kill her for all the trouble she has given him. Majima, however, is having absolutely none of Sawaga's usual smarminess, and coldly tells him that he has some place else to be right now, namely the Dojima Family's headquarters. Sagawa, clearly trying to reassert his authority, demands to know what he is playing at, asking him if Dojima has the girl now. Majima, however, just tells him that Makoto has been shot by a Dojima hitman and challenges him tell that to Shimano.

Sagawa, now openly frustrated, grabs Majima by his collar and demands more detailed explanations. Majima instead shoots him a defiant glare and with a voice dripping with cold fury, he tells him to take his hands off him, and that he is done taking orders, before threatening to kill everyone and anyone who makes a move against Makoto. Sagawa then realizes that the reason why Majima is going to the Dojima Family's headquarters is to exact revenge, and loosing his grip on him, he asks in disbelief if he really is planning to kill Sohei Dojima himself all on his own. Majima doesn't answer, but starts walking without looking back, even as Sagawa shouts at him that he has allowed his feelings for Makoto to drive him off the deep end, telling him that he has the look of a "mad dog" in his eye. As Majima keeps on his unflinching walk, Sagawa mumbles to himself that the crazy bastard has finally broken out of his cage.

A couple of hours later, Majima has broken down the front gates to the Dojima Family's offices paving a way through Sohei's remaining thugs tasked with guarding him while Shibusawa goes to finish the rest of Kazama's supporters off. He enters a room filled with Dojima's goons, who regards him with great fear and demands to know who he is. He shouts that he's Makoto special delivery to the family and he is here to decimate every last one of them on his way to Shoei.

Elsewhere, at the Shibuara wharf, Shibusawa and his family has surrounded the ship where the Nikkyo Consortium is keeping Makoto. The atmosphere is tense, as Shibusawa currently has them waiting in a holding pattern with all their eyes fixed on the ship. Finally, his underling, Akita, runs up to his car, from where Shibusawa himself is observing the situation. Akita informs him that no one has seen Sera on or around the ship. Shibusawa decides that, regardless of this, the time is as good as any to make his move and orders an attack. Akita quickly conveys his orders to the assembled foot-folk, who start running up towards the ship planning to kill anyone who stands in their way.

But just as the mooks are about to board the ship, a lone car suddenly approaches, causing them to halt. It turns out that it is Kiryu and Nishiki. As they disembark, Nishiki notices the number of men that they are up against and that they are all out for blood, expressing his doubts to Kiryu if they can do this. Shibusawa, meanwhile, sees Kiryu's arrival and comments out loud at it was about time. Shibusawa then steps out of his car, making sure Kiryu sees that he is there. He then smirks triumphantly at Kiryu and starts walking towards the ship. Kiryu shouts a demand for him to stop, but several of his men steps in to block the way. Akita then steps up and tells Kiryu that he gets to play with them instead.

As Akita and his men holds Kiryu and Nishiki back, Shibusawa leads a charge against the ship. Several of the Consortium's men pop up from cover to shoot at the invading goons, but despite taking a few down, they are soon overrun, and Shibusawa manages to board the ship. Kiryu and Nishiki prepairs to fight... Only to discover that other vehicles approaching. Two trunks, loaded with men ready for a street fight then appears, and Kiryu sees that Kashiwagi is driving one of them; he realizes that the cavalry, in the form of the Kazama Family, has arrived. Kashiwagi tells him and Nishiki to head for the ship; he and the others will take care of the thugs on the pier.

After beating up Akita and a few other of the men standing in their way, Kiryu and Nishiki boards the ship. As they fight their way across the ship against several groups of Shibusawa's men, they eventually have to take cover, when they run to a group armed with guns. Nishiki, carrying a gun himself, tells Kiryu to run ahead alone, while he distracts the gunmen by laying down some suppressive fire.

After fighting his way past Shibusawa's most elite men, Kiryu, a bit winded, makes it to the bridge of the ship, where Shibusawa is waiting for him, staring out towards the ocean. Also present is the still unconcious Makoto and her doctor, who carts her around in a wheelchair. Kiryu growls Shibusawa's name, and the lieutenant turns around to face him. The two men sliently stare each other down...

At the Dojima Family's headquarters, Majima is continuing his onslaught. Despite reforcements being send in an attempt to deal with him, Majima refuses to be disuaded, and bug-eyed with rage, he defiantly shouts at them to get out of his way.

After making it through several offices and corridors and multiple waves of thugs, Majima makes to the waiting room before Sohei Dojima's office. Here, he is accosted by Awano, who is familiar with him and his history. Majima, in turn, says he regonizes Awano, remembering that he saw him at the Sebastian Building. He admits that he has also heard of some of Awano's previous exploits, and tells him that it is rather sad to see someone with his history and stature ending up as little more than a meat shield for someone like Dojima. Awano guesses that Majima is here to avenge Makoto, saying that it is a rather paltry reason for doing something as daring as carving his way through the Dojima Family's headquarters with just his fists, telling him that it was most of unwise to risk his life like that. Majima retorts that in his view, the only truly stupid person is a yakuza who tries to lead a comfortable and safe life. Awano answers that money rules everything nowadays, and that if the yakuzas wants to survive, they will have to evolve and adapt to these condictions. He then says that it hardly matters whether his or Majima's philisophy is the better one. To him, Majima is just a relic from a bygone age.

Majima replies that if that is really what he thinks, he should come fight him instead of wasting both their time on empty excuses. Awano self-depricatingly apologizes, saying that maybe he does talk too much, admitting that whenever he comes across a red-blooded type like Majima, he cannot help but start up the big speeches. He then dramatically throws off his shirt, saying that maybe he has allowed himself to indulge a little too much in the expensive pleasures of life these past few years. He started with the whole yakuza gig, not because of those pleasures, but simply because he enjoyed fighting, admitting what he truly got his kicks from was hitting other people. He was good at it too, but somewhere along the line, he got just tired of being bloody all the time. He then figured it was easier to be the smart guy who gave out the orders and got all the cash, but all he found was that it was not as fun as fighting. Majima replies that he should consider himself luckly then; he will get to go out doing what he enjoys. He then throws off his shirt himself. Majima says that Awano and his colleagues' fight over the Empty Lot led to Makoto coming to harm, but he will not allow that to happen again and declares he will stop them right here and now.

After a grueling meele with Awano, who proves himself strong enough to punch cracks in concrete, Majima finally emerges victorious. As he watches his defeated opponent, he admits admiration for Awano, saying it was a real shame he allowed himself to getting caught up in the easy life, because with fists like his, he could have taken himself to the top if he wanted to. Awano struggles to get himself up into a sitting position, and says that he has been in the game for a long time, and the way he sees it, with masterminds like Kazama around, people like himself won't have a chance to even get near the top. But he then adds that maybe if he was more of a daring fool like Majima, maybe that wouldn't be such a big problem after all. Majima admits that he hasn't exactly always been foolhearty himself, but the last few days, he has met people like Lee and Nishitani. People who lived like idiots and died like idiots. He then adds that in spite of this, he still found that their courage and dedication to beat the insurmountable odds still made some of the finest bastards he has ever met. Awano smiles and says he considers Majima lucky for having met such people.

Just then, behind Majima, the doors to Dojima's office opens and Lao Gui steps forward with his gun raised. Awano, realizing what is going on, gets quickly up his feet again, runs towards the doors, before jumps in front of an oblivious Majima, catching the bullet meant for his back. A surprised Majima looks up and sees Lao Gui, instantly recognizing him as the hitman who shot Makoto. Lao Gui prepaires to shoot again, but Awano defiantly stands up, shielding Majima from several more shots. Still standing, despite his heavily injuries, Awano calls Lao Gui out his rudeness in interrupting the manly bounding moment he just had with Majima, telling him that an outsider like him should stay out of such things. Awano then stumbles forward to punch him, but Lao Gui draws several stilettos and impales the lieutenant through the chest with them, killing him.

Behind Lao Gui, Sohei Dojima steps forward. He curses his own lack of forsight, saying he never expected Shimano's pet project to come around and bite him in the ass, and even cost him Awano in the process. He then adds that now he has to through the trouble of purging the Shimano Family too, once he takes over the Tojo Clan. Dojima then gloads that Lao Gui might be the most expensive hitman in all of Asia, but he has been well worth the expense; as long he pays him he end any life he chooses, saying that power over life and death is the only real power there is. Majima just snarls at him, and says he isn't about to yield now. He intends to kill both him and Lao Gui, saying that Makoto won't truly be free until they are out of the way. Unimpressed, Dojima coldly tells Lao Gui to go ahead, before turning around and walking away.

Majima then enters a long and bloody fight with Lao Gui, who attacks with his stilettos, his gun, a sabre, and finally his fists. Him and Majima brawl across through several rooms, until Majima finally gains the upper hand, and punches the assassin through the doors to Dojima's office. The crime patriarch is shocked both to see Majima alive and standing in his office. Majima just walks over the downed Lao Gui, and grabs him by his head, and tells him that he is far from done with him. He then mercilessly starts kneeing the assassin repeatedly in the face.

Dojima, by now panicking, starts frantically rifling through one of his desk drawers and takes out a gun he had stashed there. He quickly points at Majima and fires... Only to have the shot go wide. Majima freezes, then coldly snarls at Dojima that he can damn well wait until it is his turn, saying that he will get to him in just a bit. Dojima, shaking in equal parts fear and anger, shouts Majima's name and is about to squeeze the trigger again, only to have someone else fire a shot and shoot the gun of his hand. Majima and Dojima, both surprised, looks up to see that it was Sera who fired the shot.

Back at the ship, Kiryu and Shibusawa are finally standing face to face. Shibusawa tells Kiryu that he now understands what Kazama saw in him and laments that he himself didn't notice it sooner. He thought Kiryu was just some punk, but now he is standing right here in front of him, having nearly transformed into a dragon in his own right. Kiryu spits that he spare him the poetry, demanding that he lets Makoto go already, saying that if he had intended to kill her she would have been dead now. Shibusawa, admitting that Kiryu is right, turns to the doctor and tells her to take Makoto out of here, saying that she has played her part for now. The doctor complies and starts to cart Makoto away in the wheelchair, pausing briefly to look pleading at Kiryu, before she and Makoto finally leave the scene via an elevator.

Shibusawa says that he will kill Makoto later, but he intends to get rid of Kiryu first, as he knows his death will break both Kazama's heart and plans. He then adds that after Kiryu and Makoto he intends to move on to Sera, but he is in no hurry to complete that goal. The goal he is trying to accomplish right is tearing down all of Kazama's accomplisments and grand designs, intending to thereby surpass him. He says that he already has all the money and power he needs, and therefore what he wants now, more than anything, is glory. Glory and a lasting legacy.

Upon hearing this, Kiryu expresses disappointment, asking Shibusawa if he really waged this whole war against Kazama for something that trival. Shibusawa coldly retorts that a legacy is hardly something trival to come by, saying that many men are willing to kill for such a thing. Shibusawa then tells Kiryu about his father. When he was but a boy, his father was an aide to a politician in the House of Representatives. To begin with, everyone expected his father to eventually rise in the ranks and become a politician himself. But despite the fact that he worked very hard for the politician, all his struggles and effort just went by unnoticed and uncredited, as his boss took all the glory for his accomplishments. Eventually, his father was even asked to take the fall for his boss when he got caught for corruption, and he thereby lost his job. This broke his father, and he committed suicide shortly thereafter. He says that from his father's example, he learned that a man cannot both be honest and make in the world by talent and hard work alone.

Shibusawa says that this is the reason why he chose to become a yakuza. He found that in their world, power was everything, and he thought this would allow him to finally be able to write his own fate. So he played the game; he accumulated money and power, while he did everything his boss asked of him. But eventually, he realized that being a yakuza was just like being in politics. In the end, it is all about ranks and titles.

Kiryu replies that Kazama is more than just his title; he is indeed everything what his legend says he is. He points out that despite having slaved under a terrible boss like Sohei Dojima, Kazama still managed by his own cunning and diligence to build up the Dojima Family to become the most powerful family in the Tojo Clan, saying that he is nothing like the politician that drove Shibusawa's father into his grave.

Shibusawa admits that he is aware of this; Kazama is indeed in a league of his own. But if he cannot claim his title, he will have to create his own. Kiryu retorts that a self-made title is worth nothing. A title must be given to you by your peers, or else it has no real meaning. Shibusawa says that his own labor and diligence will give it meaning. Outraged, Kiryu asks if trying to kill to an unarmed girl and murdering Tachibana and Oda is really his idea of diligence. If he really so so desperate to forge his own title, he should write in his own blood, and not the blood of others.

Shibusawa asks Kiryu if he really is so different from him, pointing out that it also was evny for Kazama's title that drove him to be a yakuza. He adds that if someone knows something about spilling blood, it is Kazama. He made his legacy on the grounds of being a hitman for the Tojo Clan after all. To forge a legend such as he, one has to kill many people. So he finds Kiryu treating him like some sort of paragon a hollow notion. He then points out that even with this whole Empty Lot business, Kazama led innocent people to their death. It was just some internal Dojima Family business, but he was the one who dragged civilians into it. And the end of the day, Kazama did all that just to make a play against Dojima. He accuses Kazama of knowningly having put both Tachibana and Makoto in danger with his ploy; he put their lives on the board, and used them as sacrifical pawns.

Shibusawa then adds that it is all a part the game of course; being a yakuza means having to write in other people's blood. And now, he intends to write his title in Kiryu's blood. He then turns his back to Kiryu and throws off his shirt, revealing that his back is adorned with the tattoo of a green dragon. A tattoo much Kiryu's. Shibusawa declares that once he has killed Kiryu, he have has demonstrated that he has what it takes to surpass Kazama and so he will claim the title as the Dragon of Dojima. Kiryu replies that there is only room for one dragon. To which Shibusawa replies that he couldn't agree more. Kiryu declares that he will put an end to this war, before taking off his own shirt. Both shouting in fury, him and Shibusawa storms towards each other with raised fists.

After a fierce fist-fight across the ship, with Kiryu and Shibusawa throughly bruising and knocking each other around, the former finally beats the latter into submission. Shibusawa, however, refuses to accept his loss graciously, swearing vehemently that he still intends to kill who stand against him, just like he killed Tachibana, and then laughs at Kiryu in defiance. Kiryu, overcome with anger, punches Shibusawa to the ground, and then straddles him, starting to bash on his face. Now even more bloody and beaten, Shibusawa just challenges him to give into his anger and kill him, saying it is the only way to truly follow in Kazama's footsteps and become a true yakuza. Kiryu screams in anger, and raises his fist, clearly intending for it to be the finishing blow, only to be tackled off Shibusawa by Nishiki.

Nishiki, himself evidently winded and bruised from quite a few scraps of his own, begs Kiryu not to give in and kill Shibusawa, saying that once he crosses the line of taking a life, there will be no coming back from it, and he will gain nothing from killing Shibusawa. Nishiki, increasingly overcome with emotion, reminds him that the two of them promised each to rise through the ranks together, and as such, there might come a day where one of them will have to cross that line, and he begs Kiryu to be there with him on that day, so if need be they can cross the line together.

Back at Dojima's office, Sera looks to Majima and asks him if he still intends to kill Lao Gui and Dojima. Majima says that he will, believing that as long as both of them are around, Makoto is going to be in danger. He then throws Lao Gui to the floor, and he says will kill them so Makoto won't have to. Sera tells him that if Makoto finds out that he has done so, the knowledge is probably going to break her heart. He reminds him of how he felt when his sworn brother, Saejima, killed those 18 men, saying that she will feel the same pain as he did. Her hands might be clean, but only because his own will be soaked in blood, and she will have to live with that knowledge. He finally tells him that killing someone on a other's behalf is a deed that never truly be repaid, asking if he really wants to saddle her with such a debt.

Even while considering Sera's words, Majima draws his dagger as he looks at Lao Gui's face. Overcome with anger, he brings the dagger down to towards Lao Gui... only to plant in the floor right next to his head. He looks to Sera and asks what he is supposed to do then. Sera informs him that Makoto has now regained conciousness, and as they speak, Kashiwagi and the Kazama Family are escorting her back to the hospital. While Majima is elated to hear those news, Dojima is greatly dismayed. Angry, Dojima asks what is going to happen to the Empty Lot now. Sera turns to him, and says, with no shortage of triumph, that Makoto is no longer the ower of the Empty Lot. The proper paperwork have now been filed, in Sera's name. Sera smugly informs Dojima that he will gladly dicuss the terms of selling it, but his asking price is 100 billion yen. As Dojima looks at him in disbelief, Sera declares that the Dojima Family's golden age is now at an end. Dojima finally realizes that he has been defeated, and spruttering in impotent fury, he slumps back in his seat.

Sera turns back to Majima, and tells him that by holding the Empty Lot, he now has the power to decide what happens to the Kamurocho Revitalization Project, saying that the Dojima Family might have held unrivaled power in the Tojo Clan, but this changes now. Majima ask him why he should care, and more importantly, why it means he shouldn't just kill Lao Gui and Dojima. Sera answers that he and the Nikkyo Consortium needs Lao Gui alive. The assassin has killed many people on Dojima's personal orders, and his testimony could therefore easily destory the crime patriarch. He has even already informed the police of this. Majima, outraged, asks if Sera is really planning to just hand over Lao Gui to the cops and just call it a day. But Sera assures him that he is not that benevolent. He plans to have the Consortium take costody of him, so that if Dojima ever tries anything rash again, he can use Lao Gui's knowledge to blackmail him into compliance. Dojima shoots Sera an angry, but powerless look at hearing this.

Sera then finally asks Majima, what kind of punishment would actually be more fitting for Lao Gui: a quick death right now, or living out the rest of his years out in some dark hole, not unlike the one Majima himself spent two years in. Majima just wordless concedes that Sera is right. Sera assures him that he doesn't have to worry about Makoto. He will see to it that the Dojima Family will never threaten her again. He then adds that in the end, he did save her. Majima bitterly asks him to spare him the pretty words, pointing out that in the end, he just used him to do his dirty work. Just like Shimano did. Bemused, Sera answers that he actually didn't predict that Majima would have decimated the Dojima Family. Majima just scoffs and turns to leave, but Sera stops him and says that there is still one last matter to resolve, namely his boss Shimano. He asks if Majima could send him a message from him, before handing Majima his gun. He tells him that the message is that he needs to take responsibly for trying to betray the Tojo Clan.

    Ending and Epilogue 
Sometime later, Majima shows up at Shimano's office. He finds Sagawa standing outside the door. Sagawa asks him if he is here to see Shimano, and Majima in turn asks if he is in. Sagawa answers that he is currently in a meeting with one of the heads of the Omi Alliance, discussing the terms of the Alliance's inmatch into Tokyo. Majima says that in that case, he is the bearer of bad news; the Nikkyo Consortium has the Empty Lot now. Sagawa accepts these news with suprising calm. He then says that he guesses that Majima is here to kill Shimano in order to clean up all the loose ends, looking to the gun in his hand. Majima doesn't answer, and prepairs to enter the office. Sagawa stops him and say that in spite of everything, he feels that the two of them had quite a bit of fun together. Majima breifly considers his words, and then continues onwards.

Majima throws the doors to the office open. Shimano, sharing tea and a dinner with his guest, expresses suprise to see him. Majima tells him that Sera of the Nikkyo Consortium has a message for him. Shimano looks to the gun in his hand, and then asks what it is. Majima says that somewhere in the Tojo Clan there is a traitor working with the Omi Alliance. Sera wants that person found, and he wants the Shimano Family to carry out the mission. Raising the gun, he adds that Sera wants to believe that Shimano himself is innocent in all of this, but he is going to need proof of that. He breifly points the gun at Shimano, but then puts it down at the table next to him. Majima then assures Shimano that whatever happens, he is still a member of the family.

Shimano considers this, and then picks up the gun. He asks Majima that if that is the case, then he is willing to die for boss, and points the gun at him. Majima answers that he is, but he has just one final request. He asks Shimano to tell Saejima that he is sorry for what happened. Shimano pauses, and then in a sudden movement, he points the gun towards his guest from the Omi Alliance, and pulls the trigger, sending his brain matter spraying all over the office.

Shimano looks to his dead vistor and declares that he believes that this will suffice as an answer to Sera's message, and asks a shocked Majima to inform him of the reply. He says that he hereby washes his hands of everything to do with the Empty Lot and the Omi Alliance. Shimano then tells Majima that he has some advice for him; if all he cares about is climbing the ranks, he always got to think one step ahead. But once you are looking down from the top, only the endgame matters. Being in charge doesn't mean anything if you're just going to lose it tomorrow. He believes that Kazama and Sera's reign won't last long, and than in ten years time it will be the Shimano Family's turn to call the shots. He places a heavy hand on Majima's shoulder, and says, with the air of a proud parent, that with a human weapon like him at his side, he is sure that it will come to pass.

One month later, the Tojo Clan's heads are called in for an assembly. Nihara leads the proceedings, telling Dojima that he is sorry to hear that his family has been through a rough patch. Awano is dead, Kuze and Shibusawa have been taken by the cops, and even though Kazama is soon released from prison, he still lost control of the Kamurocho Revitalization Project. Almost choking on his words in rage, Dojima apologizes to Nihara, saying that he hopes his family's internal problems haven't caused any trouble for the Clan at large.

Nihara tells him not to worry, as it is not the reason why he has called the meeting today. Rather, he has an announcement to make. Until now Nihara has been the Acting Second Chairman of the Tojo Clan. He is confident that now, the time is right to retire and appoint a true successor. He declares that Sera of the Nikkyo Consortium is the best candidate to fill the seat, as he enjoys the backing of all the heads of the other families. Meanwhile, Dojima will act as his guardian. He asks Sera to see the Kamurocho Revitalization Project through, now that Dojima has been force to step back from it. Sera bows his head in acceptance. Nihara then rises from his seat and bids the assembly good luck, before leaving the room.

Meanwhile, in the local prison, Kiryu is having a visitation with Kazama. Kazama tells him that it is good to see him in one piece, and apologizes for everything he has put him through recently. Kiryu tells him that he is here today to report something to him — something he might not want to hear — although, with Kazama being as well-informed as he has been so far, despite his incarceration, he guess that he already has an idea of what it is. Kazama admits that he does, and asks him if he really can do it. Kiryu replies that he believes that he has what it takes.

Later, at Reina's bar, Kiryu, sporting a new outfit, is sitting down for a drink. An upset Nishiki then enters the bar and asks him for an explaination. Reina scolds him, saying that there is no need for such theatrics. Nevertheless, Nishiki asks Kiryu if the rumors about him going back to the Dojima Family are really true. He then asks him if that was the reason why he went to see Kazama earlier today.

Kiryu calmly informs that the answers to both his questions are "yes". He adds that Kazama formally asked him to stay a civilian, as he didn't believe he was cut out for the yakuza. Kazama also admitted that part of the reason why he send him to Tachibana was because he had hope that Kiryu would continue to pursue a honest career in real estate. Nishiki says that he is not complaining about Kiryu's decision to stay in the game, but asks why he didn't just join directly up with the Kazama Family, telling him that going into the Dojima Family after screwing them over that hard is sure to make things difficult for him.

Kiryu says that it might be so, but he believes that it is the first step he needs to take in order to make things square again. He says that through this whole ordeal he met a lot of people who all were trying to put things right, and he was impressed by this. It all made him realize how green he still is. Nishiki asks what it is the two of them are lacking, and Kiryu admits that he doesn't know. But he believes that if he can walk the path in front of him without running away, he might be able to figure it out. And once he has found out, he might also know how to put things right. This will be him trying finding his own path as a yakuza, without having to follow Kazama's way.

Kiryu then rises from his seat and puts on his suit jacket, revealing his new outfit; a light grey suit with a red shirt underneath. Nishiki asks what happened to the old one, and Kiryu replies that he found this new one the other day and it spoke to him. True to form, Nishiki starts to complain about Kiryu's fashion-sense, saying that the white one was much cooler, telling him that his new look is so not him and will be outdated in a year. Kiryu refuses to be disuaded, saying that he feels like he should himself decide what is "him" from now on. Nishiki says that he won't protest against him joining up with whatever family he wants, but he is definetly putting his foot down when it comes to this suit. But Kiryu just insists that he likes it, whatever Nishiki's opinon is. Nishiki asks if he just can't go back to a black suit like the one he wore before the white one, to which Kiryu replies that he doesn't feel "black" or "white" these days; grey is what he is feeling right now. He tells Nishiki that this suit is important to him, because he chose it himself. It feels like a fresh start.

Nishiki finally concedes that there is no way of talking Kiryu out of this, jokingly telling him that he can wear the damn thing for the rest for his life for all he cares. Kiryu smiles and thanks him. He then tells Nishiki that he owes him a lot after everything they just have been through together. He doesn't know how to pay him back, but he will some day, even if it takes him the rest of his life. Nishiki jokes with Kiryu going all sappy on him like that, before suggesting that they can begin by going to grab something to eat at Kamurocho's finest stakehouse and have him pay for it. Kiryu sheepishly admits that, actually, he doesn't have that much cash on him right now. But Nishiki tells him he had better start walking right now, and follows him out the bar.

Meanwhile in Sotenbori, Majima, also sporting a new outfit, as well as a new haircuit, is saying his goodbyes to Sagawa, now that he has been reinstated and is moving back to Tokyo. Sagawa has a few choice words for his fashion sense, calling his new snakeskin-patterned jacket the tackiest thing he has ever seen. Majima just says that he has his mind up made about this. He declares that no one in Sotenbori has any clue about what is right or wrong anyway, so he might as well try to have some fun along the way and be the craziest of them. Sagawa replies that he had Majima pegged for being the straight and narrow type, but he rather likes this version of him and encourages him to keep it up. He then offers Majima a smoke and takes one for himself. He tells Majima that he took him for one hell of a ride, but now that they are colleagues once again, he will look out for him, telling him to drop a line if he ever makes his way through Kansai again. Majima jokingly tells him that, frankly, he will pass and adds that he never sees Sagawa's ugly mug again, it'll be too soon.

Sagawa laughs at this and reminds him that they both have plently of enemies, so it will exciting how long either will be able to survive. Majima scoffs at this and says that a guy like Sagawa is damn near immortal. Sagawa smiles and says that maybe he is. Majima tells him that he will see him around, and moves to leave. But after a few steps, he pauses and thanks him, telling him that to him, he is tenacity incarnated. He taught him a lesson about how important it is to hang on, even when the odds are against you, and he is hoping he can prove himself to be just as tenacious. He declares that he will live his own way from now on.

Sagawa smiles and bids him goodbye, telling him to go nuts. He watches as Majima leaves, saying that he will catch him on the flip side. But no soon has Majima left, than Sagawa feels a heavy hand on his shoulder, and he notices three yakuza thugs from the Omi Alliance, who has walked up behind him. Resigned, Sagawa realizes they are here to kill him for Shimano's part in murdering one of their leaders. He comends the men for their fast work. Calmly saying that it looks like its it time to go, he turns around and faces them. A gunshot rings out and the screen does a Smash to Black.

Sometime time later, back in Kamurocho, Makoto and her doctor are walking down the street, only to find themselves sexually harrassed by a couple of young yakuzas from the Shimano Family. Makoto, unintimidated, tells them to take a hike, and one the yakuzas laughs at this, telling her that she got spunk. The other says that they just what to have a chat, and grabs the doctor by the arm. Makoto jumps in and delivers a quick slap to his face. Him and his buddy takes offense to this, saying that it is assualt and now she will have to make amends. Makoto, still keeping a cool head, says that she is willing to hear them out, but they will have to let the doctor go. Impressed by her spine, the punks agrees. The doctor then leaves, but not before whispering to Makoto that she will go get help.

The yakuzas commend Makoto for her guts, one of them lewdly asking her if she willing to hear them out at a hotel. She just slaps him, like she did to his buddy. By now, the yakuzas starts to lose their temper, asking her if that she always repays compliments. But Makoto refuses to be afraid and glares at him in defiance. Just, then Majima walks up on the commotion.

Recognizing him as their superior, the punks quickly bow to him. For a moment, Majima stands there silently as he looks over Makoto. He then, however, realizes that Makoto doesn't recognize him. Makoto eventually breaks the silence, asking him why he is staring at her so intensely. When Majima continues to be silent, the punks starts to speak up, asking him if she not a fine speciment, asking him to join in. They then turn to Makoto and says she is in for it now, asking her if she is aware who their superior is. But before they can say his name, Majima assaults them both and knocks them to the ground.

Majima regards Makoto as she stands in shock over the sudden burst of violence. He looks her into her eyes, and then his expression turns morose. Just then the doctor returns along with a young man, who Makoto indentifies as "sensei". The young man, though clearly nervous, asks Majima what he has done to Makoto. Makoto assures him that the stranger haven't harmed her, but just saved her from the two punks.

Majima walks over to the young man and looks him over for a moment. He then puts his arm over his shoulder and guides a few steps away, outside Makoto's earshot. He quitely asks him if Makoto is his girlfriend. The man replies, reluctantly, that she is just a patient. Majima realizes that he is the doctor kind of "sensei". He then asks him if he loves Makoto. The man is confused and outraged by the question, and refuses to answer, but Majima guesses from the fact that he is clenching his fists, that he indeed carries a torch for her. Majima tells him that he is not interested in a fight, and just asks that he tells him the truth. The young doctor gathers himself and finally admits that, yes, he is in love with Makoto, and wishes that she could be more than just a patient to him. He adds that she was, until just recently, blind, but one could never tell from looking at her now. She has completely regained her eyesight. But he wishes he could be and do more for her. Majima ask him if that is the truth about his feelings for her. The doctor tells him that it is, but he hasn't told her yet. Majima tells him, that in that case, it is about time he gets his act together and tell her the truth. He then adds that he had better keep her safe too. He then walks off.

The young doctor returns to Makoto, who asks him what happened. The doctor replies that nothing actually happened, they just had a talk. Makoto says that she is glad he is safe, and then looks after Majima, wistfully commenting that the strange man had such a sad look in his eye. She then asks the doctor what the two of them talked about. The doctor breifly hesitates, but then says that he will gladly tell her, asking her if she is free to talk with him right now. Makoto, pleasantly surprised by the inviation, agrees. She then tells a last lingering look at Majima as he walks off the distance. Then the credits roll...

After the credits, we catch up with Makoto as she lays down some flowers by the Empty Lot to pay her respect to her brother. She comments on how everything finally seems to have returned to normal, and how relieved she by this. She is thankful she is still alive, realizing that she wouldn't have been if it wasn't for the fact that so many people helped her out, like Lee, Kiryu, and Sera. Her mind then dwells on the one she never got to thank. The two of them went through so much together, but she never learned his name. She never even got get a look good at his face. She still wishes that she could have told him how much he meant to her.

Suddenly, she hears a famliar tune coming from a conspicous dirt pile. In amazement, she rifles through the dirt and finds a little package. Upon opening it up, she finds her old watch, its music box now repaired. She cries in gratitude as she thanks her mysterious protector, happy to learn that he still is somewhere out there.

Not far from there, something historic is about to happen. The Mad Dog of Shimano is walking down the streets of Kamurocho, as he happens to spot the Dragon of Dojima walking towards him. The two men have never met each other before, but know plently about about each other through reputation, and they regard each other for a long moment in silence. With a crazy glint in his eye, Majima then puts on his most outrageous grin, as he exclaims "Yo... Kiryu-chan!" Kiryu, in turn, smirks at this.


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