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Blazkowicz: They think the war is over... But they're dead wrong
They're rewritin' history... But they forgot about me

  • When you start a new game, two familiar words flash on the screen for a split second...
  • B.J. being B.J. (In this day and age of tactical FPS gaming no less) You could say the man has seen too much shit, but damn.
  • Chapter 02 is basically He’s Back: The Level. When the asylum BJ has been staying in is being purged with Anya being hauled off after her parents have been murdered for trying to intervene, he throws off a fourteen-year coma and brain damage through sheer rage and hatred for Nazis, ventilates the officer responsible with a steak knife and proceeds to butcher every Nazi Commando in a Roaring Rampage of Rescue.
    • Even before that, when he sneaks the knife off the plate while the soldiers are distracted with Anya and her parents. Hell, when the soldier points his gun at BJ, his hands are shaking, he falls to his knees when he tries to pick up a gun, and will have occasional moments of dizziness while going through the asylum. But he still doesn't stop.
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    • In that sequence, you see a dead nurse with a shotgun in her hand and a Deathshead Commando's corpse some feet away.
  • Stealing the Project Whisper helicopters. Complete with Awesome Music and the fact that these choppers' rotors can fold up and redeploy in the span of less than five seconds and turn on a dime, enough to fit into a sewer system!
    Blazkowicz: I'm sorry about your legs.
    Caroline: Don't be. I've learnt how to fly.
    • This also doubles as foreshadowing. Eventually, she can fly on her own - courtesy of a Lost Technology suit of Powered Armor.
    • The fact that they pretty skillfully hand-waved the death of Caroline in the 2009 game with only a few lines of dialogue and made her recovery the subject of some awesome banter between her and B.J., too.
      • In said banter, Caroline says she doesn't remember much of what happened to her - but she does remember punching Hans Grosse in the face.
  • The liberation of Forced Labor Camp Belica.
    • Villainous scum she may be, but it is impressive that an old hag like Frau Engel got her jaw crushed, was flung off a cliff and hit a tree on the way, and survived
  • B.J. single handedly destroying the London Monitor.
  • After Klaus is shot, Max Hass came to your rescue. He lifted one of sewer gate there to let you access Kreisau HQ before shutting it off, leaving you alone. You'd thought the man would die surrounded by that many Nazis but no. The scene on helicopter has him listening to Klaus' last words, looking not much worse for wear!
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  • Those Guard Robots that have been giving you trouble? Caroline in Powered Armor kicked their head off in one shot, killing them.
  • J's death, in which he goes down playing an acidic version of the Star Spangled Banner on guitar loud enough for all of Berlin to hear. There are multiple shots of the city shaking from the volume. Even better when you consider that J is more than likely Jimi Hendrix, who was famous for playing the national anthem at Woodstock in 1969.
    • Credit to Tekla too if you play her side of the story. Despite being a Non-Action Girl backed into a corner, she takes out eleven Elite Mooks with a pair of pistols and says she killed seven others earlier. She even has the corpses stacked like firewood. And when she goes down she takes a couple more with her, breaking her predictive model.
  • The destruction of the Gibraltar Bridge and the facade of Deathshead's main base in the finale. Both of them are performed using a Da'at Yichud weapon called a "spindly torque"; a sphere that shoots out a mess of cables and uses torsion to tear apart buildings in an awe-inspiring display of destruction.
    • The Gibraltar Bridge incident is rather stand out because it takes it's time showing you just how much devastation your use of the Spindly Torque wrought, producing an incredibly rare subversion of a My God, What Have I Done? moment that's not uttered in regret but in awe. It's especially awesome in that it's the first true moment you've done something that leaves the Nazis with nothing. The London Nautica bombing? It didn't knock the whole thing down, it was mostly intact. The escape from Frau Engel's labor camp? You didn't get everyone out and the camp's still standing. Destroying the Gibraltar Bridge is the first time the player has truly damaged the Nazi war machine and it feels good.
  • On Gibraltar Bridge, a Supersoldaten manages to get BJ in a Neck Lift. Unfortunately for it, Fergus/Wyatt comes up behind it in one of the helicopters. By decapitating it with the rotor blades.
    Wyatt: Leave him alone, you damn ugly fuck!
  • Bubi ambushes B.J. with a powerful sedative with the intent of slowly torturing him to death for Frau Engel's vengeful entertainment, but then it turns out the shrapnel embedded in his skull allows him to shrug off most of the effects. B.J.'s response? Tear off Bubi's ear with his teeth just enough that the bastard will bleed out to death in sheer terror if you don't finish him off personally, as B.J. simply stands up to tower over the man and rips the knife embedded in his chest right out without even flinching.
  • Finally being able to fight Deathshead as the Final Boss.
    Deathshead: (emerging from the wreckage) I will NEVER kneel to you!
    B.J.: (Holding a knife to his neck) Fine! I will gut you standing.
  • Anya's grandmother slapping the shit out of Keller, and later shooting Nazis from the family truck.
    • Anya's grandfather, Roman, blowing the head off a Nazi with his double-barreled shotgun. But what makes it even more awesome is what he tells you to do next.
      "You kill the Nazis! KILL EVERYONE!"
  • Fighting Laser Space Nazis on the moon.
  • A minor one: most of the newspaper clippings found throughout the game serve to highlight what a Crapsack World the world has become after they were subjugated by the Nazis. The one exception to this? The French news clippings, which imply that twenty years later, the French Resistance is still fighting the Nazis, and are no closer to giving up than they were at the start of the war. It's pretty damn awesome to know that one country is still fighting after most of the rest of the world has gone to heck in a handcart.
  • During Bethesda's E3 2016 press conference they dropped a bombshell. Quake is back with the new game of Quake Champions. When revealing the trailer they opened up to a DOS-esque load up screen giving off a list of entries in iD's franchises, from Commander Keen to DOOM, in chronological order. In the list there was one curious entry at the very bottom...Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


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