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Awesome Music / Wolfenstein: The New Order

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It is done by Mick Gordon. Do you need anything else said?

  • Deathshead's theme, just as terrifying and evil as the man himself. The screeching notes even sound like distorted screams.
  • "The New Order" introduces the Nazi-dominated world very well. Bonus points for the hard-rock feel—perfect for getting you psyched up to go in guns blazing! It's not available on the soundtrack itself, sadly, but a incredibly badass remix of "The New Order" plays during the final chapter as Blazkowitz storms Deathshead's compound.
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  • "Ransacked" sets the stage for when your safe house gets ransacked by the Nazis, your fellow freedom fighters are either killed or captured, and you're fighting through it. It starts out solemn and sad, with the guitar version of a Lonely Piano Piece...then the music swells into hard rock n' roll, reflecting Blazkowitz's (and probably the player's) rising anger and heartfelt determination to go and even the score.
  • The Radio songs from In-Universe music company Neumond Recordings are pretty sweet as wellnote :
  • Now The Old Blood gives us an amazing cover of "The Partisan", a French song about the French Resistance in WWII, with vocals performed by Australian musician Tex Perkins.
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  • The music that plays when B.J hijacks control of Herr Faust and goes on a rampage through Camp Belica (which includes guitarwork by Fredrik Thordendal) is just badass.
  • If one chose the Wyatt timeline, J's brief rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner (skip to 0:54) as the Kreisau headquarters goes down in flames may sound very familiar...

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