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Awesome / Wolfenstein (2009)

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  • The intro sequence on the Tirpitz: B.J. is disguised as the Nazi General Shosshund, and the Captain reports to him that there might be a spy on board. He then proceeds to make a dash for the airplanes, beating the living daylights out of several mooks, and leaving the ship to its explosive fate.
  • The sole existence of the Thule Medallion.
  • The section in the Cannery level, where you take the control of a huge Veil Energy-powered tank and proceed to destroy and maim every Nazi troop, vaporizing them into skeletons.
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  • The Mid Boss fight in the Cannery against General Zetta: a Veil-mutated giant slug in the cover of a Nazi officer. The fight is easy, though you get the chance to off someone who deserves worse. But what really counts is the aftermath: once Zetta is dead, the Isenstadt villagers start revolving against the Nazi regime and are actively collaborating with you in order to bring them down.
  • After General Zetta's death, in Isenstadt, you walk down the Main street, and hear gunfire from one of the houses. You go in, and there's this guy with a rifle and a dead SS Officer at his feet. Turns out the Nazi wanted to shake him down for money, and this lowly civilian took the gun out of his hands and gunned him down with it.
  • The raid towards Deathshead's castle. La Résistance's leader was captured, and it's up to you and your resistance fellows to rescue her. What should have been one of the most awesome moments of the entire game gets somehow ruined by the constant Continue Your Mission, Dammit! chatter and the death of Caroline Becker. Still, what makes this level awesome is the enormous Nazi body count you and your companions harvest towards the length of the level, and the fact that you manage to defeat and destroy the Geist Queen.
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  • The final fight against Hans Grosse. After B.J. raided the Zeppelin, he enters the portal to the Black Sun Dimension and faces Deathshead's dragon. He uses a Veil-powered armor in order to fight against B.J., so he has the same Veil powers as you. He also has dual chainguns and dual rocket launchers. After a very ammunition-consuming battle, you use your Medallion crystal to destroy his own, breaking your own power in the way. First you sacrifice the Shield power, then the Mire power, and after you attempt to destroy the Machine, he comes back and you destroy his Empower ability, leaving him for his own death at the Dimension itself.
  • The ending sequence. After defeating the Final Boss, B.J. gets out of the Black Sun Dimension and hightails it off the exploding Zeppelin with a stolen parachute. He barely stops for 5 seconds to beat the crap out of a random Mook in order to get the parachute. The Zeppelin then goes down in fire.

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