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Trivia / Wolfenstein: The New Order

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  • Actor Allusion:
  • The Other Darrin: All of the cast have switched voice actors once again.
    • B.J., as above, goes from Peter Jessop to Brian Bloom.
    • Caroline Becker switched from Anna Graves to Bonita Friedericy.
    • Deathshead goes from Robin Atkin Downes to both Dwight Schultz for English dialogue and Kaspar Eichel for lines spoken in German.
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  • Preview Piggybacking: Pre-ordered copies of the game came with beta codes for DOOM (2016).
  • Promoted Fanboy: MachineGames, in addition to being a studio made of folks who made games like the Riddick Games and The Darkness, are also big fans of the original Wolfenstein franchise. According to this video by Rooster Teeth, they had planned out the whole game (possibly an entire planned trilogy) before they even got the green-light from Bethesda, with iD Software giving advice such as implementing dual wielding and making the guns bigger.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • MachineGames were originally planning to make an entirely original game, but their pitches were rejected. After ZeniMax acquired id Software, MachineGames' owner, Bethesda, suggested MachineGames create something based on a property they owned; when they asked about Wolfenstein and were told that nothing was being done with it, they decided to make a new game in that series, recycling what ideas they could from their original project for it.
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    • BJ's facial appearance went through at least one revision, as seen in this image, with his unused appearance bearing a resemblance to his Return to Castle Wolfenstein face model.
    • Enemy soldiers were planned to be present in the moonbase's exterior areas, but problems making their AI work correctly in a low-gravity environment and a lack of time to fix the issues forced the developers to cut them out and stick with the flying robotic drones.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Wolfenstein Wiki.


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