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Trivia / Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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  • Actor Allusion: The host of "German... Or Else" is played by James Horan, the voice actor of Skull Face from Metal Gear Solid V whose goal revolved around eradicating the worlds lingua franca, English, and fittingly is the one to reference the imminent retirement of the English language at the end of the segment.
    • Having obtained the body of a super soldier, in this case having his head attached to one. B.J has now become even more like Captain America.
  • Godwin's Law: Inverted. Some members of the "alt-right" (which is seen by some as overtly a neo-Nazi movement) are complaining that the game vilifies white and/or right-wing people.
  • I Knew It!:
    • BJ Blazkowicz had been speculated as being Jewish for years, but nothing concrete ever showed up. Until this game revealed his mother was Jewish. Also a Genius Bonus when you remember that Jewish heritage, unlike most other types of lineage, is transferred matrilineally, making his Jewish heritage even more concrete since it came from his mother.
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    • The head transplant plot point was successfully predicted just after the game's announcement due to several hints shown in the trailers. Most notably, the cover art depicts a post-surgery BJ.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: The four new major characters of Grace, Horton, Sigrun and Zofia are modeled directly after their voice actors (Debra Wilson, Christopher Heyerdahl, Alyssa Preston and Michelle Forbes, respectively).
  • The Mountains of Illinois: B.J.'s hometown of Mesquite, TX and the surrounding area suffers from this.
    • The Establishing Shot of the highway approaching Mesquite depicts a barren and dusty desert, with boulders littering the ground and craggy mountains in the background. This is nothing like the actual real-life area, instead seemingly modeled more after the desert landscapes around El Paso (over 600 miles to the west). The geography of real-life Mesquite is relatively flat prairieland with plenty of vegetation.
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    • The game also implies that Mesquite is in the middle of nowhere, whereas real-life Mesquite is a suburb of Dallas that was well-surrounded by city even in the 1960's.
    • B.J.'s farm is slightly better in that there are more trees and vegetation, but overall is still much drier than that area of North Texas actually is.
  • Playing Against Type:

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