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Trivia / Wolfenstein 3D

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  • Approval of God: Though he had no direct involvement in its creation, Silas S. Warner enjoyed Wolfenstein 3D and congratulated id Software on their work.
  • Banned In Germany: For obvious reasons.
  • Creator Backlash: John Romero has said flatly that Wolfenstein 3D's level designs are boring aesthetically and that no one enjoyed making them.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Pushable walls were quickly christened "pushwalls".
    • For German speaking countries where the above was in sanction, in German gaming publications, early internet message boards and software distribution sites. the game was nicknamed "Hundeschlitten 4C", "Hundefelsen 4E" or any other combination of the German words and synonyms for "hound" and "rock" and any letter-number combinations possible, since "wolfenstein" roughly means "Wolf stone."
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  • God Never Said That: For years, it was thought that the release of Super 3D Noah's Ark was a big Take That! to Nintendo. According to the rumor, id was angry about how Nintendo had censored the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D. So they outright gave the source code to Wisdom Tree and helped them get the Noah 3D mod running on the SNES (the SNES already had the engine operational, the game was basically just a mod, not much different from the many Doom mods you can still find today). It seemed as though the game was basically one gigantic middle finger from John Carmack and John Romero to Nintendo's SNES-era censorship policies. Wisdom Tree eventually stated the whole thing was bunk and they paid for the license to use the Wolfenstein engine like everyone else. ID seconded this.
  • Money, Dear Boy: The real reason why Super 3D Noah's Ark exists: Wisdom Tree paid ID pretty good money for the Wolfenstein 3D source code.
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  • Port Overdosed: But of course. Wolfenstein has been released almost as many times as Doom.
  • Promoted Fanboy: The developers were all fans of Castle Wolfenstein, and opted to remake it. When they found out that Muse Software was defunct, they wasted no time in securing the rights to the Wolfenstein IP and started working on it.
  • Technology Marches On: The limited lives, score counter and the dated sound effects makes this game far more dated than its FPS contemporaries.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game was originally intended to draw a lot more stealth elements from Castle Wolfenstein. For starters, hiding corpses. This idea was eventually scrapped because John Romero felt that it slowed down the game too much, and the gameplay shifted to emphasize fast-paced action.
    • Even before that, it was going to be an alien-themed game with the most awesome title ever: It's Green and Pissed!
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    • Rise of the Triad was originally a sequel to Wolf 3D.
  • Word of God:
  • The Wiki Rule: The Wolfenstein Wiki.

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