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Nightmare Fuel / Wolfenstein 3D

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It may be old and pixelated, but Wolfenstein 3d can still incite some bad vibes. It's not just because of the Nazis either.
  • Some of the floors have rooms with the dead, likely dead from Cold-Blooded Torture, that remind you of the foes you are fighting against.
  • The entirety of Episode 2 has a Darker and Edgier feel to it, thanks to the very lethal mutants populating the rooms, and the bizarre textures of many of the walls. The episode has you on edge, carefully going around corners due to the lurking mutants, and easily rivals to difficulty of the "Nocturnal Missions".
    • The final level of Episode 2 has you fighting the evil Dr. Schabbs, the creator of the mutants. If he kills you, you don't die the messy red death that everyone else gives you, but it's implied that you become a Mutant yourself!
  • Episode 3, Floor 7 appears quite mundane, until you find the secret maze. The maze itself occupies around 2/3 of the map and does not have any landmarks to help you along. The maze is textured in the same wood-panels all through out and evokes Nothing Is Scarier. You get a treasure trove and an elevator (found behind a push-wall near the maze re-entrance) to a unique secret level for solving the maze, so your spirits will likely be lifted after that ordeal.
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  • Fighting Hitler himself can be quite awesome, but his gory death animation can be a startling surprise. He literally melts into a pile of gore, with his head detaching.
  • Episode 6, Floor 7 is one bad-dream of a level, with a maze of acid-trip textures. It is very easy to get lost your first time, and has a secret area with poor visibility due to vines growing on the ceiling.
  • The final stage of Spear of Destiny drops you into a bloody inferno to battle the Angel of Death. Little wonder why the dev team chose to expand on this terrifying theme for their next major project.

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