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  • Cell from U17 vs Dabura from U11. Near the end of the battle Cell gets hit by Dabura's Stoning spit and is turning to stone. So what does he do to avoid losing from this? HE RIPS OFF HIS HEAD FROM HIS BODY to regenerate from his head to to win because Dabura is too weak after the rest of the fight and was using the stoning spit as a last resort measure to win.
  • Vegeta says the Cell Jr the Super Namek is fighting is as strong as the original Perfect Cell. Gast immediately blows the Cell Jr's brains out in one shot.
  • In the first Universe 3 special we get to see "The Saiyan's Rebellion" and it awesome. Bardock due to different choices manages to avoid being bogged down on Planet Meat and when the other Saiyan's attempt to laugh off his warning's about Frieza Bardock derails history by challenging King Vegeta for the Throne. He proceeds to win and become the King of all Saiyans. Using his wits and future visions Bardock sets up a plan to kill Frieza before he can genocide the Saiyan race.
    • The plan itself is all sorts of awesome. First the Saiyan's use artificial moons to transform into Oozaru's en-mass, Bardock sends the strongest Saiyan alive (Hanasia) ahead of the Oozaru horde to break into Frieza's ship and disable the shields, when Dodoria catches her and proves to much to deal with one on one Hanasia transforms into an Oozaru and physically rips out of the ship. The second the shields are down every single Saiyan warrior in Oozaru forms blasts Frieza's ship to hell. Since Frieza was in his normal (weakest) form this actually killed him.
  • U7 Nail has one when he hits Frieza in the face while he's busy talking about his power level.
    • The whole damn chapter counts. Despite the Bittersweet nature of it. Seeing the collective might of the Namekian people utterly destroying Frieza is a joy. The best bit being how none of Frieza's transformations make any difference.
  • King Cold revealing his original form for all (including the viewers) to see. How powerful is it? If he had this form when he fought Trunks, Trunks would have lost. Videl was right to quit.
    • The U12/U14 novelization and the U7 special elaborate that Cold was unable to master that power. This has to count for something even though it was Ginyu who ended up being able to actually master and refine that power.
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    • And now he shows he not only has access to a fifth form like Cooler, Cold one-upped him by transforming again into a veritable Eldritch Abomination. Damn.
    • Even though she lost, mad props to Videl for actually keeping up with third-form Cold, which Future Trunks remarks would have made his fight with Cold an actual, well, fight.
  • Page 609. Pan vs U13 Kakarotto. Pan starts charging a Kamehameha, only for Kakarotto to stop her by grabbing her arms. The one thing he didn't see coming was Pan firing the damn thing from her feet, scoring a clean hit on Kakarotto!
    • And now Pan has gone Super Saiyan! Too bad she still forfeited the fight.
  • Pages 566 to 577 are a big one for Future Trunks. He can't go beyond Ultra Super Saiyan (which canonically has about the same power as Super Saiyan 2, but is hampered by a loss of speed) so he compensates by using it in a manner similar to the Kaiou-ken. The result being that he's able to fight Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta near equally. He still loses, but its enough for Vegeta to give him props, and a reminder that the power of a technique is not always as important as how you use it.
  • On Page 746, when Gast tells you to calm down, you calm down even if he has to magic you into a ball.
    • The Grand Supreme Kai gets one by near effortlessly replicating Gast's ability just by seeing it once.
  • Zen Buu gets plenty of his own, most notably when he carves a statue of himself during his fight with Gotenks.
  • The whole Bardock Vs King Cold fight. Cold, in his final form, gives Bardock the fight of his life.
    • Not to forget that Cold actually manages to WIN the fight, reminding us all of the terrified awe most of us felt when we first saw Frieza's family at their full power.
    • Not only that, King Cold reaches 100% of his power in a second when it took Frieza several seconds to do the same.
  • The Universe 8 Special Chapter, ending with Frieza killing EVERYONE might just as well be called: "Why Krillin is awesome." In a single chapter, he manages to behead Vegeta, kill Appule, and seriously annoy Zarbon. In the next chapter, he actually inflicts some serious damage on Monster Zarbon with his Solar Flare + Kienzan combo (Zarbon just barely dodged it, but not completely), which leaves him weak enough for an angry Gohan to finish him off. No small feats for somebody who already counts as a member of Team Cannon-Fodder.
  • Chapter 41 is basically "more Gast awesomeness." Upon encountering Cooler, Gast doesn't even bother with his subordinates, and goes in for the kill immediately. Cooler basically goes down in three hits. Oh, and Vegeta and Cui are still his bitches. And as if that wasn't enough, he goes after Cold, tanks everything Cold throws at him when he is in his final form, all while giving him a barrage of scathing remarks.
  • U18!Vegeta Vs U13!Kakarotto : Vegeta beats the shit out of Kakarotto in the span of one chapter. And says that he should follow the example of the kid he beat and her grandfather, "Son Goku".
  • The battle between Cell and Tapion has some pretty epic moments to it, such as Cell showing he can grow giant like a few Namekians.
  • Before the fight between King Cold and U16!Bra, Cold is able to manipulate her into agreeing to not turn into a Super Saiyan or she'll be disqualified. Then before the match officially begins, Cold shows he has a fifth form just like Cooler, but then he takes it a step further and shows that he has an even stronger 6th form! Even Bra was surprised by this new development.
    • And then Piccolo goes and points out that this new form puts him on par with Perfect Cell from the Cell Games (before he went Super-Perfect). Holy crap. This has everyone else question what they thought, i.e that Freeza and company were too proud to train and better themselves.
    • Said new form deserves a crowner for the illustrator, Asura.
    • After spending a few minutes recreating a Tennis Boss between himself and U16!Bra, King Cold decides he's had enough, charges in, and delivers a truly vicious punch to her midsection that causes her to cough up blood. Then, he engages in a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that leaves U16!Bra a bloodied and beaten mess unable to even stand.
    • Though he eventually loses the battle due Bra being smarter than she seemed, at the end he manages to say one word that could potentially do more damage than anything he did in the fight: Change! Which is the trademark of Ginyu... Can it be...?
    • It was, and it works. Ginyu, who was posing as King Cold the entire time, body swaps with Bra just as she wins the match. Bra is left in the dying body of King Cold while Ginyu can enjoy Bra's young and powerful Saiyan body. It took Vegetto's intervention to put her back in her body...
  • Gast vs Raichi starts out with Raichi playing mind games by summoning the dead Namekians of U3 to attack Gast. Gast's response? He effortlessly charges through them and destroys Raichi's barrier the second he touches it. If it wasn't for Raichi using U13 Vegeta the match could have ended right there.
  • From Babidi's trap :
    • U18!Goten providing a distraction that enabled U18!Gohan to pulverize the mini-Cells and let Piccolo save Videl and U18!Bra.
    • A lowkey one for U18!Bra actually stunning Nappa with a reflex knee to the chin. This is from a girl who has not trained at all in her life, and mostly played for fun value but still. This makes good on Vegeta's comment that U18!Bra could also go Super Saiyan if she trained.
    • Some badass uncorrupted spectators picking up the slack to beat up and rein in the possessed ones.
    • Goten, again, thoroughly untrained still holding back Kakarot from pursuing Videl or Bra, and refusing to back down even though he knows he's not in the right league.
      • He also helps landing the killing blow on U13!Kakarot, holding him back as he went SSJ2 while U19 Heloite warrior unleashes an Ultra Weaver on him. This very nearly ended up in a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • U19 Heloites showing they don't have the time for nonsense, jumping in the fray with their laser guns.
      • Killing the one in their ranks who ended up corrupted in a Tear Jerker Mexican Standoff moment, at a great price.
      • Giving Dabra one hell of a scare, since he ended up that close to getting beheaded by a laser beam.
      • And then completely No-Selling his Taken for Granite ability, and opening a huge gaping hole in his chest.
      • U13!Kakarot getting this from the back, but this is actually a CMoA for him since he actually GOT UP from getting his freaking HEART stabbed, ready for more fighting. The U19 fighter also deserves one for his reflexes in dodging U13!Kakarot as he tried to cave his skull in.
    • U18!Gohan, freed and looking for Babidi with Piccolo takes the time to observe his U16 counterpart's plight, and they both realize they think the same, and cooperate, at the drop of a hat. Cue Cell being utterly surprised by this, as he did NOT expect U18!Gohan to actually risk attacking him with enough power to rip off Cell's tail, which would also wound U16!Piccolo and U16!Gohan, and risk killing U16!Videl. Both Gohans counted on U16!Gohan's reflexes, on U18's power and control, on U16!Piccolo and U16!Gohan's resistance to sustain acceptable minor injuries given the situation, AND ensure U16!Videl was 100% unwounded. And it worked. And it was glorious.
      • At last we see how Gohan can put his intellect to use. Two Mystic Gohans cooperating without a word? Now THAT'S a scary thought for evil doers.
    • On another level, Cell further gives hints to him not being completely under Babidi's Mind Control. First argument: He has cells from Vegeta and Saiyan pride. Babidi was actually savvy enough to avoid trying his spell on any obvious Vegeta copy, but he certainly could not know about Cell's origins. Second argument: He has a HUGE beef with Gohan and WANTS to fight him probably as bad as Vegeta wanted to fight Goku again. Third argument: He was looking for an extra power up, just like Vegeta in canon, and openly STATES he has been waiting for this moment as U16!Gohan and him duke it out. If so, then Cell is a Determinator on par with Vegeta.
    • U18!Piccolo, until this point a mere participant on account of not being in the right league, decides to take some well needed revenge for his people, and UTTERLY man-handles Majin!Frieza and Majin!Cooler, and at the SAME TIME to boot. As he forces Cooler to block a punch with BOTH hands and even so with visible difficulty, Piccolo is not even breaking a sweat, and tops it off by having enough time to spare to turn his gaze towards a very ticked off Frieza about to unleash a Death Ball, and nails what would be by all accounts a fatal blow to the chest with his eye beams, which did not stick because of the Majin transformation, but still deserves points for effort and perfect execution.
  • Debatable if it's a Oh, Crap! or an evil Determinator moment, but Majin!Frieza and U13!Kakarot shrugging away puncture wounds to the heart and going to a further tier of power level, namely U13!Kakarot going SSJ2 and Majin!Frieza going into augmented form like Coola should at least qualify in-universe for the side of the bad guys, if only because Frieza only got barely a hint that this was possible through U3!Raichi's ghost warrior version. And of course, on a meta-level, it's awesome to watch.
    • U13!Kakarot will. Not. Go. Down.
  • Four words : Bending. Special. Beam. Cannons. Yes, plural.
    • It is simply glorious how Piccolo completely dispatches Frieza with these. Cooler also ends maimed quite badly.
  • U16!Piccolo pulling a Big Damn Heroes for U18!Piccolo who was fully spent after the above, vaporizing Cooler outright. Simply glorious.
  • U16!Gohan managing to block a Special Beam Cannon bare-handed, crippling his hand, but surviving the blow, then pulling a feint on Cell and giving him the mother of all elbows to the face.
  • U18!Gohan using Awesomeness by Analysis by figuring out how Babidi hides in a crack of dimensions close to reality, and bruteforcing his way through the isolated space.
  • Lowkey, but U9 dispatching Majin Jeece and Majin Sauzer is very satisfying.
  • In the fifth Universe 3 special, Vegeta's challenge to Broly for the throne is pure awesomeness:
    • Considering what happened when canon!Vegeta first saw Broly becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan, the simple fact that U3!Vegeta challenges his Broly knowing he's the Legendary Super Saiyan is this.
    • After awakening the Super Saiyan state through pure self-loathing, and following Bardock's plan, Vegeta challenges Broly, and, in their chosen battlefield of a Heliorite space station orbiting some planet, they fight... And Vegeta utterly and completely overwhelms his more powerful opponent, thanks to the fact he finely honed his fighting prowess while Broly utterly sucks at fighting.
    • When Broly uses his Legendary Super Saiyan state, something that hadn't happened ever since he killed Cold and Cooler at the same time, Vegeta starts being overpowered and, after the station is destroyed in the crossfire between them and then between Broly and some Helior elite soldiers, convinces him to land on the planet to fight better, as Bardock had suggested him. It was Helior itself.
  • The heroes of U9 vs Majin Cell Junior is one for the baseline earthlings. While individually weaker than their opponent the U9 fighters put on up impressive resistance using innovative tactics and teamwork. Krillin uses his Katchyin shell armour to block an attack on the Elder Kai and Raditz, Tien and Yamacha tag team the Cell Junior at exactly the right moment to give Videl an edge. The most impressive is Videl herself who uses Kaioken to an impressive level, powering up enough to batter the monster around the apartment and when her allies lock the bio-android down she caves the Cell Junior's skull in!.
  • Zen Buu's time granting wishes (or killing the wishers depending on his judgement) is pure awesomeness:
  • Chapter 68 is titled "Heroes' Fury"... But it could as well be named "Don't fuck with the Gohans", because when the villains push their Berserk Button one time too many... Well, here's what happens:
  • Chapter 70 has a few cool moments:
    • The Piccolos waking up, since their brains were intact, killing the poor mook who was mocking them. Then, they realize this means Cell has deliberately spared them...
    • And then Cell regenerates from his core, having trained to avoid dying to a strong energy blast, revealing he was pulling Xanatos Speed Chess to deal with Son Bra.
    • And then THIS in turn sheds some light as to what Cell might have been doing to the U19 poor girl.
    • Cell's shenaningans with his miniaturized Cell Junior: providing U16!Gohan and the Piccolos with much needed senzu, bringing U18!Gohan back after Son Bra had left him in the void and allowing him to score one of the rare direct hits on her (though this is diminished by the Junior choosing the wrong target: as Gohan points out, he could have teleported him near Babidi, thus ending the battle in a single shot), and tricking Majin Buu into thinking Son Bra is an enemy.
    • Babidi nearly getting killed.
    • Cell is a genius.

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