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Match Predictions
Goku vs. Vegeta
  • Vegeta wins, justified by the fact that Vegeta has two (albeit dubious) wins under his belt against Goku.
  • Goku wins, justified by the advantage he had (and apparently maintained) after the Buu saga.
Bojack vs. Cell
  • Saiyan Cells allowed him to improve.
Gast vs. King Piccolo
  • More Nameks = More power
    • It happened, as in Chapter 42.

At some point, Gogeta will fight Vegetto
The logo on the page is a giveaway. Unless it's a fun picture meant to symbolize how these two can possibly meet, it will happen in the comic.
  • I think Bardock's vision of the future of Bra telling Goku and Vegeta that not even they can stop Vegetto hints that Goku and Vegeta at least considered using the Fusion Dance to make Gogeta.

XXI is the real villain of the comic
Or at least, will be shown to be really powerful. There is a reason why he hasn't been fully revealed yet.
  • Yes and yes.
    • It is possible... Although, some of Bardock's visions seem to hint that Vegetto will become the big bad... Might be a herring though.

Universe 5 is one where the Red Ribbon Army took over Earth.
XXI is Android 21.

  • If that's true, one can only hope that Android 21 is Son Goku
    • Jossed by Word of God stating Universe 5 has diverted from the others 1000 years ago.

XXI is the opponent who sealed the Old Kai in the Z-Sword, without ever being defeated.
Salagir has stated, for example here, that A) XXI is more than 1000 years old, and B) U5 diverged more than 1000 years before DBM. Seriously, how many notable characters from the Dragon Ball universe could fit? We only have either Buu (and we already have U4 and U11 Buu), a Kaioshin (and we already have U1 South Kaioshin), or that guy (more suggestions accepted). That guy could be a serious threat, since he has had millions of years to get stronger. Besides, the apparition of U9 Old Kai would somewhat prepare the ground for its apparition, being the only one in the 20 universes that has faced ¿him? before.
  • It is a him, and this was hinted at, but U9 Old Kai said that it wasn't who he thought it was. Still, Old Kai is, well, old.

U18 Pan will become a Super Saiyan in her next matches of the tournament
Unless she will go on her word and really quit after what happened to her U16 counterpart.
  • Confirmed.... Didn't fight in the form though.

    • Confirmed but she gives up soon after against her foe U13 Kakarotto saying she isn't ready to use it.

U13 Raditz and Nappa will become Super Saiyan
The authors love showcasing never-before seen, comic exclusive transformations.
  • Nappa and Raditz lost to U8 Freeza and U3 Bardock respectively. So probably not.
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  • Played with in one of the mini-comics. Raditz strikes out to become a Super Saiyan only to find everyone else is already SSJ3 by the time he does (including Nappa).

U12 Trunks and U18 Vegeta will become Super Saiyan 3
To coincide with their appearances in Dragon Ball Heroes and Raging Blast respectively.

U13 Kakarot and U18 Goku will fight
Well, Kakarot and Goku will fight a bit, Kakarot show off his Super Saiyan powers, and taunting Goku about killing everyone he cared about and enjoyed it. Pissed beyond belief, Goku will possibly kill him on his full power... without going Super Saiyan.
  • Given the two's far placement in the tournament brackets, it's unlikely.
    • It could happen, depending on what happens in U18 Pan vs U13 Kakarot. There a chance of him facing him next round.
    • It's pretty much impossible in tournament, since before facing Goku, he has to defeat the winner of the match Trunks/Vegeta (most likely Vegeta) and the one from the outcome Cell/Bojack/Tapion/Krillin (most likely Cell). Both of them are supposed to be stronger than him.

U9 Bulma was her universe's Android 18 and U9 Yamcha is the father of U9 Trunks
Hey, even Yamcha needs his day in the sun.

U9 Goku was like U13 Kakarot, but got killed by the U9 heroes
Judging by how U9 Krillin adversely reacted to U18 Goku, Goku could have been their version of Raditz.
  • Nope. In page 150, Krillin doesn't recognize Goku at all, which means he has never met him, either good or evil.
    • That doesn't mean it's not true, it just means that U9 Krillin never met him. It's possible that Grandpa Gohan or Master Roshi killed him.

The potential wishes of various people from the universes
Since whoever win this thing will get 3 wishes from Universe 1 Namekian Dragon balls, I wonder what the wishes would be.
  • Some of them have been stated in the novelization. The U7 Namekian wants to bring back the Namekian race, and U12 Trunks wants for #16 to become a human.
  • U16 will probably wish for Vegeto to be defused, if his issues with getting enough to eat and not having anyone that can give him a good fight (apparently these are mentioned in the novelization) are any indication.
  • Universe 4: Given Zen Buu flipped out when Vegetto was disqualified, he probably enjoys the multiverse tournament too much to see it end. His wish would be for inter-dimensional travel, allowing him to endlessly amuse himself with inter-dimensional fights.
  • Universe 8 and 13: Obviously, Freeza and Vegeta want the immortality they were unable to get in their universes.
  • Universe 14: Androids 17 and 18 killed humanity, leaving them on an uninhabited rock for up to 9 years. They'd probably want to wish to travel to a new Earth, a new world free to play with.

The winner of the tournament will give their wishes to three universes that need it
The ones who get the wishes are U12 Trunks, U7 Gast Carcolh, and U3 Bardock. Each of them likely have a noble wish that the heroic fighters of U6, U9, U16, U18, and U19 would respect. U14's two fighters may not have problems with it either, considering they did end up as neutral characters in other universes.
  • I wouldn't speak for U19. They apparently require authorization from the leaders on their home world to use their war armor, which was granted off-screen for the sake of this tournament. Whatever they're going to wish for, it seems to be pretty important to them.
  • After what happened in the fight between #16 and Eleim of U19 my guess is that if this does happen and (lets say U18 Goku wins) U12, U7, and U3 are offered a wish, #16 will give up his wish to universe 19.
  • Confirmed U18 has vowed to use one of their wishes to save U19's universe from its pending destruction.

Ginyu will possess Zen Buu

Frieza's line about Ginyu being alive after all implies that Ginyu pretended to be dead, which means that at some point Ginyu will take over someone's body and pretend to be them (Most likely). Zen Buu saying "this masquerade ends now" could actually be Ginyu deciding to stop pretending to be Zen Buu.

  • Based on the fact that Ginyu doesn't seem to be participating in the Tournament, this seems unlikely.
    • Zen Buu has since noted that one of the members of that universe is not in his original body, and Frieza said that Ginyu is the only one with such an ability. So Ginyu's apparition is now more likely. Though Zen Buu's ability to notice a bodyswap makes his being possessed unlikely.
    • Conversely, because Zen Buu can tell which of the members is not in his original body, he could be just flat out telling the heroes who it is after saying "this masquerade ends now" since it is interfering with his potential fights.

Explanations for Baddack's visions

Vegito says he will kill everyone if he has to and Frieza states Ginyu isn't dead. Likely, Ginyu body surfs to an unknown character and Vegito is trying to find him by attacking everyone. Bra's statement to Goku and Vegeta is a response to them trying to stop his rampage. Since Piccolo claims all the universes are in danger its likely that either Ginyu has taken over someone truly dangerous or Zen Buu or XXI (potentially) are doing something to threaten every verse. Most likely, Zen Buu tries to steal the Vargas Technology so he can consume everyone across the multiverse; he's ending the masquerade because this has been his plan from the get go. Goku befriends a Cell Jr. somehow, probably due to Cell abandoning it or dying. The Super Namek I am convinced is ending Baddack's visions (note that his hand exits the frame, and that him saying "stop" is the last vision Baddack has.)

When Nappa dies, he will come back as a ghost for a few pages as a shout out to Team Four Star

  • He will then disappear immediately afterwards.

King Piccolo of Universe 3 merged with Kami
It seems likely, take a look at his appearance, he looks more like the Nameless Namek than the young King Piccolo of the manga. Just how he merged with Kami again though is anyone's guess.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 42. U18 Piccolo affirmed that U3 King Piccolo was him.

XXI is the Legendary Super Saiyan before Broly.

  • In the cannon, on Namek, Vegeta said that the last super saiyan was 1,000 years ago, but blew himself up. Salagar has said that XXI is 1,000 years old and 1,000 years ago was when U5 diverged with the rest of the DBM (here and here).
    • If that is true, XXI is terrifically powerful, if in this canon, a Legendary Super Saiyan's powers keep continuously growing, and it took only a few minutes for Broly overcome SSJ2 Vegetto, XXI bight be powerful enough to rip the multiverse apart with a thought...

Nappa will be the first to receive the Mystic Power-Up of the U13 fighters

U13 Vegeta and U13 Kakarot will probably be wary of the Mystic Power-Up overwriting their Super Saiyan Transformations and Raditz has been defeated in the tournament already. It would thus make sense for Nappa to be the guinea pig of sorts for the Mystic Power-Up, should Kakarot keep his word.

To make an even more Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, DC and Marvel will be integrated

Thus, we'll get the U18 Goku vs Superman fight we've always wanted!

Vegito will be taken over by Captain Ginyu

It would certainly explain why he goes evil in Bardock's vision.

I'K'L will be an Deus ex Machina / Chekhov's Gun

Come on, it is too perfect to let go, which he will be depends on your opinion of how well it is set up so far...

Android 16 will kill U13 Kakarot.

He did say that he's hoping to be able to kill a Goku, and the U13 version is pretty much the only one he could kill without feeling guilty.

As an extension of the above (since 16 is out of the tournament at this point), eventually, the tournament will be overshadowed by a much more important conflict

All the fighters will basically launch into a free-for-all, and 16 will fight U13 Kakarot.

The final battle seems like it's aiming between XXI and U16 Bra
Seems like..
  • Please god no...And how is it aiming toward that at all? XXI has barely been hinted at in the main comic, and hasn't been referenced by any of the characters except the Vargas.
    • Well he has been confirmed to be the Big Bad of the comic... But I think it should be Gogeta, or Vegetto, not Bra.

U4 Buu will get access to the ultra armor
It is said that the ultra armors only respond to the users brain waves, in this case Xeniloum, so Buu should not normally be able to use it. However it is stated that Buu has absorbed most of the universe into his being, and I bet that U4 Xeniloum was one of them.
  • Confirmed.

King Cold can access a fifth form like Cooler
His response to Cooler's shock he can master his true form is 'you could do it', why would he say that if Cooler had done something he can't?
  • Confirmed. And beyond.

Super Saiyan God will make a debut in this manga
They can't possibly pass this up, especially the way it seems to be heading with Vegito as a villainous figure (or so Bardock's visions would imply), and we all want to see what Vegito would be like with that kind of power. The final resort would be for Goku to use his own SSJG form, and any of the available pure Saiyans to give Vegeta the power as well, and fusing into Gogeta, leading into the second WMG on this page, only far more epic than they every predicted.

Universe 13 split off during the King Piccolo arc
What if Goku's fall from the Kinton cloud after his confrontation against Tambourine made him recover his lost Saiyan instincts, just as his first fall made him forget them? That would explain several things: Kakarot's reaction after seeing Krilin (it seems they were friends at one point), how he managed to get enough power before Raditz's arrival (he had already underwent training under Roshi and karin by that point), and why it seems Kakarot's rampage started quite late (there were still intact cities by the time of the first U13 special, that one at the start had just been destroyed).
  • Jossed. One U13 special shows Kakarot and Krilin's first meeting, and Kakarot killing Kame Sennin.

In the final battle...
Gast Carcolh will be hit hard with the Worf Effect for the simple purpose of showing how strong the last opponent is.

Mary Sue was created by the Vargas of Universe 2.
She's a Cell-like experiment created solely for the tournament; it would not only explain how she's related to so many of the characters, but also how she allegedly knows every fighting style - the knowledge could have been programmed directly. She could have been an incredibly fierce contender, but Arale just happened to be even stronger; this isn't much of a stretch of the imagination, either. It's outright confirmed in the Dragon Ball universe that Arale during the General Blue saga was stronger than King Piccolo saga!Goku; it's entirely possible that in all the time that's passed since then, she could have easily kept on upgrading and improving to become a pint-sized super android.

Universe 4 diverged when Buu decided not to give Goku the five seconds to fuse.
If he'd absorbed Vegito, he could have easily curb stomped him when they fought in space.
  • Unlikely, since this would have prevented Vegito from existing in Universe 4, and it seems Buu had already met Vegito before the tournament. Most likely the split happened after Vegito's defusing: it would have been much easier for Buu to defeat Goku and Vegeta instead of Vegito, and it would explain why Buu is so obsessed with fighting Vegito. Buu would have never defeated Vegito in his own universe, and now he's got a chance for a rematch.
  • Jossed. U4 diverged from U18 when Vegeta failed to rip out Fat Buu from inside Super Buu, leading to Buu absorbing Vegeta, preventing Goku from freeing anyone, culminating with him being absorbed.

Vegetto's Face–Heel Turn is as a result of his strength being mocked.
It's pretty clear in Bardock's visions that Vegetto's going to become the Big Bad, and Chapter 33's starting to see the realization of some of the visions. He's been unchallenged in power for who knows how many years until his humiliating defeat at the hands of XXI, so in his sulking, he's going to go after the dragon balls in order to make himself truly invincible, and he's not going to let anyone get in his way.

Universe 2 had an evil Kaio Shin
This resulted in one of the Kaio Shins to destroy the entire universe. After the rest of the Kaio Shins took care of him, they rebuilt that Universe into the unique one it is today.

Universe 11 (Babidi universe) diverged from a universe where Bojack won
I think the reason Babidi was successful in universe 11 is because Bojack defeated the Z-fighters. I believe Bojack and his gang defeated Z-fighters like they did in universe 6. When Babidi came to Earth he discovered Bojack and his crew had the power he needed to revive Buu. He lures them into his ship like how he did with the Z-fighters. The battles between Babidi's forces and Bojack's forces was used power up Buu. This would explain why some Babidi's forces like Yakon aren't competing in the tournament. Dabura would get involved and could have a drawn out battle with Bojack that would revive Majin Buu. After Buu was revived it is easy to see Majin Buu and Dabura would be enough to kill off any stragglers. Bojack's gang is likely to play around and let themselves have fun and giving Babidi opportunities to steal their energy for Buu's revival. This would explain why both Dabura and Buu are alive and under Babidi's control. Babidi and Dabura don't appear to even recognize Goku and company even when they interacted with universe 18. While U11 Buu did fight one of Bojack's fighters it's not a stretch to assume Buu wouldn't comment on seeing him before. Bojack and his minions not recognizing Babidi, Dabura, and Majin Buu could be explained that they never encountered them in universe 6. For all we know universe 6 could also be a universe where the Supreme Kai killed Babidi before he ever enslaved Dabura thus never comes to revive Buu.
  • Jossed. U11 Babidi's talk to Dabura reveals that he knows about Vegeta, and that he is fully aware that his Mind Control does not work on him, since he does not want to try taking control of Vegeta or Vegetto. He even muses that he can't sense any evil anymore in U18 Vegeta, confirming he tried.

U8's Ginyu subplot was started by Goku going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on Freeza's turf as a Super Saiyan.
In the aftermath of the events of the U8 special, Goku finds out that his son and two best friends were obliterated by Freeza, and all their efforts in vain. In a rage, he goes Super Saiyan, and proceeds to start hunting down Freeza, trashing his capital, but unfortunately, probably runs afoul of all three Frost Demons, who were able to overpower him, but in the end their total victory over the Z-Warriors was pyrrhic at best.
  • Partially confirmed. U8 Goku does go on a rampage revenge on Freeza's turf, but he does not go Super Saiyan, and he gets obliterated by Freeza's final form. Freeza gets paranoid from there and tries to stay in his final form all the time.

Universe 9 diverged from Universe 3
It seems fairly likely that Kakkarot wasn't sent to Earth in either universe (we know that's fact in Universe 3). Furthermore, Krillin recognizes Cooler but not Freeza, indicating something happened to him. The differences are whether the Z-Fighters or Piccolo won, and for some reason Raichi didn't manage to eliminate all the Saiyan's in universe 9.

Universe 0 is a world where Kid Buu won.
Which is why it's completely absent of life.

Battle of Gods can be canon-welded to Dragonball Multiverse
The universes that are participating are the universes Beerus did not wake up in.

The Vargas home world was destroyed by one of the Legendary Super Saiyans or annexed by the Frost Demons in U2 and beyond.
The Vargas are said to have discovered their technology in one universe and one universe only. This would be a bit farfetched unless something prevented it in the other universes.
  • One thing that separates U1 from the rest is the Legendary Super Saiyan and Broly being killed before they can do much damage. In universes where they were allowed to roam free, they casually destroyed a multitude of planets, the Vargas homeworld being one of them; in their absence, the U1 Vargas were allowed to develop their technology undisturbed.
  • A similar circumstance is the killing of the Colds, presumably before they can build an empire. If the Vargas homeworld was one of the countless planets taken under their rule, it would hardly have been able to thrive the way it does in U1.

Divergences for universes we haven't been shown yet.
  • Universe 2-A meta take on the "what if" where Akira Toriyama ended Dragonball after the Pilaf arc, and focused mainly on gag manga and comedy
  • Universe 5-XXI, instead of Beerus, became God of Destruction. After all, Beerus was the monster who sealed Old Kai in canon.
  • Universe 9-The Nameless Namek didn't land on Earth in this universe, thus King Piccolo didn't exist to massacre the population, meaning there'd be stronger warriors on this world.
  • Universe 10-Diverged from Universe 1 due to something killing the Kaioshins. Since it's strongest are incredibly weak and there's no Kaioshin in sight, they can't be alive here. Perhaps they were killed by XXI or Beerus over something.
  • Universe 11-Most likely the Unseen Timeline(the one created when Cell's Trunks went back in time), considering that they wouldn't have the SSJ3 boost to stop Buu (since Cell wouldn't be there to kill Goku or force SSJ2), though maybe after level-grinding, they would have enough ki to release Buu.
    • It could also alternatively be created when Krilin deactivates Android 18 to destroy her. Semi-perfect Cell would get killed by Vegeta, thus Gohan would not reach SSJ2, no one would need the extra power, and they would be properly screwed for when Babidi comes to Earth eventually.
  • Universe 18-Diverges from canon in three ways: Bardock married Gine instead of Hanasia, Beerus decided to over-sleep(or Buu didn't take his pudding) and Champa didn't give Sorbet the idea of reviving Frieza

XXI is an example of Weak, but Skilled.
Despite being able to out-maneuver VEGETTO, he has shown concern about the lower-tier Android 18. Rather than simply out-muscle his opponents, XXI relies on his powerful magic to help win. Being OP because of strategy and skill rather than strength and martial prowess would make him a unique villain and give a new type of challenge for our heroes.

The Kais of Universe 1 Murdered their Goku/Kakarot as a baby
This development would go to showcase their iron-fisted paranoia to kill anything with a power-level that would make them potentially capable of posing a threat to the universe, essentially snuffing out any lives that could also just as easily do great things. This would've been sometime before the divergence into Universe 10, where that version of Bardock vaguely stated his is dead.
  • Alternatively, it was that action which diverged Universe 1 and 10, and it involves Broly. In Universe 1 West Kaioshin killed him as a baby, and was greatly saddened by it, and convinced her comrades not to do it again. In Universe 10 another Kaioshin did it, and as such began their transformation into knight-templars. The Kaioshins didn't want them as part of it, seeing too much of themselves in them.

The identity and motivation of XXI.
XXI is a mysterious character hinted to be the Big Bad. What we know about him and his universe is that it diverged over 1000 years ago(before both the Hanasia fanfic and the Kashvar making Hirudegarn), and is suggested to be the one who sealed Old Kai in the Z-sword. Also he likely doesn't know about the Dragonballs (as he mentions wanting them) or they no longer/never existed in U5. He's not necessarily 75 million years old considering he may be able to time travel(either he can do so without divergence, or it caused the other 19 universes to splinter off as a result), but he is older than the majority of DBM's combatants. Who is XXI?
  • A failed candidate for God of Destruction, if DBM wants to adapt Beerus/Whis(the characters, not the plotlines with our heroes). If he sealed Old Kai in the Z-Sword, maybe Beerus hired him? His motive would likely be to supplant Beerus as God of Destruction. Unfortunately for him he doesn't know it's way beyond the Dragonballs' power to do so. flipping out, he'll help with Vegetto's Face–Heel Turn and cause chaos to spite the multiverse.
  • U5 is a divergent of U1/10. The Kaioshin became knight templars in his universe, slaying the Frost Demons early(which is why the Coola special doesn't take place there). XXI is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who wants to free his universe from their tyranny, and will have a Heel–Face Turn when he realizes our heroes will help him. If she lasts long enough, Bra will help, even giving up to help(which'd help redeem her in the eyes of fans. Seeing this, especially since XXI humiliated him, will cause Vegetto to snap and have a Face–Heel Turn. Kind of like Zamasu.
  • Envious of the Kaioshin. He wants to be a God of Creation, or just in their group. Captain Ginyu is important to this as XXI needs his body change technique to steal the Grand Kaioshin's body, and the wishes to transfer his magical might into his new body. With the time travel factor in play, Old Kai could've never been sealed in his universe, and through his teaching resulted in powerful fighters that thwarted his actions. Those actions? Founding the Kashvar, which led to Hirudegarn(which is why the evil cult doesn't exist in U5). He thought going back in time would solve his actions, but it ended up creating the base timeline all others are based off.
  • An incredibly ancient alien from Namek, who was there when the Dragonballs were first created. Old Kai said he told the Namekians not to use the Dragonballs, which must've been 75 million years ago(and probably another alien race which the current Namekians are related to). He sealed Old Kai in the sword to stop him from interfering. In most universes he died before perfecting them, resulting in the limited powers. He succeeded in U5, but had his powers stripped in order to stop him. 75 million years later, he hopes to gain the Dragonballs to regain his lost strength.

State of non-competing and unseen characters in other universes.
  • Universe 1: With no Goku to stop them, the Red Ribbon Army won in this universe. Though since Commander Red wanted to be taller, it's probably not a Crapsack World. And it's not like the Kaioshin would have to interfere with this Earth.
  • Universe 2: As Neko Majin takes place there, Dragonball characters could exist in this universe. However they'd be played comedically (for instance, Freeza would be a Salary Man who just happens to conquer worlds, and has an adorable relationship with Kuriza.
  • Universe 3: King Piccolo forced Kami to fuse with him to stop the Androids.
  • Universe 6 and 8: The reason why there is no Babidi in these universes is because Bojack's crew/Freeza teamed up with the Supreme Kai to kill Dabura and stop Buu's awakening. This earned them brownie points, preventing the Supreme Kai from being a problem and keeping their empire running.
  • Universe 7: Earth became a Crapsack World because Goku never unlocked the Super Saiyan form, and no-one stood any chance against the Androids. Gast killed Dr Gero a few years later when he finally had a reason to go to Earth, and later a version of Cell that did not include Freeza or Cold's cells woke up. Babidi chose to invade Earth later than normal and release Majin Buu, but thanks to training Gast was able to deal with Buu.
  • Universe 9: Mr Satan is legitimately the strongest fighter, however he got sick and died of disease before the Multiverse Tournament. He would've beaten Broly, Vegetto and XXI with ease had he survived. Master Roshi is implied to have died, and in that case it's possible that King Piccolo was unable to produce his son/reincarnation, thus killing Kami and de-activating the Dragonballs. If so, new Dragonballs may be what Universe 9 wants.
  • Universe 10: Fitting for a joke universe, Emperor Pilaf of all people got his wish for world domination.
  • Universe 11: Assuming this is the Unseen Timeline, our heroes were able to achieve at most Super Saiyan 2, which was enough to release Buu but not enough to stop him. They were strong enough to take out Yakon and obviously Pui Pui, and may have been stronger than Dabura, but it wasn't enough.
  • Universe 13: Seeing him as crazy, Doctor Gero and other Dragonball villains chose to try and stop Kakarotto. Obviously this failed.
  • Universe 17: Bojack's crew was killed in a fight against Cell and his Cell Juniors. By the time Dabura arrived seven years later, Cell had trained enough that he was child's play.
  • Universe 19: Dr Gero managed to Take Over the World and try his hand at Galactic Conqueror. However the Heliorites out-maneuvered his tech.

Cold's Augmented Forms are the fanfic counterpart to Trained and Golden Frieza.
Like Golden Frieza, Cold's One-Winged Angel forms are a form he learned by training, allowing him to compete with/best Bra(at least her base). Obviously the timing and appearance is different, but that's mainly due to DBS not fitting with the "canon" of Dragonball Multiverse. Salagir did, however, decide to take the principle behind that form and apply it to King Cold. Why Cold? Well, Cold's an Ascended Extra in this web-comic because he didn't get to do much in canon despite his in-universe importance. We have already seen a Took a Level in Badass Frieza/Cooler in canon, so it makes sense to give this to Cold. In-universe, as U8 Cold is the more active and responsible Frost Demon, he would have the most motivation and most to gain from getting stronger. There's also the factor of other powerful opponents, like a Roaring Rampage of Revenge U8 Goku, U8 Dabura and even possibly U8 Cell if they miss Earth. On the contrast, U8 Frieza never tried to get stronger because Goku wasn't around here to give him the proper motivation.

Bra is a reincarnated Frieza.
Both are the most powerful of their stock, reared by a powerful father and developed arrogance as a result of their position. Hardly anything could stop either one of them. Not to mention that it would be the sickest irony for Frieza to be reincarnated as a Saiyan girl.

Battle of gods did happen.
Beerus and Whis merely lost their way to Earth, and somehow ended in a different timeline. They decided to "fuck it" and just enjoy the show.

Vegetto's rampage as shown by Bardock's vision will be a result of the Vargas catching Vegetto's fight against Ginyu in Bra's body
Ginyu!Bra warns Vegetto that fighting outside of the tournament is against the rules. Since his defeat against XXI, Vegetto has been showing signs of mental unbalance. As a result, Vegetto would get carried away fighting Ginyu!Bra, they get caught by the Vargas and banned from the tournament. Vegetto goes mad and, desperate for his universe to stay in the tournament, starts threatening everyone, culminating in the scene that Bardock saw before being sent back home.
  • Jossed so far, the fight didn't get caught, and the problem was resolved. It remains to be seen whether Ginyu in Cold's body will snitch.
Ginyu still has Bra's body.
While it looks as if Vegetto managed to get Ginyu to switch back into Cold's body, so far there hasn't been any true confirmation. Ginyu first tried to blow up his old body, only to have Vegetto teleport them both to an empty region of space, which would tell Ginyu that he's not fast enough to catch Vegetto by surprise. Since Ginyu has shown himself to be tactically capable and incredibly cunning, after seeing that he can't beat Vegetto even with his new body's power, it's possible that he just made it look like he was doing his change technique and then fell back on his acting skills to fool Vegetto (he was able to mimic Bra's mannerisms so well even moments after he stole her body that Pan had no idea that it wasn't actually Bra; the only reason he got found out was because Gohan and Vegetto had seen his technique before). Plus, after Bra returned to her universe's area, she didn't bother to watch the ongoing match, which seems strange for someone who loves fighting as much as she does, and instead said she was going to get some sleep.
  • Likely jossed, Cooler has been Majinized and shown aside Frieza and Cooler. It can be surmised Bra wouldn't be majinizable even if she IS cocky and prone to anger.
    • Well, THAT particular bit has now been jossed. Whee.
  • Jossed as of page 1395 since Cold/Ginyu calls Cooler "son" with the ironic double quotes showing they both know the other knows and don't care what with them being brainwashed. Also he indicates he knows his different forms and their particularities, choosing a lower power tier to last longer in battle, which Bra could not possibly have had the time to know/understand/master.

Vegetto's rampage and possible killing of Gohan will be the result of Gohan and the others killing Majin Bra, with Vegetto being unaware she was Majinized and losing his shit.
Considering how Salagir has repeatedly shown Vegetto had issues - especially with Gohan, considering he considered threatening Pan just to get Gohan to fight him - as well as a nasty temper, and with how pissed he got when Ginyu stole Bra's body, him coming back to the tournament and seeing Bra dead or being killed by Gohan before he could get any explanation will likely trigger absolute, homicidal rage and cause him to kill/seriously injure Gohan.

XXI being the Big Bad is a Bait-and-Switch.
Vegetto will be the real Big Bad, we just haven't seen it. XXI might not even be evil; we know he's a Combat Pragmatist, but so's Future Trunks and he had every reason to be that way. Perhaps XXI is Good All Along. Old Kai claims he's evil and it's suggested XXI sealed him away, but that's Universe 9. We don't know when Universe 5 diverged, maybe it was so long ago it predates Old Kai's sealing. Universe 5 XXI could be a good person who's plan for a wish is noble. Instead Vegetto, already somewhat unstable and stewing after his loss, will eventually go nuts and be the real Final Boss. Son Bra, assuming she's wished back after the Majin incident, will serve as Vegetto's dragon to get his ultimate wish(probably "send me to a universe with challenging opponents"), but when she loses he decides to go on a rampage. XXI being Good All Along to set up Vegetto as the Big Bad, rather than a Big Bad Ensemble with Babidi that Bardock's visions assume, is the main twist(Cold being Ginyu and the Majin Rebellion are the secondary twists). XXI will instead be instrumental in helping the heroes defeat Vegetto through use of his magic. Maybe Ginyu, who's more Affably Evil than Universe 18 Ginyu, will pull an Enemy Mine and help with XXI to stop Vegetto.

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