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  • Universe 6: Yeah, Bojack killed the Z-Fighters, but seeing them reunited in the Other World is touching.
  • Universe 9 Yamcha forfeiting against universe 14 Android 18 to convince her of his good intentions, since he realized that she and her brother actually need help to repair themselves or soon they'll start to break down. He seems to think he can get them to Heel–Face Turn as well.
  • Chapter 26, page 579. Vegeta, disgusted after Pan considers dropping out of the tournament, scolds her and reminds her that she is descended from Goku and Gohan (and insulting Goten, Trunks and Bra for not being true fighters). Pan agrees, and Vegeta encourages her to utterly massacre U13 Kakarot.
    • Vegeta got another (smaller) one two pages earlier. After knocking out U12 Trunks, instead of acting like a douche and insulting his son for losing (as he probably would have at any point other than the end of canon), he catches Trunks as he falls unconscious and carries him back over to the U12 area. He even gives his son a very brief compliment. Doesn't sound like much, but for Vegeta, that's huge.
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    • Page 1055: Vegeta nailing in how far he has come, finally calling Son Goku by his name, after utterly thrashing U13!Kakarot !
    • Before that, an indirect one also going very far to acknowledge Vegeta's Character Development: in Page 1046 when Babidi acknowledges he can't sense evil in U18!Vegeta anymore.
  • Inevitable when the wish to revive all those who had been killed in the tournament is used, since that means U16 Pan is reunited with her family. Seeing Tidar and Syd back, whom are both being greeted by their happy comrades, is nice too.
  • Page 1517, when U16!Gohan saves U18!Videl that had to run away from Nappa, and nearly got killed. Crosses over with a funny moment, when Gohan has to awkwardly explain that he's not "her" Gohan.
  • When the U19 fighters reveal their motives for fighting in the tournament (restore their planet after its carbonite infection and prevent it from destroying the universe), Goku and the remaining U16 and U18 fighters unconditionally promise to fulfil their wish if either of their competitors were to win. As much of a bitch Bra can be, she doesn't even hesitate to tell Eleim she'll do it, and she's openly determined to do it.
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  • Universe 7: Gast finding some form of peace even though he is the Last of His Kind.
  • Universe 11: Finally showing us that without the threat of Cell, Androids 16, 17 and 18 would reform on their own and blend in quite well with the group, because they are not the killing machines from Trunks' future this time around.
  • Universe 12: Trunks deciding to repair Android 16, and him accepting to help rebuild his world.
  • Universe 13: Despite them being vile mass murderers, the relationship between Raditz and Kakarot is rather shockingly sweet when you see their backstory special, in which Raditz acts a lot like a Big Brother Mentor, and how Kakarot nearly sacrificed himself to protect Raditz. Even when bargaining with the Old Kai to get a power-up that will allow him to kill Vegeta and Nappa, Raditz outright refuses to kill his brother.
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  • Universe 16: All the trouble everyone has gone through to save Vegetto and allow him to not starve to death.
  • A subtle one, but after Vegetto's creation in Universe 16, Trunks tells Vegetto that he isn't his father right to his face. By the time of the tournament, he seems to have changed his mind.
  • The Universe 9's brief recap of the events of the beginning of Dragon Ball without Goku has Grandpa Gohan accompanying Bulma in her trip to gather the Dragon Balls. On his way, he's shown reuniting with his old friends Roshi and the Ox King.

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