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Whys is this popular again?
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Comment by @/CoppeliaMartyrdom
  • if you want a harry potter summary with commentaries from OOC Ulquiorra and others, this fic is for you
  • Ugh...
  • A review of open beta
  • It's fun. Really. It just is.
Pretentious Navel-gazing.
  • A Professional Opinion
  • Better than I initially thought
  • Bigger Than It Appears
  • It's pretty good but missing something....
  • Unoriginal and uninspired.
  • Doesn't know if it's a parody or not...
  • I Liked It
  • Really actually kind of crap
Willbyr's review
A shame that it's in ''Film/MammaMia''[='=]s shadow
Dinosaurs in documentary style: a great challenge
A bad comic, a good comic, and an okay comic
  • An Unambiguously Positive Review
  • Big, beautiful and boring
  • Good, but a film that limited itself.
  • My Infamous Opinions.
  • One of Pixar's Best
  • Please Don't Flame Me
  • Wall-E: Teaching Humans How To Be Human
KingClark's review
One of the best!
  • Comment by Fillede Marius
  • Comment by TheDopplerEffect
  • Comment by Tropers/AspieCrow
  • Very well made and interesting
Moved comments
it's always fun to see nick fury squirm
  • Good Fun
  • If you Wander, Over Yonder... I think you'll like what you see.
  • Indecisive action/comedy/trainwreck movie
  • Not cool enough.
A world dreamed and crafted
The book Stormrage
  • A fine movie, definitely better than the average video game movie
  • ClicheStorm, but that's not necessarily bad
  • I enjoyed it.
  • Not bad, but less than expected
  • Awesome/Hilarious/Memorable
  • Not too bad for Minimal Budget
  • Right up my alley!
  • Season 3
  • Warehouse 13- Not as interesting as it sounds.
Great Game That Makes a Terrible First Impression
'Tis good
  • Amazing setting scuttled by corporate BS
  • In This Review, There Is Only GrimDark...
  • Incredibly awesome, yet very overhyped.
  • Has a lot of Potential, but doesn't realize it
  • The Shooter 40k Fans Have Awaited
  • Age of Sigmar
  • Age of Sigmar. Please don't listen these two below.
  • Games Workshop is dead to me now
Spielberg's Film: Contrived, Manipulative, Yet Bloody Good.
  • The lovechild of Platformers and Puzzles.
  • Treasure-Hoarding Fun
  • Not the Revival I Expected
  • The Most Underrated Wario Game Ever.
  • Awesome game! ...but disappointing ending battle
  • Platforming, combat, puzzle solving, all come together in a short but sweet game
Warlock: Master of the Arcane
(2005 film review) SliceOfLife is what makes the story work
Book 1: Lovable and charming
  • A series which improved with age
  • Decent, flawed, well-done... YMMV.
  • Great if you can get yourself into it.
  • It's dragged on too long.
  • Not at all impressed.
  • Okay, if you can suspend your disbelief enough
  • Rapidly Becoming a FranchiseZombie
  • The premise itself is ridiculous
  • There are a lot of problems
  • What The Series Has Become: A FranchiseZombie that Won't Die
The Sun Trail: Not just one of the best books in the franchise, but the best possible starting point for new fans
  • Interesting
  • When all you know is backwards
  • Where Everybody Knows your Name
no guns, no lasers, no morphing = no interest in this movie
A Rarity.
feral's review
Very Dark and Seriously Good
Character interaction
  • A mediocre game, but a great idea
  • A New Take on Vigilantism
  • A speed review of Watch Dogs.
  • Ultimately a mediocre cover-based shooter
  • Women and The Videogames Who Hate Them
A pleasure to watch; needs more love
  • Complete Deconstruction
  • Good Lord
  • The Comic: An interesting deconstruction of the superhero genre
  • The Movie
  • The Movie: An Effective but Significantly Altered Adaptation For the Medium
  • The New Superhero Movie Standard
  • The problem with the Watchmen movie
  • This comic lives up to the hype
  • Why I think the concept of "spoilers" is bull
  • Why It's King
jaimeastorga2000's review
PhyreNyx's review
  • A Timeless Classic
  • Flay-rah for the Imagination
  • AckSed's review
  • Joysweeper's review
  • Karalora's review
  • Liffguard's review
  • TheEvilOboist's review
An intense, fairly well-written fanfic
Gore before gore was cool
A little inspiration can go a long way.
A pitch-perfect blend of the fantastic & the mundane
aimsme's review
Mighty Hell...
"We are the world", and the world rejoiced in charity songs.
A great novel
Either really clever, or utterly sellout.
  • Beary Disappointing Characterization
  • Surprisingly [[JustForPun Beary]] Funny
  • Sweet, mindless fun
There's Fantasy and then there's Fantasy
From dark prison drama to absurd romantic comedy
  • Made of Fun
  • RPGD Topsites
  • Shadowplay Topsites
Must-listen for movie fans
Quality Spooky
The lighter side of Hollywood AI
Uh. Yeah.
@/{{Cassius}}' review
Comment by Elenor
  • Incredibly vivid Lovecraftian horror for the post-Information Age
  • Simply, One of the Best
  • Too overdone to enjoy.
  • Welcome to Night Vale is a New Take on Horror
  • A dark horse managed to become one of my favorite anime series
  • A Fantastic Book/Manga/Anime
  • A Slice of Life made from Dark Chocolate
  • Novel review - Welcome to the N.H.K., Tatsuhiko Takimoto
  • The anime
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/RainKrystal}}
Annoymous review from the comments section
Wereworld Rise of the Wolf
  • A good read.
  • Just a single review
  • very good though not happy by any measure
A great and unique cartoon
Hilarious Cartoon Slapstick mixed with Saccharine Drivel
Slow Beginning is Worth It.
  • Early Impressions
  • Midway Murmuring
An underrated gem.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Dazai
Comment by mollypop
five out of five
{{Tropers/DontKillBugs}}' review
A tad overhyped
  • Kilyle's review
  • A Little Rough Around the Edges- But Otherwise Good
  • Comment by Cutekittenlady
Scariest Peanuts special
absolutely stunning
Came for the Fantasy, Stayed for the Character Stories
A Shameless Revenge Fic
Aquason's Review of WDYD
OP's review
  • A More Intelligent, More In-depth Review
  • After reading a lot of the series...
  • Boldly failing where no one has failed before
  • Early-ish Impression
  • Gerazzi reviews Whateley
  • Great Ideas that are hindered by poor execution.
  • Interesting concepts, but a rough start.
  • Let's be blunt
  • Review of a Lurker
  • Review of The Braeburn Report
  • Sooooo Biased
  • Yes, it's a mixed bag. But I likes mixed bags.
The ideal ending to a Superhero's saga
What Happened At N.I.T.E.
op's review
Comment by [=SmokeAndBone=]
Interesting possible path, not-so-interesting travelers
What This Toper Thinks
  • From comments
  • Well...
  • Chad's review
  • Darkholme's review
Horribly planned out
Moved comments
Actually works out how such a relationship could build
  • "What The Hell Hero" as A Fic-And I Like It
  • Childish, immature and just plain sickening
  • Not Perfect, But Still Pretty Good
  • The Mysterious Fic-Fall-Flat
Review by Tropers/BlueHedgehogJunkie
It's quite an analysis
Am I the only one who likes "Rabbit of Seville" better?
Moved comments
If Battlefield Earth was a documentry about Quantum Physics
  • Just Repeat the Title to Yourself for Half an Hour and You Have the Series in a Nutshell
  • Beautifully Bittersweet
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by mana001
feral's review
  • Funny, but kind of sexist
  • If You Like A Black Comedy, You'll Love This
Comment by {{Tropers/Karalora}}
{{Tropers/DontKillBugs}}' review
Comment by Catelyn
  • Fitz's review
  • When She Smiles fanfic review
  • [[Tropers/BornIn1142 BornIn1142]]'s review.
op's review
  • A dark vision of a bleak future
  • DarthSaturnina's review
  • firelizardinabottle's review
  • TheEvilOboist's review
Comment by Nani
  • Follows a similar formula to Medaka Box
  • Good god, do ''something!''
Best of crossover law enforcement investigates the Winchesters
When the Players Cry
What a ride!
Moved comments
Wild Young Hearts, or Growing Up Sucks: The Movie
truthofthesignal's review
  • Repetitive Hilarious Destruction
  • This movie pissed me off.
Short yet substantial
Terrible, Awful, and Fail-tastic
:) 4/5
Shinj117's review
  • Fascinating
  • In which I try to sum up this fic
  • Powerful
  • As Bland As The Colour In The Name
  • Entertaining and Classy
  • Funny and Impressive
  • By strangebloke
  • One of The Best
A White Tiger is a rare thing
Love it
  • ''Who Framed Roger Rabbit"
  • Nothing Like It
  • One of a kind
Best Product Receipt Ever
Ktarra Moon's review
  • Both British and American versions
  • If it's your thing, one of the funniest shows out there. (American Version)
  • Pass the tissues...
Cute, Sweet, Adorable - Dark
Hilariously wrong and dumb, and a clever idea in its current unfinished state
Very cute and funny.
Comment by Anonymous
Talk About Misinterpretation!
  • Brilliantly Witty
  • Fantastic
  • Simply great.
  • Supertropey
Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • A magnificent spectacle, with only a few flaws
  • op's review
A funny way to get fit (relating to Fit and Plus, not Fit U)
  • How can this game be so good?
  • Something for Everyone
  • A compelling and unusual collection of stories from around the world.
  • Formatting. Or it is formating?
  • Not the film I was promised
A RoadTripPlot minus the car
Wild, Sweet & Cool
[[@/OutsidertheTroper Outsider]]'s review
  • Funniest show yet!
  • The Kratt Brothers get animated
Holy Hell!
  • Definitely a good movie.
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • Huh.
  • If anything, it's not stupid enough
  • Cringe-worthy
  • Ugh
An Unqualified Opinion
  • Kerreb17's review
  • Selryam's review
  • [=PMiller1=]'s review
Stonking great space adventure
Oh, the Candy Man can. You better fucking believe it.
I miss this show.
  • "What is going on?"...
  • Frankly Only the End is Close to Good
  • Not worth the watch.
  • Ripoff of a Superntural Episode just add Slenderman
  • Several hours pass, during which nothing of note occurs.
An excellent continuation to Mai-Hime
Comment by @/RBMIfan
An impressive work
One of my favorite young adult book series
Nostalgic, funny, heartwarming, but ended too soon
Dirty Little Secrets/Total Drama: A Brick and Jo Love Story
Character? What character?
Not for everyone
dafox22's review
Getting on now aren't we?
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
Bring tissues!
Genuinely feminist fun
  • I can't stand it...
  • Not Worth Your Time
  • Plot holes be damned, this series is too awesome to pass over.
Great Potential builds towards a hollow finale
Witch Craft Works Anime Review: solid fantasy comedy
Don't be fooled.
Naruto Avenger 77
A light, fun game that needs just a little tweaking.
You'd think Rowling wrote this...
  • Review by Tropers/BlueHedgehogJunkie
  • Review by Tropers/DougSMachina
  • Review by {{Tropers/Crowley}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Squander}}
  • I liked it
  • Review by Tropers/JackMackerel
  • Review by Tropers/PokeNerd
  • Review by {{Tropers/Belle-Mage}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Maniette}}
Comment by [=NinjaMarshwiggle=]
LavanyaSix's review
In-Depth Review and Analysis
op's review
Wizard101 is a VERY good MMO
  • Between the Battlelines
  • It's a classic, but has not aged well
(first game review) Fun despite near total lack of challenge
  • A genuinely decent Disney Sitcom?!
  • It's a DEVIL show now!
  • Not as kid friendly as you think it is
  • Still viable? Probably.
Wolf Breed
Heartwarming, heartbreaking, adorable, and...just a little bit lacking.
Best Werewolf Cop Movie I Ever Saw.
Fun, if fairly dated
  • A Great Interactive Movie
  • Excellent All Around
  • Good Gameplay, ruined by Terrible Story
  • Far more interesting than expected
  • Waste of decent lore
  • Why?
@/{{sabrinadiamond}}'s review
Hey, it hooked me.
Exaggerated, unfocused, but not bad
  • A fun time with a movie that does a lot of things right
  • A good, fun film but the ending stumbles over itself (Spoilers!)
  • So let's talk about Wonder Woman
  • The Dark and Gritty Film that Works
The Woody Woodpecker And Friends Classic Cartoon Collection Vol. 1 and 2: The Walter Lantz Archive(s) Review
Imagine If a Fallout Game Never Let the Player Leave The Vault
One of the Best Cartoons on television today.
Amitakatork's review
  • On-going, but promising
  • One of the best fics I've read by far
Working Doodles
From comments
Works and Days, Hesiod
  • Comment by Capa
  • Comment by Kizuna Tallis
  • Comment by konekootome
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
Red Dawn in RTS format
Drive the WWII tank of your dreams, but ignore the players who insult your driving methods.
  • A Retrospective on Warlords of Draenor
  • Mists of Pandaria in Retrospective:
  • The next step for MMORPGs
  • Wrath Of The Lich King
  • @/CrypticMirror's review
  • @/ShayGuy's review
  • @/{{lanky}}'s review
Greatness from day 1
  • "Perspective" is the name of the game. (Plus a side note on realism)
  • Do Your Research
  • High in fatty doom and gloom; Low in believable presentation.
  • I'm Surprised by These Reviews (Update)
  • Make some room at the table, George.
  • Nothing Like the Book
  • Overdosed Red Scare
  • Really Good Book
  • [Audiobook review] They're coming to get you, TV Tropes!
Comment by lkmjr
  • A fun story packaged in an awkward structure.
  • A well thought out world, and a very grey and black one too.
  • Crunchy Dark Superhero Goodness
  • Excellent Start, Serious Fatigue
  • FromBadToWorse, except it gets better
  • Godzilla Thresholds Galore, and Too Little Satisfaction
  • Much to love, much to hate.
  • Really Good, But Looooong
  • We Don't Need Another Garth Ennis
  • Cloudy Prospects for Tinker Taylor
  • Probably the greatest Worm Fanfic.
Clever and well-written, wish it were longer
If you like Worm and you like Darth and Droids...
Good if you enjoy reading Taylor going on an insane rampage, otherwise ignore
  • A Story About Work
  • What happened to Taylor?
sexless angel who everyone likes and involves itself with everything and has exclusive powers and never fails
Good, but abandoned
Worms Forts - an interesting, but very flawed idea
  • A fascinating take with great potential - dark, yet so full of hope
  • Caellach Tiger Eye said it all...
  • A Movie for Gamers and Non-Gamers of All Ages
  • A nice film that deserves to be seen, if only once
  • Decidedly 'Meh'
  • Excellent, but it does give you Headscratchers.
  • Game Nerd: Not a requirement
  • Good Ingredients, But Undercooked
  • I liked this movie.
  • Impressive
  • Instant fave
  • It's clumsy, messy and confusing... and I want to see more!
  • Made Me Cry... Seriously!
  • Mostly standard Disney story, with a creative concept behind it
  • Not really all that good
  • This movie is like Roger Rabbit for video games. Except not a mystery and not 2D
  • What a film! Awesome!
  • Wrecks all Negative Expectations
  • Wrecks your heart from the start until the end.
[=foxmccloud4387=]'s review
  • Of Pacing and Design Variety
  • Xenofiction fans and authors, take note.
Romaticism, Not Romance
WWE 2K15 officially makes the series CapcomSequelStagnation
WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3