Reviews: War And Peace In Mind

A world dreamed and crafted

If this story had one strength above all else, it's the strength of its worldbuilding.

From one single movie about superheroes and their children, Jeune Chat has created an entire world where superheroes live and thrive and protect the world from those that would do it harm, and where even those with powers that would seem useless become heroes in their own right.

What I appreciate most about this story, though, is the balance the author has formed between the Golden and Silver Ages of heroes and comics: although the harsh reality of a hero's life and their consequences is clearly shown, as well as showing that not every hero gets a happy ending, it is still idealistic for a world of do-gooders. There are no hidden agendas within the Bureau, no shadowy organization trying to control the world, just a clear battle between heroes and villains, good and evil, which is truly refreshing in an era of complex and layered motives and agendas.