Reviews: What The Fuck Is Wrong With You


WTFIWWYLive: Nash is at his weakest without a script. The quality here generally boils down to how outrageous the stories any given week are. Perhaps the worst part is the tendency for Critical Research Failure every now and then; Nash and Tara are smart people, but they're also not omniscient and often fall into this when discussing stories that fall out of their general knowledge base. As Nash himself would say, "Live, everybody!" Even the most boring segments are usually good for a chuckle or two, though, as it's hard not to be even mildly entertained when the point of a segment is basically to laugh with someone at the antics of people who are stupid.

WTFIWWY and Nash's Review Shows: Informative and entertaining. Nash is very good at tearing down low-quality programming or movies with humor. It's clear he puts effort into his production values, and they've steadily improved with time, giving each video a little more to stand on than someone simply talking into the camera when not cutting to relevant footage. Even the very first episode of WTFIWWY, shot on a poor webcam, has Nash giving a memorable scene to get across the point that there is truly nothing hawt at the Walmart.

Radio Dead Air: A fun five hours every Monday night. As noted, Nash is not a stupid person, and his talks about technology developments, gaming news and nerd culture are always informative, much more so than when the articles of WTFIWWYLive aren't leading him into a topic he doesn't know about. His sense of humor makes everything fun, and his taste in music is pretty wide. Of course, these can be double-edged swords as musical taste is highly subjective and it's just as easy to be turned off by any given person's sense of humor, so YMMV. Having nothing else to do on Monday nights and having had a gutted social life for several years, it's safe to say I'm biased when I say that it's worth my time every week without fail. That being said, it's obvious even if you've never heard him talk about it that Nash's show is a labor of love, and he puts a lot of effort into giving his viewers something enjoyable to watch. Even if you're not starving for things to do, that alone makes it worth the time to check out. For all the "fuck!" he shouts over the Internet, Nash is more professional in many ways than most Internet personalities, and it shows.

Just Repeat the Title to Yourself for Half an Hour and You Have the Series in a Nutshell

Let me clarify something first—I don't dislike Nash. I like his Doctor Who reviews. I've liked what we've seen of Dragonslayer so far. And his music reviews have been great and informative. Hell, I tune into RDA every now and again mostly because just listening to the guy talk can be a lot of fun.

But WTFIWWY seems to be kind of a stumbling block for him, and I'm not sure why. All I know is that 90% of the jokes boil down to "why would you do that?", "why would you think that's a good idea", and of course the title itself. He has nothing meaningful or funny to say about these articles, and the fact that they themselves are pleasingly absurd doesn't really help. And hell, beyond his reactions to the articles, pretty much everything else about the show is a repeated joke. I only need to hear about how stupid Florida is so many times.

Tara occasionally helps mix things up. Her suggestions to the criminals are usually at least enough to elicit a chuckle, and while it's still the same sort of joke at least the different circumstances of each article allow for the sort of variety you can't get out of generic stupidity-questioning. (Alas, she's starting her own show of such suggestions, which means more likely than not she'll stop pulling them out in WTFIWWY. Alas.)

The pre-filmed additions manage to be a slight improvement, which makes me wonder if the problem is simply that Nash isn't very good at improv and doesn't put a hell of a lot of planning into the liveshows. At the very least I'd make sure ahead of time that the articles are ones that he's capable of making up material about, rather than just choosing whichever he thinks is the wackiest without any other forethought.