Reviews: We Are The Strange

Mighty Hell...

I cannot sum up this movie except that after I saw it, I was cackling like a madman for a good ten minutes. It makes no sense. It is truly incomprehensible. It barely has a plot. The art seems horrific at times. Yet, I liked this film. It's got an awesome final act that makes up for the incomprehensibility. This is a very short review because this film is near impossible to describe. Watch this nonsensical film! Just, be aware that Mad Cackling might wake up the neighbours.

Edit: I really hope that this won't be the only review of this film. More people need to see it.

Second Edit: Okay, on second viewing, I'm liking this film less. I still think people should see it, but only once. It's not good for repeat viewings. I started dissecting it and realized how mindless it really is. Now, I can describe this film: "A film for the Internet age, FROM the Internet age, which relies on jarring visuals, video game references, some Unfortunate Implications and a mecha fight."

It's mind-boggling and stupid at the same time. I don't like it anymore, but it is the perfect film for summarizing Internet culture. Maybe that was the point.