Reviews: Water Tribe

The Evil Oboist's review

This comic is so good, I pretty much consider it canon! And that's coming from someone who usually can't stand fanfic. The art is great, the story is wonderful, and even the OC's (and there are a bunch) are so genuinely Avatar that you'd think they were there in the show. Since it is about Zhao, the most of the main characters aren't in it beyond a brief mention, but it doesn't need them—they'd just upstage a really interesting character study. There is a cameo from everyone's favorite sexy young Fire Lord at the end, though.

Joysweeper's review

Seriously, this thing is awesome. I never cared about Zhao before, but this managed to change my mind. Also, if you check the Zhao tag on rufftoon's LJ you can get more details, fanart, etc.

Karalora's review

Rufftoon does an amazing job of making Zhao more sympathetic not by changing his character in the slightest, but by demonstrating that his personality is adapted to thrive in a dog-eat-dog society.

Ack Sed's review

Good enough to be a print comic, with better art than some indies (I'm looking at you, Scott Pilgrim) with laughs, pathos, foreshadowing... everything Avatar was known for. And it's entirely faithful to the characters. You read it. YOU READ IT NOW.

Liffguard's review

Very strong Original Flavour. It's also extremely well-drawn (after all, Rufftoon (Johane Matte) was one of the storyboarders of Avatar). Now 'finished', but the author has stated she isn't done messing with Zhao yet.