Reviews: Wuthering Heights

Romaticism, Not Romance

Modern works often refer to Wuthering Heights as an epic, if somewhat dark, romance however these works are misguiding you so that you'll see the allusion between the characters of Wuthering Heights and its own characters. Because of these preconceptions there are some things in the novel that will be lost on modern readers. Heathcliff isn't a hero, he's actually the worst sort of villain, it's hard to find a character whose side to take because chances are you'll hate most of them and some of the romantic relationships border on creepy but they were never meant to be loving. Why is all this happening? It's because Wuthering Heights is not a romance; it is, however, a quintessential piece of Gothic literature. When all is said and done, Wuthering Heights is a story about obsession, madness revenge and the darker side of human nature.