Reviews: When All Your Dreams Come True

A dark vision of a bleak future

... one which makes us glad that Zuko was both unlucky and simply bad at being... bad. A dark take on escapist fantasies that is well worth a troper's time.

The Evil Oboist's review

Tear Jerker and High Octane Nightmare Fuel warning, but this is a very well-written fic that makes you think "thank the UNIVERSE Zuko never succeeded!" * shiver*

firelizardinabottle's review

Read this fic with a whole damn box of tissues. Maybe it just hit a personal chink in my armor, but it's been months since I read this and it still makes my chest hurt thinking about it.

Darth Saturnina's review

Well-written and interesting; it offers insight into how Zuko would deal with this situation and how his exile changed him more than he thought. Read it, it's amazing.