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Lucy: What now?
Maria: Do you really think I know?
Lucy: I guess you're right. [sighs]
[Maria sips her coffee]
Lucy: But I was just wondering...

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Not the film I was promised

When I heard about this movie, I knew I just had to see it. Famous wikis teaming up to defeat Flint Marko? Will Smith as Uncyclopedia, Gary Oldman as Wikipedia, Robert Downey Jr. as Shrek Wiki, Ellen Paige as Tumblr (even though I question it's appearance in a movie about wikis), Johny Depp as an internet troll, and Cillian Murphy as Sandman? Consider me sold!

However, the marketing grossly mislead me. What I thought would be a fun crossover in the vein of The Avengers turned out to be some sort of drivel I wish I could banish from my brain. Most of the characters I mentioned don't even show up until the last 20 minutes of this 2 hour film, with most of the plot being taken up by Adam Sandler as Encyclopedia Drammatica and Nicholas Cage as Transformers Wiki (a walking advertisement for Bayformers) having a bromance while making failed attempts to emote over Koreans who died because they were too busy gaming to eat food. It also tries to capture the abortion debate, but the clearly schizophrenic screenwriters fail to even pick a side, portraying both the pro-life and pro-choice sides as rapists, serial killers, satanists, racists, alcoholics, abusers, and bad drivers.

When all the Wikis do show, they turn out to be little more than cameos. RDJ doesn't even speak. Instead he walks in, picks up a football, is gunned down by the cops, and becomes just another set piece for Sandler and Cage to emote over. If you ignored the marketing for this movie, you wouldn't even realize that he was supposed to be more than a bystander!

The special effects are laughable. There is an alien spaceship which is quite clearly a pie tin, about ten minutes of stock footage from Godzilla movies with Cage poorly photoshopped in, and cardboard fireballs being thrown around.

The morality is screwed up as well. Cage is praised as a hero when the civilians he guns down just happen to be terrorists, but when Sandler's bullet bounces off of the Sandman and hits a visiting diplomat, it is the Sandman who is blamed. And don't even get me started on the horribly racist portrayals of the Korean and Mexican characters.

All in all, a trainwreck of a movie. Don't even bother with it unless you want a reason to blow yourself up.

I will, however, admit that it has the best examination of Superman's code against killing I have seen in a film.

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All the people's word going 'round in my head like "I WISH I WAS A BABY!" *Guitar riff* sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do!

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  • Al Bundy pikmin instantly explode, erasing your save file and destroying your house. To unlock them, you much eat 8,999 sandwhiches.
  • Laddies and gentlemen, Mohammed Bello Abubakar, the man with 86 wives and 170 children.
  • Total Drama: Heroes Versus Villains suffered from Seasonal Rot so bad, it makes Action look like something out of the Kobold Necromancer. How can you waste a HVV styled mega-season like that?

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