Reviews: Watch Dogs

Breaking News: An underrated game? AGAIN?

So, Aiden Pearce is not exactly interesting, true. However, a good deal of people ignore the things that make the game good. The story is rather weak, and the hacking can grow to be tiresome and impractical. However, the shooting is solid and fun. The foot-chases can be good. The side content is magnificent.

But what irks me is the people who treat the game as So Bad, It's Horrible. Some Straw Feminist types accuse it of misogyny, ignoring the intelligent Clara Lille, and Only Sane Man (Well, woman) Nicky Pearce. They clearly weren't paying much attention. The game does indeed focus a good bit on Aiden saving women. But then again, there are approximately zero female enemies. But, here's the issue: It's real. The human trafficking is portrayed realistically. The single mother doing her best to care for her child is realistic. And the oft-ignored fact that not all women must be an Action Girl. Sometimes, having normal female characters is necessary to the storyline.

But these are reviews, not rants. The game is buggy, and not very solid. Story is weak, graphics are, at best, mediocre on PC. The hacking gameplay can get very dull, and as mentioned by others, makes you want to just shoot people instead of hack. Aiden is boring, but he is also a very good Reconstruction of vigilantes like The Shadow and The Punisher. The game is also able to give enough character insight that when a non-Mook dies, it's either cathartic or tragic. Even Aiden is unable to speak at Clara's death.

So, despite the game's name being dragged through the dirt constantly, it's actually a good game, with some problems. I'm glad it's getting a sequel, and I sure hope it doesn't fail, because that would finally shut up the haters.

8/10. Bugs, boredom, and some very good parts.

Women and The Videogames Who Hate Them


Christ, this story was a letdown. Despite the hacking plotpoints, the conspiracy plot, the paranoia plot and the gang related plot, it's all just a ruse to cover that old classic "Women are dead, and men are upset about it" plot. Your love interest and only useful female with a plot important backstory, is killed abruptly in a cutscene.

She is killed because you rescued your kidnapped sister. Your sister was kidnapped because your niece was killed. Your niece was killed because Rose Washington was killed. Rose Washington was killed because...[blank space].

Rose is most frustrating, because the mere inkling Aidan found out about her is what caused hitmen to try to kill him. When you first hear her name it sounds like she was involved in some some major, the only important thing about her is the man who killed her.

Aidan Pearce is a trenchcoat and phone on a mission for revenge of dead niece, and then rescuing his living sister, then revenge again but for dead love interest this time. That's as complex as he gets, while never speaking above a growl-whisper regardless of circumstance. There are also no cutscenes or dialog about how Aidan an his niece got along before she died. Sister has no background, no portrayal on her feeling on her own daughter's death, and a son that just gives her something male to talk about besides Aidan.

When you confront the Big Bad and his big reveal is that a woman died, you screwed up the story somewhere.

The big hacking gameplay watch_dogs boasts is only interesting at first. Becoming repetitive after a while and even unnecessary sometimes when you can just shoot people quicker. Car chases can go exciting to annoying as they drag on because you can't shoot without exiting the car. And that fucking hacking mini-game over and over. Interest only returned when you must guide someone through cameras to safety a few times.

If you hated the GTA 5 protagonists and Kratos from Go W because they're not nice people at all, at least they had actual (horrible) personalilties beyond a pair of clothes and vaguely good intentions. Aidan needs no less than three girls endangered or dead to justify his bad actions where GTA 5 guys or Kratos wouldn't really need any.

Which is why I play Aidan as a total psychopath.

Best played on PS 4

A New Take on Vigilantism

Watch Dogs is a surprisingly refreshing take on the "vigilante" concept.

You step into the Trench coat wearing shoes of Aiden Pearce, a hacker by trade with a dark past. He was originally a criminal, hacking into the bank accounts with a partner named Damien Brenks. Everything changed when the duo decided to hack the bank accounts of the rich people inside the Merlaut Hotel. Aiden had a hit put on him when his partner recklessly chased data that they had nothing to do with. His niece paid the price.

Aided by a colorful cast of characters and his smartphone, he began a quest of vengeance and redemption.

While some gamer's may be irked by Aiden's blandness, I feel that this initial game is sort of like a prequel in of itself. Setting up events, characters, and gameplay for future installments of this series.

Aiden is a character that has potential, but he needs to be desperately expanded upon before I can make a total decision regarding him.

With everything taken into account, gameplay, characters, setting, etc. I rate this game at a solid 7/10. It was alright, but there is a good bit of room for improvement.

A speed review of Watch Dogs.

Story: Weak (Seriously it is weak)

Characters: Jordi is a hired assassin and it is hilarious (Oh and something about Aiden, hes kind of bland. Better fix that in future.)

Driving: Kinda buggy

Gameplay Mechanics: Bullets, guns, crafting, shooting, bullet-time, hacking, different kinds of hacks, contraptions, non-lethal takedowns. Is good, buggy still.

Setting: Oh my god the US is slowly being filled with a high tech AI system that watches over people while being used by a shadowy corporation? I wanna learn more! (Sadly no we focus on finding the man responsible for a death of a family member)

Sides items: Digital trips are awesome. Missions that take down a human trafficking ring? FUCK YES! Hangouts! AR stuff! Whoo!

Final View: This would have been better as a straight up sandbox game that lets you play around with the mechanics, with the ability to customize cars and such to make each your own. Or if they wanted to focus on story, make it about the implications of having ctOs, and how that effects the city and the individuals when their lives can be predicted by a machine that watches them everyday.

Overall: Fun game with a weak story, it would have been a bit more forgettable if not for things like the digital trips. Will play again and I look forward to the sequel (Cause hopefully they will fix their flaws).

Seriously if they make a sequel it better be improved.