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Women and The Videogames Who Hate Them

Christ, this story was a letdown. Despite the hacking plotpoints, the conspiracy plot, the paranoia plot and the gang related plot, it's all just a ruse to cover that old classic "Women are dead, and men are upset about it" plot. Your love interest and only useful female with a plot important backstory, is killed abruptly in a cutscene.

She is killed because you rescued your kidnapped sister. Your sister was kidnapped because your niece was killed. Your niece was killed because Rose Washington was killed. Rose Washington was killed because...[blank space].

Rose is most frustrating, because the mere inkling Aidan found out about her is what caused hitmen to try to kill him. When you first hear her name it sounds like she was involved in some some major, the only important thing about her is the man who killed her.

Aidan Pearce is a trenchcoat and phone on a mission for revenge of dead niece, and then rescuing his living sister, then revenge again but for dead love interest this time. That's as complex as he gets, while never speaking above a growl-whisper regardless of circumstance. There are also no cutscenes or dialog about how Aidan an his niece got along before she died. Sister has no background, no portrayal on her feeling on her own daughter's death, and a son that just gives her something male to talk about besides Aidan.

When you confront the Big Bad and his big reveal is that a woman died, you screwed up the story somewhere.

The big hacking gameplay watch_dogs boasts is only interesting at first. Becoming repetitive after a while and even unnecessary sometimes when you can just shoot people quicker. Car chases can go exciting to annoying as they drag on because you can't shoot without exiting the car. And that fucking hacking mini-game over and over. Interest only returned when you must guide someone through cameras to safety a few times.

If you hated the GTA 5 protagonists and Kratos from Go W because they're not nice people at all, at least they had actual (horrible) personalilties beyond a pair of clothes and vaguely good intentions. Aidan needs no less than three girls endangered or dead to justify his bad actions where GTA 5 guys or Kratos wouldn't really need any.

Which is why I play Aidan as a total psychopath.

Best played on PS 4

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