Reviews: Why One Must Not Attempt To Analyze A Child Genius

Brilliantly Witty

This is definitely making its way to my mental


The creativity that went into this fic is amazing. It made me all tingly and smiley; curious as to how Artemis plays with the next character. I found the OCs very interesting and well suited to the original source. Yes, some humour was lacking but other than, I would call it fantastic.

Simply great.

I nearly couldn't distinguish between this and Colfer's own style. Great grasp of character; maybe, Butler is a bit too concerned for the psychologists' well being, and the narrator isn't so humorous as in the original. Aside from this, there are just a couple missing commas and typos, and i can forgive those as long as they don't hamper reading too much. You're in my top five of good AF authors.


I completely agree with USA Bobcat. This fanfic could be one of Colfer's actual books and nobody would know the difference. Brilliant in every way, it comprehensively captures Artemis' genius better than any other fan work I have seen. When Artemis burned the painting... I almost cried, it was so good. Okay, maybe I didn't actually shed a tear, but it was THAT good. I applaud you, fiercejinx. Seriously.