Reviews: We Sort Too Soon

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I cannot begin to comprehend the thriving emotions that this troper felt during this fanfiction. Alas, I believe starting with how the text is written will be an excellent start. I am simply blown away from the description of each minor detail that was exceptionally written. I also admire the length of the story as well, as I am not one to read long novels without becomming bored of repetitional or neutral happenings that last for chapters, this really grinding this troper's shit at some stages. It is also worth mentioning that this is the first short novel'd story from the Harry Potter Genre that has officially make me into a sook for at least fifnteen minutes, due to how beautifully illustrated the final three chapters are. I congratulate you Author onoM. I congratulate you for posting this story and allowing me the experience of reading it. I recommend this to all who wish to redeem themselves for haing Severus Snape for years and finding out he did a Heel-Face flip. Thank you ~Becstar

A good read.

To say that this is not a dark piece would be a lie. Damnation by love abounds here. This is not a fic which demonizes James. This is not a fic which tries to fix everything between Severus and Lily. This fanfiction does not romanticize Severus' yearning for Lily, or rather, his obsession. Lily is not fought over like some sort of toy. She is not treated like an object, or a rope in some sort of lustful tug-o-war. Lily may seem rather blind to Severus' feelings, but we are looking from his eyes. Of course she seems blind to us. And in the end, her hindsight is 20/20. A dark tale it is.

very good though not happy by any measure

A very-well written piece of fanfiction, keeping characters closely IC with the exception of possibly Lily (I can't believe a person in his/her sane mind would not notice Snape's feelings even with him being an accomplished liar). In fact, it's so well-written that by the end you'll find yourself in desperate need of a Kleenex and probably a sedative. To say there's a lot of angst is an understatement, so be warned. Still, in terms of quality it's easily one of the best Snape/Lily fanfics around.