Reviews: What The Bleep Do We Know

If Battlefield Earth was a documentry about Quantum Physics

Years ago I was forced to watch this without snark, creating an intense hatred of it. Recently someone showed me the trope page and I gave it a second shot with more snark.

The fictional story is hard to follow. It's mostly around a deaf women but being deaf doesn't seem to really hinder her, in fact if not for her sister using sign language and a video phone, I'd have just assumed she had a speech impediment. She can read lips perfectly and other characers can understand her easily, though the audience has more trouble. It's probably supposed to be something about percieving the world different [a major theme] but it comes off as just wierd and kind of unnecessary. Over all she's rather flat but they set her up as someone who looks like she has it together but secretly hates herself then Quantum physics fixes everything by teaching to think positive and somehow reshape reality using that

My friend brought up that good points are made, it's just a matter of where they go with them that really makes the film look bad. And as their philosophy is along the lines of "Quantum physics somehow means our brains can reshape the universe making us all sort of Gods in our own way", this stuff is like how our mind shape snow flakes since water is "the most responsive of the four elements" or that Natives couldn't see Columbus' ship because it's out of their experience

It's important to keep in mind with this film that it's not made by amateurs or idiots, it's fairly a well put together argument and narrative that can suck you in if you're not paying attention by offering you actual facts and explanations that you recognize then slowly shifting the more poorly understood parts around to suit their world view. The main thing that makes this film snark bait is that they have a rather out there worldview

There's the kitchsky animated stuff that you might see in a low budget science show for Kids that add a level of camp. The effects are pretty good for the budget but they over do it and limitations show. Certain effects like the music are where the low budget really show and get grating

I wish I had more space but overall; this movie was made to sell a cult and it shows both in the good and the bad. They ask good questions and seem to start off reasonable but it always transition to a sell for them, ften with ridiculous stuff to laugh at