Reviews: What A Brother What A Bother

A Little Rough Around the Edges- But Otherwise Good

The writing in this fic starts out passable and pleasant and gradually gets better throughout the story. Characterisation is generally good but does occasionally falls into the trap of making their OC too cool in comparison to the canon characters (occasionally making it feel a little forced) but these problems also fade as the story goes on and the author improves at character interaction. The stories are well paced and interesting, with genuinely emotive writing that can be both heart wrenching or funny when needed. It should be noted that not all the drabbles are completed and that the fic has been dead for some time now so new updates are unlikely.

Overall good story, well worth a read- even several, but hardly the best thing since sliced bread.

Comment by Cutekittenlady

One of the best renditions of Scotland this troper has ever read. Kopanda uses the pixiv Scotland character design, and gives him characteristics that fit him the way a stereotype would, while also giving decent reason for his portrayal through back story and interactions with other characters. Being Scottish herself, she gives a very accurate description of the countries history with England as well as the rest of the UK and France. Is currently ongoing and deserves recognition for a continued run. The collection is actually set up as separate sets of stories updated at different times. In other words, in this one fanfic there can be up to three different stories being written, all at the same time. In other words 'What a Brother! What a Bother!' is like a ton of separate fanfictions being presented together in a magnificently orderly and flowing manner.