Reviews: Wild Kratts

Funniest show yet!

I grew up watching Zoboomafoo when I was a newborn, and to this day I have been loving the Kratts since. I'm a natural child-at-heart, and so I encourage everyone—not just kids—to watch Wild Kratts. It's really the best kids' show that actually appeals to me. :)

The Kratt Brothers get animated

If you watched Zoboomafoo when younger, you know who the Kratt Brothers are. The two creature loving brothers have returned with the mission to teach kids about animals. The only major difference this time is that their doing it with animation.

The show begins and ends with the real life Kratt Brothers discussing the animal or type of animal the episode focuses on. The show features Chris ans Martin traveling the world to study creatures and use their Creature Power Suits to rescue them from trouble. Assisting them is the Creature Power Suit's inventor Aviva and two other scientists named Koki and Jimmy-Z. The Wild Kratts must also deal with villains such as evil inventor Zach Varmitech, designer Donita Donata, and chef Gormound from taking animals for their own selfish purposes.

I have out-grown the show's target age group but as a lover of the Kratt Brothers, I had to watch it and I found it to be really great. It has plenty of educational material but has enough humor and a good storyline that stops it from getting dull and boring. If you are parents, I think your kids would enjoy this show and I think you'd like it as well.

Overall for a kids show, it is pretty good and I think most kids would really enjoy it.