Reviews: Warframe

Great Game That Makes a Terrible First Impression

The Good:
  • Fast-paced gameplay with incredibly fun movement mechanics
  • Tons of variety in weapons and Warframes
  • While the game has a premium currency, buying it is not required to obtain 100% completion as far as weapons and Warframes go, and it's designed to avoid being pay-to-win
  • Very friendly and supportive playerbase
  • Highly interactive developers (they even hold official livestreams on a regular basis)
  • Interesting lore
  • Frequent content updates
  • Fun PvP
  • It's free!

The Bad:
  • Suffers from a particularly severe case of early game hell. New players will have a horrid time without looking up guides, since the game hardly explains anything aside from the very basics, and what little equipment is given is utterly useless in the long run
  • Some mechanics and gamemodes such as Archwing are severely underdeveloped
  • Mid-high to high-level play is plagued by various demonic spiders

  • Premium currency (Platinum) is required to obtain inventory slots for weapons and Warframes. You can trade items for Platinum among other players, but it'll take a while before you'll have anything really worth selling
  • You WILL end up grinding for materials/mods/experience/etc. at some point. Whether you think it's relaxing or tedious, YMMV

In conclusion, if you can get past the terrible early game and invest a bit of time into it, Warframe is by far one of the best free-to-play games of this generation. While it suffers from a tedious meta-game of grinding and has a few unpolished mechanics, there's a lot of good to be enjoyed. Fun gameplay, great community, supportive devs, constant updates all help keep the game fresh and enjoyable.