Reviews: Whateley Universe

Interesting concepts, but a rough start.

At the time of this review, these stories have been written over a ten-year span, by a number of different authors. Some of the authors are quite good at keeping the tone of the characters and universe consistent throughout- I'd recommend Bek D. Corbin, Babs Yerunkle, and Diane Castle as being quite good at that.

Bottom line, if you're interested in a pretty good take on the concept of a mutant school a la X-men or Sky High, give it a look. The early writing is *extremely* rough, but the authors tend to improve over time (again, they've been at it for ten years). Some improve more than others, and some just bowed out completely.

Basic gist: Cthulhu mythos is real, as are many others, subject to authors' understanding of said mythos. Ominous things are coming to a head in the next two years, so the head of the school has (unofficially) altered a number of policies on how the students are allowed to act. Into this comes a new crop of kids for the closeted LGBTQ dorm. They make a training group because of shared issues. One's a reincarnated elf queen, one's an accidental embodiment of a ancient superweapon (formerly lacking in free will) designed to end cthulhu-mythos things. One's an escaped experimental subject who was exiled from their rich family, another's a kung-fu master, one makes poltergeist duplicates of herself, and the last one is a low-power superman. Weirdness ensues.

The stories started out as TG fic, so periodically when an author is added to the group, they'll randomly try to retcon side characters into being TG for no obvious reason. There's no escaping it; just shake your head and carry on.

Don't bother with the stories by Dr. Bender or Renae; they read like weird fap-fiction and neither author can keep other character voices consistent at ALL. The only exception to this is the Halloween storyline; you do kind of need to read those just to know what's going on in the subsequent stories.

When reading, sort the stories based on when, in the story timeline, the entire completed story ends or begins. Don't read them in publication order, because that will be very confusing.

Over all, the concept is a lot of fun, but the execution is sometimes a bit rough. Particularly in the beginning. But if you've got a lot of time on your hands, and a good tolerance for rough writing, give it a read!

Early-ish Impression

I've only read the first dozen or so stories, but here's what I think so far:

The quality varies a bunch from author to author, which is probably to be expected. Most of the authors are pretty good, and I intend to keep reading. My biggest complaint is that "Starwolf," who writes the Tennyo stories, is not a good writer at all either in terms of concept or writing style; I find their stories unreadable. Skipping everything by him/her/it/them avoids most of the problem, but it does cause a bit of feeling like I haven't read the prequel (because, of course, I haven't) and also the backstory, which I think is pretty dumb, pops up and bugs me every now and then.

The writer for Phase/Ayla is probably my favorite.