Reviews: WWE Video Games

WWE 2K15 officially makes the series Capcom Sequel Stagnation

Over the past several years the series had made great strides to improve the wrestling experience for fans, whether it be through the Attitude Era and WrestleMania modes or tweaks to the gameplay. 2K15 however promised much but delivered a cut down version of the game you have been played before.

The big news was that you could make up a NXT rookie and play through their career. This is entirely gone from the 360 and PS3 versions. There is not even a simplified version like the NBA series. Instead we get a couple of story modes not a patch on previous efforts. We were promised a overhauled CAW mode that amounts to a different background, that's it, the same thing we have seen for the past five years. If there is nothing new then this might mean that creations from previous games could be imported in. No, anything that had been painstakingly worked on has to be made again from scratch with the same limitations.

And custom finishers, stories and music had also been done away with: why? If there was room needed for more content that would be one thing, but there is nothing not already in previous games, done better. In fact most of the custom original or old options have been removed. All we get are a few new moves which hardly necessitates the need for the removal of so many options.

As for the changed story modes, we get some nice video packages but the matches play themselves with no player input more than ever. Speaking of no input there is none from Jim Ross even on matches he called, making his absence another sad omission.

But does it play any better? Here we see another problem in that the promised graphic and gameplay elements had not been implemented. It is virtually the same game. It does look very slightly cleaner and the CPU offers a little more of a challenge, but nothing that a slight tweak of the options in previous games wouldn't offer.

Overall the latest 2K game has been gutted, and has continued a worrying trend in gaming of the Lying Creator. Aside from that a lot of content is being held back for DLC. The servers are intended to be closed down in May next year leaving very little time to use custom content and even less incentive to share and use them. Many long term fans who already bought the game have every right to feel betrayed, with the series deserving abandonment.