Reviews: Wakfu

It's fun. Really. It just is.

Wakfu is... well, it's difficult to describe exactly why it's so good. I suppose you could think of it as a spiritual cousin to Avatar:TLA. It's an Animesque French production, with a solid cast of characters, following a (so far) season-long story arc. It's got some of the most fluid, cinematic-quality animation (in Flash, to boot!) this troper has ever seen, a ridiculously catchy soundtrack, and, though it isn't by any means cerebral, gawd is it ever fun.

There's a certain energy to the story; it's got your classic Five Man Band, with a shonen-type hero, but it's all done so energetically and with such good humour that it doesn't feel cliche. The heroes are a diverse bunch, and, though the show is intended for a fairly young audience, there's juuuust enough shipping and getting crap past the radar that ot's still fun. Oh, and it has one of the coolest villain's this troper has ever seen in a fictional work, ever.

Anyhoo, to sum up; silly, not too serious (except in the later episodes), but energetic, fast-paced, and, above all, FUN.

A review of open beta

When I started playing this game. I knew how to play the game (from Wakfu's predecessor, Dofus) but I was completely foreign to the concepts introduced into this game otherwise. There are no quests available and everything is controlled by the players. The message of this is 'everything you do has an impact', for instance you cannot hunt monsters or cut down trees indefinitely because they do not respawn unless a respawn is initiated by either you or another player, which is a good message to have in a game.

The character classes were all taken from Dofus, but they were redesigned to look about a hundred times more awesome and got new spells, though their predefined roles stayed the same (archer class, treasure hunter class, summoner, assassin, etc) The elemental spell levelling system also takes a while to get used to.

Battles are turn based/tactical with players and monsters/other players taking turns to attack until one side gives up/dies. This battle system may seem slow, especially in boss fights but I love it and I am glad they kept this battle style in the transition from Dofus to Wakfu.

This game also has a ton of things that fans of the animated series and people who played the original game , such as Amalia's mother and Yugo's adoptive father appearing as clan leaders as well as other characters, Destroyed Astrub, monsters from Dofus appearing in the game (Tofus, Gobballs, Prespics, etc).

This game still has flaws though. Grinding professions is insanely boring, the political system needs improveent and sometimes I disconnect for no reason. The AI of monsters and summons needs to be improved as well. However this is still an open beta and most of these issues will probably be resolved once the game is officially released (except the point on professions). I have also found issues with finding parties to train with because around half of the people that I have met do not speak good English (there is no designated English server).

Wakfu is a game that I would recommend for everyone to at least try, despite the flaws it ha because it has been a very unique gaming experience for me beta testing the game. If you do not like the battle system or the way the ecosystem woks then I suggest you stay away from this game because these things are what give Wakfu it's unique charm (also it looks beautiful as well).