Reviews: Were Something

A loving story powerful in it\'s simplicity

This is my favorite Nick & Judy "take their friendship to the next level" story.

Being just a single chapter, the author condenses the experience down to a very realistic conversation that shows how much their relationship is based upon a solid friendship. When Nick has an unsettling dream his first thought is to seek solace from his best friend, who even at one in the morning is willing to get out of bed to talk with him on a nearby park bench.

There is such an honest simplicity in this tale that makes it a joy to read. It ends, not with impassioned declarations of love, but with the candid realization there's "something" more at play in their relationship and that they are both willing to figure it out together as they end up walking together paw-in-paw for the first time. A resolution that, for me, is more satisfying and meaningful than the dozens of "I love you, first kiss, then hop into bed" stories I've read.