Reviews: What Do You Do

Aquason's Review of WDYD

If you came tried to describe what What Do You Do is to someone who has no prior knowledge of this webcomic/game it would be this: "umm... umm... Well it's a webcomic where there's this elf guy who is a wizard-I mean mage, and he uhh... is controlled by the users who suggest actions for him and uhh... Have you heard of MSPA? It's kinda like that, I guess, except different." Even though WDYD shared a similar idea with MSPA, WDYD managed to grow it's beard and break away from the basic idea that it was a Oots or MSPA clone. Chris Ignatov(the Creator) updates twice a day, and has only stopped and not update 8 times during the entire run so far. Even though your mind keeps jumping to "MSPA clone is not cool" Jame's adventures have had many twists and turns. An achievement that is impressive in my eyes is that WDYD keeps itself child friendly, so I could show a younger brother or sister it. I got to hand it to Chris: updating twice everyday, with no copy and paste except when there are multiple panels in a single update, with hardly any ad money to show for it, is doing it for the art, and the fun. In conclusion, just read WDYD already, if you found this review you probably were a fan looking at its Tv Tropes page.