Reviews: White Rain

One of The Best

More of a case of personal enjoyment, but never has a fanfic grabbed me like this one. It is amazingly written and completely engrossing with a intelligent slant to it that leaves most other works in its dust. The characters, even the O Cs, are magnificently represented although at times the OC development is rather long. This however helps you care about them and their struggles. I'm just waiting for the finale chapter so I can live my life...

By strangebloke

Athough the OCs are cool, the writer spends a huge amount of time delving into certain O Cs personal struggles, including a 5000-word therapy session one character has with Ibiki. The fic is short on action, short on canon characters, and long on painfully deep character exploration. That said, the fic is one of the best written fics I have seen in quite a while, and probably engulf you against your will.