Reviews: Wars Will Of Fire

A Rarity.

Most AU Fanfics are a variation of High School. It's so clichéd it becomes boring. Transposing the Naruverse in such an adult setting with such serious themes was quite a wager...and it works. This proves one more time the Naruto characters are indeed a Commedia Dell Arte Troupe and can play any role.

Very realistic action scenes, deep reflections about what it means to be a soldier, being surrounded by death, having to kill in order not to be killed etc... The pace is steady, the tone is somewhat goofy in first chapters but soon gets Darker And Edgier as the author begins to show that Anyone Can Die in this story. Due to the author's extensive knowledge of history and the military, this story makes very precise references to war gear and weaponry as well as time periods and mirrors the European WWII conflict. But it's not a retelling, it's more a historical fiction.

All in all, it's one of the most inventive and original fanfics I've ever read and trust me I've read a lot. Romance, action scenes, reflectiveness, violence, friendship, grimdark, suspense, character dynamics... Everything that makes a good story is there. Also, the fact that the characters are much older than what they are in the original story makes them strangely more relatable. It's so different from the average AU fanfic, so well-written and so entertaining that you will read the chapter one after the other and get hooked before you know it. Give it a try. It's worth it.