Reviews: Winters Debt

Character? What character?

The fic is a well written fic concerning an alternate universe where Voldemort took over Harry's soul and Draco had a secret sister. Wait... it's not? Alright then, the fic is a bloody awful excercise in Ron the Death Eater, in which:

A) Dobby becomes a spineless coward instead of the hero who bravely warns Harry of the dangers ahead and sacrifices himself

B) Harry is a Dark wizard who learns torture curses and kills people at random

C) Every single good wizard is portrayed as bloodthirsty and utterly evil, while the Malfoys are portrayed as A-Star good guys who died "for a cause"

The fic even tells you about all the atrocities the Malfoys committed, then expects you to pity them at their demise (Hint: Draco openly boasts about raping and pillaging without remorse, his father is described as a serial killer with *pride*, and the entire family shamelessly uses their wealth to their favour).

The characters are utterly unlikeable, and Draco in particular stands out as so completely loathesome that I couldn't bear to read large stretches of the story. His love for his sister doesn't teach him to love others, it doesn't cause him to become better, it just makes him worse. In short, Draco would have been a better person had Winter (His mute sister) not come into his life.

This is nothing against the writer's skill, however. Certain scenes in said fic are great, especially the bonding scene between Lucius and Winter. It's just that the people in said scenes are horrible people.