Reviews: Wile E Coyote And The Roadrunner


How the hell did this make success back in the day, I'll probably never know. All I know is, every time I try to watch them, I get sick.

The show follows some kind of formula in which Coyote tries to capture the Road Runner and suffers a great amount of Amusing Injuries, except those aren't amusing in the very least. It becomes depressing actually.

These shorts are nothing but a compilation of clips that follow this same formula over and over again, after you see the same thing happening for over three scenes, it becomes predictable and boring pretty fast.

I'll admit I liked the shorts with Bugs Bunny better, in which Wile talks and considers himself a "Genius." These shorts with Road Runner are an abomination, never found them funny, and probably never will.


I really, really don't like these cartoons. It's always one joke. Coyote gets or builds something, trys to use it on Road Runner, it backfires on him. This was funny the first few times, but when it's done over and over for about 7 minutes each, it gets old pretty fast.

And as characters, I don't even like them. They are completley one-dimensional(except for Coyote in the episodes where he talks, and is portrayed as a genius, but that's in only a handful of them). It's not just because they hardly talk, they literally do nothing but run, and try to catch each other. Now, you might say that Tom and Jerry has the same premise, and I love those cartoons to no end. But Tom and Jerry, even though they rarely talk, have clear personalities, and they do actually take time to set up the cartoon before the slapstick comes in. But Coyote and Roadrunner show no signs of wit, no signs of naivety, little signs of smug, and to me, no signs of funny. The just throw the viewers into the slapstick, taking to no time to set-up the humor, which is really important in a cartoon.

And there are nearly 50 cartoons of this. Eventually, I've been predicting how the joke would work out. And I was right nearly all the time. Honestly, I found the ones where the Coyote look alike Wolf trying to steal the Sheep from the guard dog was better. The jokes sometimes have a twist that I wouldn't expect, and in some of their cartoons, there's depth to it. Two buddies, who are out work. And it stopped after only a few cartoons, so it wouldn't get completley repetitive. Here, there's almost no set up, unlike what makes most other cartoons funny. To me the jokes are stale, the characters aren't likeable, it's a waste of running time, and there's no point in making so many cartoons of it.

If you like this show, good for you. Just don't try to get me to like it.