Reviews: Warhammer

'Tis good

Warhammer Fantasy. 40K's older brother. Simple pros/cons breakdown, since I'm lazy.

  • Unlike 40K, there are no Space Marines, so there are no situations where half the army books are all on the same side. (Dammit, five Space Marine codexes? Five? ''What the hell are you thinking, GW?)
  • Armies can be faked for friendly games with paper and pencil
  • Flanks, rears, and all the magic items and special rules give you a bit more tactical flexibility.
  • Has a fully-fledged magic system, meaning that fielding an army that vaporises its enemies through sheer Lore of Firepower is entirely acceptable.
  • One army is made of small dinosaurs that can ride bigger dinosaurs. And that's gotta count for something.

  • 40K gets all the support because it's an absolute cash cow.
  • They gave up trying to keep it balanced long ago, meaning that an Orc player has next to no hope against Daemons or Vampire Counts unless they are very good or very lucky.
  • Special rules that take control of your units away are far more common. (Although I have to admit it's hilarious when your Orc units begin bickering instead of actually doing what you need them to do, that entertainment has to serve as a substitute for victory)
  • Making sure units are ranked up can be a real pain; in general, the older the kit, the harder it is. (Orcs, again, get kind of hammered because most of their weapons are rather large and unwieldy)

In conclusion: 7.5 out of 10; it could be 8.5 or even 9, but Games Workshop doesn't care about it because they're too busy trying to get out Codex: Some Space Marines Who Are Only A Very Tiny Bit Different From Other Space Marines.

No, I'm not bitter. Why would you think that?