Reviews: Warriors Heir


Very good premise, but hasn't been updated in a while :( It says it's complete, but it isn't, since the author leaves off with "I'll try to put the next chapter up asap" hasn't been updated since 2012.

Where Everybody Knows your Name

There's an odd sort of symmetry to this story. This isn't your typical "Someone else is the boy who lived" alternate universe travel story, Things gat interesting fast. Harry arrives in a world of strangers where people aren't at all the same, people's ages are different, choices are different, even their dark lord is bizarre. You find yourself reading on because you honestly don't know what is about to happen. You suspect of course, but this brave new world is so alien that you're never quite sure what is going to happen, or even who is the good guy.

When all you know is backwards

"This is a unique AU in which Harry has been thrown into another dimension by conditions out of his control. It starts out after Book 6 but before Harry leaves Privet Drive. It starts abruptly with Harry attempting to both get some dueling experience and get money for his mysteriously rapid-changing vision. Gets better as it goes along and the author tries to update monthly."

After Harry is pushed into another dimension things change perspective very quickly. I love the take on the Deathly Hallows and how the main villains are handled. It is very unique though as I've yet to see another story as good and deal with the same idea.