Reviews: Wii Fit

A funny way to get fit (relating to Fit and Plus, not Fit U)

This is my first review, so forgive me if it's a bit dodgy.

I can understand overall that those seeking to improve their fitness may be seeking a more intensive option as time goes along; this is completely understandable, and I indeed have done the same thing by going to the local gym twice a week, and signing up for EA Sports Active, which is considerably more exhilarating. Having said this, Wii Fit is good for those seeking to start a health kick, at least from experience.

  1. Those seeking to start a health kick have something of a springboard, since the exercises are not as intensive as other fitness-related games or various gyms/classes.
  2. The expansions are more useful for keeping a schedule of your workouts, but the vanilla game is nothing to sniff at; there's a timer and diary function you can use to record in-game and IRL activities as well, with Plus adding a calorie counter and the ability to make custom routines or use premade ones.
  3. The pestering to come back may be annoying, but on the whole it does serve to motivate you to return. There are also small things to motivate you, such as a special birthday message or various mini-deadlines which are easier to manage.
  4. The game actively realises that it's not "hardcore" and cheesily embraces it, with comically over the top emoticons and bizarre activities. From my perspective, this is really helpful if you're feeling nervous.

  1. While I'm a die-hard Wii Fit fan, the less intensive workouts are both a pro and a con; those needing urgent change or already used to moderate exercise will not have much to gain.
  2. There is the odd Scrappy Mechanic that can put people off, such as the "measuring...measuring" sound which does get annoying.
  3. The use of BMI is inaccurate to begin with, so you may feel somewhat disheartened. My advice would be to pay attention to the more accurate weight reading.

Sadly having not had the chance to play Wii Fit U, I can say that while Wii Fit and Plus are not the most hardcore ways to work out and lose weight, they are most certainly very good starting points. Would definitely recommend, for anyone who can still get their hands on one.