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Hello. I am an Evil Brit and enjoy guitar. When I'm not busy plotting an insidious scheme to take over the world (and force-feed you all crumpets and scones), I'm at the gym, writing fanfiction, working at uni, playing games, practising archery and watching most things related to Achievement Hunter or Yogscast. I'm a massive fan of Sips, Hat Films and Strippin in particular, and used to be a fan of Game Chap.

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    Tropes applying to me (Mostly Sarcastic) 

Please note that a good chunk of this folder is badly-written sarcasm. If it's under No Real Life Examples, Please!, it's almost certainly a bad joke.

  • Evil Brit: My end vision is to see Britain restored to its former glory... with me at its helm. I haven't actually thought this through, and have no idea how this will come to be... it will work, I swear
  • Villains Out Shopping: In this case, the "shopping" has taken over my life. My ambitions for conquest have been overshadowed by video games such as Garry's Mod, writing fanfiction and exercising at the gym. And this damn wiki won't let me leave either.