Reviews: We Are The World

"We are the world", and the world rejoiced in charity songs.

"Do they know it's Christmas" and "We are the world" gave ideas to others singers all around the world.In 1985, french celebrities sang "SOS Ethiopie" and in Canada "Les yeux de la faim" ("Eyes of starve")

It debuted the charity songs, and start also the focus of attention on starved people that lived right in occident.Les restos du Coeur (Heart Restaurants) were launched in 1986 for french poors, and in order to help them the song "La chanson des restos" (restaurants's song) was recorded.

"We are the World" was parodied in 2008 by the puppets of Les guignols de l'info with song We fuck the World.

It was a Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming to discover,in 2010,that with "We are the world 25 for Haiti" United States didn't lost their generosity since the 80's, as that parody suggested.