Reviews: Will Save The Galaxy For Food

Stonking great space adventure

Bit biased here, because Yahtzee's great and his brand of humor aligns with my own, but it was a fun read. The tense bits were broken up and the comic relief came at all the right points with the descriptions. For example, the internal narration compares an impractical luxury yacht to a fat dog, and I'm just paraphrasing. Or how our hero compares his ship to a bride, but not a virginal one. Maybe mid-thirties who's filled out nicely and can still surprise and excite you. Apparently.

The characters are interesting and well-developed, and there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing for a bit. There's plenty of satire and dry wit, plus genuinely interesting bits of world-building, most notably "pilot math", which just replaces swear words with mathematical terms.

It's pretty damn satisfying too, save for the ending pages where the belligerent sexual tension between the female lead and our hero is teased, with a flat out "We should have sex" even though all their interaction is basically verbal sparring, but it isn't resolved. Which is kinda sad, personally.

But to drive the point home, it's written well, it's funny and it's engrossing. I read it in one go, which I'll admit I do quite a bit, but it's not just like I get engrossed with everything, so, there's that. It's like 8 USD on amazon for a digital version, which isn't too much to ask.