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Talk About Misinterpretation!
Honestly, this person takes the worst possible perspective of the show. Some arguments seem valid, but he seems to overblow flaws of an episode or character to the point that nothing looks redeemable. Also, he can be found praising antagonists for doing heinous acts; that is stupid, if not just as heinous. It's not wrong to state your opinion, no matter how controversial, but it's when you claim an absolute that you go too far. With his series, he is inadvertently claiming that MLP:FIM is the worst show ever. Sure, he doesn't show malice to bronies, yet he leaves the impression that his claims are absolute, not caring about what others have to defend the show. This series is destructive and shows MLP:FIM in a bad light for the wrong reasons. I have seen better analysis from other non-bronies as to why they don't like the show without them discrediting it like this. If he refuses to look deep enough to find out why certain elements are constructed as they are in the series, or at least state that his claims are only his opinions, then I will never count his claims as credible analysis.
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