Reviews: What Is Love


I'm afraid I can't recommend this fic, and my reasons are as follows: It gets off to a rather rocky start writing-wise, and although it does get better, I still wince at some of the awkward turns of phrase. There's also quite a bit of WAFF in there, which isn't bad necessarily, but it doesn't allow for a lot of character development. This would not alone be enough to disqualify it if it didn't indulge in one of my least favorite fanfiction quirks: character bashing. Now, there isn't a whole lot of it, but it's pretty damn horrible, especially considering that the character in question would probably attack this version of himself if he met him on the street. Other than these three points, this fic is pretty good, so if none of those is a deal-breaker, give it a try.

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  • Comments:fluffy as all hell, It replaces plot with semi-solid fluff. Real, hard plot does not make an appearance till later. Beautifully written, one of the best.